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ENERGY BOOSTER hP contains primarily palmitic and stearic along with other fatty acids to total a minimum of 98% (typically 99%), which are rumen-inert.
When calculating the overall benefits from feeding Energy Booster 100, producers find the returns far exceed the additional investment. Energy Booster rumen bypass fats make it easy to choose an energy solution that’s just the right fit. Energy Booster 100 is a highly palatable, rumen friendly bypass fat providing 98% free fatty acids and the highest energy content available.
Energy Booster Mag provides a supplemental source of magnesium and has excellent storage and handling characteristics. Energy Booster hP supplies higher levels of palmitic acid to help improve milk fat percent, while providing the stearic acid required for improved body condition and reproduction. Energy Booster Select is formulated with free fatty acids and triglycerides for greater flexibility and more energy than liquid fats. Milk Specialities Global Animal Nutrition offers a complete line of rumen bypass fats making it easy to choose the energy solution that’s the right fit for any situation. Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition is a leading supplier of energy supplements for dairy, swine and horses in North America and around the world. We are also one of the world’s largest suppliers of saturated, free fatty acids for the dairy industry – providing the form of energy lactating dairy cows are naturally designed to digest, absorb and use.

Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition constantly strives to supply the animal feed industry with the highest quality, broadest portfolio of energy supplement products.
PERFORMANCE PAK 100® contains 100% pure vegetable fat and is a highly palatable source of energy for performance horses.
CalfAllyTM Nutritional Energy is a unique non-medicated nutritional energy supplement developed specifically for young animals. This balanced fatty acid composition has been formulated for dairy cows to maximize milk fat, milk volume, and regain positive energy balance and body weight through a high energy dense ration without reducing intake. For more profitable, productive reasons to make Energy Booster 100 your bypass fat, read on. Energy Booster products are research-proven to help sustain dry matter intake, increase milk production and milk components, improve body condition and support reproduction.
Energy Booster products are research proven to help sustain dry matter intake, increase milk production and components, improve body condition and support reproductive performance.
By combining extensive formulation experience with advanced manufacturing capabilities, we can supply our customers with the right energy-dense rations for a range of nutritional requirements. It is white in color and prilled to form a free-flowing beadlet with outstanding handling characteristics. Energy Booster hP is formulated specifically for the RESTORATION stage [120 days in milk (DIM) through dry-off] but may be useful in whole herd applications where milk fat and feed efficiency are highly valued.

Which means it provides the extra energy your cows need for maximum production — with no performance tradeoffs. This highly palatable product is the fastest growing, rumen inert, premium energy supplement on the market today. It’s electrolytes help support rehydration and maintain proper body fluid levels, while the high levels of beneficial microbials help overcome upset and unbalanced digestive tracts. Plus, tests prove Energy Booster 100 is more palatable than products containing calcium soaps. It is exclusively formulated to supply dairy cows a very high level of saturated, free fatty acids. CalfAllyTM Nutritional Energy should be fed at first sign of requiring supplemental energy, nutrients and electrolytes.

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