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Exercise increases your blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to all the different parts of your body and brain and is a great overall energy booster.Start your body moving by taking a 10-minute walk around the block.
Chiropractors, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and yoga teachers are great energy boosters.
At times we all find ourselves feeling sluggish and lethargic and needing some quick energy boosters. The good news is you don't have to wait for energy to miraculously appear, or for a bolt of inspiration. The benefits of these energy boosters are tangible, even with very small amounts of movement and exercise.
This article was published in WellBeing magazine, Australasia's leading source of information about natural health, natural therapies, alternative therapies, natural remedies, complementary medicine, sustainable living and holistic lifestyles. It’s tempting to turn to caffeine-rich energy drinks and extra large coffees when the afternoon slump hits hard. These natural energy boosters supply oxygen to muscles, providing minerals that are important in energy production, and support the immune system.
Apples: Whether you choose to eat one raw or smear a little almond butter on top, this fruit is full of the fructose (the good kind of sugar) and fiber to keep you full. Black Beans: Loaded with amino acids and protein, this power food will keep you full and satisfied with much fewer calories than other protein sources.
Beets: The natural sugar in beets is perfect to boost your stamina without spiking your blood sugar.
Yogurt: Especially the Greek variety, packs a ton of protein and calcium into a small amount. Mix and match these foods for an energy packed meal, or eat them separately for a quick, energy-boosting snack. No matter how healthy, well-rested or well-intentioned you are, something happens to most of us at around 4:00pm.
No doubt the late afternoon can be a time of great volatility, which prompts us to reach for a remedy to boost our energy.
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We all know that we should be eating more vegetables; a green juice is a sure way to get them. If you’re able to catch some shut-eye, perfect, but the next best resfresher is Legs-Up-The-Wall pose (Viparita Karani). As a working mom and an avid hostess I know all too well how challenging it is to satisfy meals to suit all ages, tastes, schedules and dietary requirements. The recipes, articles, tips and recommendations are coming straight from my own life to yours. Have you ever noticed that if you start your morning centered, with clear intentions, your entire day flows better? More often than not, one is faced with tiredness due to the day to day chores and related lifestyle. Ginger gets the blood in your body flowing, which will give you a feeling of having more energy, and can help you with any feelings of sluggishness or fatigue.
Fatigue is often the first symptom of dehydration, especially if you have been sipping on caffeine and sugar laden concoctions all day.

Conscious breathing means breathing in a way that is physiologically optimal for your body. Have you used any similar natural boosters that have invigorated you and left you feeling awake and alert?
A Freelance Nutritionist with a passion for counseling individuals on exercise, nutrition and weight management. Take a walk in the park or along the beach, play with your kids, wash your dishes vigorously by hand. It increases your blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to all the different parts of your body and brain and is a great overall energy booster. With every little bit you do, you'll have a little more energy and motivation to do it again. WellBeing also focuses on natural approaches within the topics of ecology, spirituality, nutrition, pregnancy, parenting and travel.
While the occasional java won’t kill you, finding other ways to energize can be beneficial! Yep, the mid-afternoon crash. Right about the time when you realize the day is far from over and there is still too much to do. Choose a dark chocolate free from processed sugars and you’ll reap the benefits of all the antioxidants.
Clarity is run by a good friend of mine who is passionate about health and makes no compromises when it comes to the integrity of his product.
Pick something with peppermint, well-known for its rejuvenating properties, gingko, which is good for your cognitive functions, or green tea which is packed full of antioxidants and a mild dose of caffeine.
It boosts blood circulation towards the upper body and brain–perfect if you’ve been sitting or standing too long.
I sometimes feel like I want to nap or eat, but the better choice to shift my mood is to move. In my newest project, The Flexible Chef, I take the basics of cooking and then explain how to add your personalised habits and rituals to evoke creativity and flexibility, both in and out of the kitchen.
I promise to deliver inspiring advice with integrity, and more importantly, a great deal of love. Whatever our circumstances, no matter our age, we all are working harder and longer and feeling its effects.
The richest vitamin B5 sources are yeast and organ meats (liver, kidney, heart, brain), but eggs, milk, vegetables, legumes and wholegrain cereals are more common sources. Mainly due to Catechins, which activate brain chemicals and increase nerve action and their energy level. Firstly, alcohol results in dehydration which means less oxygen circulating in the bloodstream. It is usually the drop in blood sugar levels that follows the spikes caused by the meal you just consumed. Icy water will not only rehydrate you but the refreshing coldness will serve as a virtual slap in the face bringing you back to wakefulness. Iron is essential of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to body cells where it is used to produce energy. If you spend much of the day trying to be unruffled, helpful or fulfilling a set image of you and are over exerting yourself (especially to do task that you really don’t enjoy), it is not only a waste of energy but also a source of frustration.

Extensive education in Food Science and Quality control, and specializes in Sports Science and Nutrition. One unfortunate thing about this state is it often leaves us without the energy to do those things that are good for us -- cooking a nutritious meal, exercising or even going to bed at a reasonable hour.
The rhythmic pumping of muscles also gets your lymphatic system moving, removing waste products from your muscles and other cells.
Over time, you're likely to notice yourself doing more, and the more you do, the more improvements you'll feel and the more energy you'll have.
Pack a pair of sneakers to work so if you need to get out for a brisk walk or a quick afternoon workout you are geared up. She has led programs in New York, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. My goal here is to guide you through the noise by sharing ideas that matter and equipping you with the necessary tools needed to better your life – inside and out. Contributes on multi-disciplinary teams, educates on healthy nutritional habits, facilitates seminars and manages crisis intervention.
This state tends to perpetuate itself, setting up a cycle of low energy leading to more low energy. In many studies, coconut water enhanced with sodium has been found to be as beneficial as a sports drink for whole body re-hydration post exercise-induced dehydration.
It’s easy to pop it in your day bag and if you have a fridge at work, keep the shots chilled for a refreshing energy lift. Known for creating innovative wellness solutions, she inspires people globally to lead healthy, balanced and fulfilled lives. Personally, it took me some time to implement those changes, but slowly and surely, I was able to cope with a stressful lifestyle with renewed energy. A straight ginger shot is one of my favorites, especially when I really need some quick energy. However, you are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night, thus disrupting your sleep pattern. Foods with low glycemic index like whole grains, nuts have less impact on your blood sugar than foods with high glycemic load like rice sugary drinks. Strongly believes in the mantra, “You are what you eat” and enjoys seeing and helping people meet their nutritional goals and ultimately living a healthier lifestyle. If you simply begin, the flow will continue and you'll often feel the benefits of these energy boosters instantly. It enhances your immune system function and activates the release of feel-good hormones and neuro-chemicals throughout your body and brain.
Straight ginger is not exactly pleasing to the palette, but I think that a minute of a strong taste in my mouth is definitely worth how it makes me feel. Low glycemic foods help keep your blood sugar steady thereby keeping your energy levels high at all times. You'll find yourself breathing a little more freely and fully, thinking a little more clearly and feeling a little more alive.

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