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When seasons change, and especially in spring and autumn, our bodies sense the difference of energies and vibrations, and reactions like weakness, headaches and low-energy levels become the highlights of every day.
3 Homemade Energy Drink RecipesYou can play with these ingredients in the morning, when you make your juice or smoothie. Made from whole green tea leaves, matcha powder has amazing health benefits and energy-boosting effects that exceed those of coffee and green tea.
Coconut water and bananas contain high amounts of potassium to regulate and maintain a healthy cell activity and boost your energy, while the fiber and antioxidants in oranges contributes to the general well-being.
Berries contain natural sugars which don’t burden your system and slowly release the energy throughout the whole day.
Tartar is a mineral buildup that’s normally manifested by yellow or brown color of teeth or gums. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Sugar Free Howling Monkey Cola is made from an astonishing blend of energy boosting ingredients, multi-vitamins, and delectable flavors which stimulate your mind, body & taste buds. Warning: Extraordinarily potent, not recommended for children, expectant mothers, the stimulant-sensitive, or the faint of heart. Vital Energy has already proven itself as a competent brand to me once before in the form of their Tangerine flavored drink.
666 Energy Shots, the monstrous 4 oz supplements fueled by demonic forces and pre-wedlock sexual intercourse (among other sinful activities), has recently developed a new, more efficient pricing strategy for consumers who shop directly from their online store.
PowerBar is well known across the fitness world for their energizing snackfoods, and they seem to be held in pretty high regards and trusted by most of the active community. Energy Gel Blasts are a new product from PowerBar, and are much different from their standard grain-filled candies. But as an energy water, is it really effective enough to give that kick that energy addicts such as myself crave? On Our last trip down, burnt out from an all day surf session, we decided to mix some imported (smuggled) …Lost Energy Drink with everything they had in the local cantina. Harcos Labs, the folks behind a host of thoroughly awesome energy products like Health Energy Potion, Nuclear Energy Powder, and both Blood and Zombie Blood, are launching their newest product just in time for Valentine’s Day! Love Energy Potion looks to keep the form factor of Mana and Health Energy Potions with its mystical vial-like bottle, and will have a strawberry flavor.
First off, I’d like to apologize to all of my readers for not posting a single update to the site since October 22.
If there’s anyone reading this that also reads Everyview, you may recall some overly negative reviews in regards to energy mints and candies before. It was a couple of months ago that I laid my hands on my first can of Tango Energy Juice, a cocktail of 100% juice and plenty of added goodies to help get you through the toughest part of your day.
New Rumba Energy Juice, the natural goodness of 100% pure juice living in perfect harmony with our tried and true energy boosting blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

So I figured since Xenergy is the official energy drink of the UFC, it would probably be up to the task of helping me collect all twelve artifacts in the first Metroid Prime. My good friend Bryan Foster, AKA the Caffeine-a-Holic, has been running his own energy drink review site for a while now, and is doing something big to celebrate his 150th product review. Finally with a re-tooled energy blend, new sweetener system and hundres of failed flavors, we absolutely got it right!
Monster Absolutely Zero helps fight fatigue, improves mental performance and focus, motivates you to work (I mean play) harder, so generally you feel pretty damn good.
While gentle exercises like yoga or pilates are always a good way of restoring, I also rely on homemade energy drinks to put me back on track. Potassium loaded ones, like coconut or bananas, support the chemical reactions in the cell membrane and regulate the nerve signal transmission. I like to have a matcha-loaded water before my working out or during jogging sessions, to take with me a berry infused smoothie when I’m having a rough day ahead, or a brightly colored citrus-coconut to cheer-up whenever I wake up in a bad mood. Quite possibly the greatest name choice of any brand in the history of Earth and yet this stuff seems to be ever elusive from the hands of even the most adamant of energy drink collectors.
It was a surprisingly solid beverage that, despite being an energy water, packed one hell of a punch. These things are more akin to fruit gushers than a candy bar, and seem to be perfect for quick energy when you don’t have time to stop and eat. To celebrate today, I was going to take the entire day off from reviewing anything until I realized I’ve only done a handful of reviews spanned across both Everyview and here on Caffeine Critic over the past month. The front of the bottle says it all, it is composed primarily of water to keep you hydrated, caffeine for the burst of energy, and B vitamins, for similar reasons to caffeine. The first type is the person who loves gaming, skating, free running, biking, staying up late, yelling, and moving a lot in general, all of the time. You can get as much caffeine out of a couple of tiny capsules as you can from an entire leading brand energy drink, only without all the sugars, carbs, and sodium often associated with highly caffeinated beverages. Rumba is a cousin to Tango, and houses the exact same energy blend with a different flavor. Things like becoming a Catholic Priest and swearing celibacy for The Lord only to turn around and molest small boys are usually fair game for all God-loving individuals. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on his contest post and follow him on Twitter. Sinning is deliberate disregard for the rules and regulations for human behavior set forth by the Holy Bible.
Killing babies, drowning babies, punching babies, suffocating babies, burning babies, choking babies, dropping babies, spilling babies, throwing babies, bashing babies, tripping babies, pushing babies, mocking babies, eating babies, drinking babies, stealing babies, shooting babies, buying babies, selling babies, puking babies, cooking babies, losing babies, hiding babies, and mowing babies. The natural sugars and fiber in different berries (red currants, goji, blueberries, black berries) release the energy throughout the whole day and sustain a healthy function of the digestive system. Each of these have magical powers when it comes of balancing your mood, healing your headaches, nourishing your cells or boosting your energy.
It’s almost impossible to find, though if you ever came across the fantastically designed circus-themed can it would be hard to miss.

Entirely weak, I know, but hopefully the holiday will refresh my vigor and vitality, making it possible to continue writing without feeling lethargy sneaking up on me.
Because caffeine is a minor diuretic, and tells your brain to move liquid from your kidneys to your urine stream, which also explains why you always have to pee so bad after downing a can of your favorite energy drink. There are very few redeeming qualities to these candies, and in the end it just isn’t worth putting up with the painfully awful taste of the products to freshen your breath and get a quick kick.
So when the good folks behind Theazine offered to send me a bottle of their product for review, I hesitated a bit before deciding to accept it.
I was taking a night class, algebra to be exact, during my senior year of high school when a fellow student offered me some supplements he’d stolen from a gas station before class was in session. It’s also great to claim to love God and all of His children only to turn around and tell racist jokes about how worthless blacks and Mexicans are. And then there’s the incredible matcha powder, made from green tea leaves, which contains caffeine and L-Theanine, both with energy-boosting effects.
And as you can tell by the title of this post, I’m not even reviewing the actual energy drink, instead an energy cola that is simply an offshoot from the original product. Also, act fast and you can take advantage of a free T-shirt with your purchase while supplies last. Most people who use these drinks want energy for sporadic activities such as biking, jogging, and sports. The other side would be the person who has to wake up early for work, has an important job that pays well, maybe has a young family, fancy car, and enjoys feeling recharged and energized for the entire day. I’m thinking about possibly hiring someone with a passion for energy drinks to join the team and write a review or two a week.
And anyone who thinks Nascar drivers are athletes, or that Nascar driving could ever be considered a sport is an idiot. Then, somehow, I ended up taking like six of them, likely due to a dare, and almost instantly regretted it.
If you don’t believe in the bible, sinning could be defined as disregard for the rules and regulations for human behavior set forth by society. The great thing about matcha powder is the presence of an amino-acid that slows the release of theanine and caffeine, giving you energy for a longer time.
I’ve never seen any Howling Monkey products besides this with my own eyes, and I happened across this by chance at my local Big Lots.
Combine the systematic removal of liquid from your body through urine with sweating from strenuous activities, and it is easy to see why you become dehydrated from energy drinks. I felt dizzy, nautious, and my skin turned a strange speckled color combination of red and cream. All of those sins are quite delightful, and there’s no way God would ever get mad at you for doing any of that!

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