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Joining us today on Total Gym Pulse is Rachel Maser of Clean Food Crush here to give you some amazing energy boosting recipes to get you through the workout day.
10 drops liquid stevia, a pinch of granulated stevia, OR sweetener of choice (YOUR personal preference).
Combine ingredients, pour into a larger cereal sized glass (oven safe) dish, coated with coconut oil. In bowl or large ziploc, marinate for at least 30 minutes, refrigerated, gently tossing occasionally. Total Gym® is the ultimate workout machine utilizing an individual’s own bodyweight as resistance to perform more than 80 total-body functional exercises. Before thinking about putting them on ADD medication or anything of that sort – the first thing you should do is look at their nutrition. I remember when I was in school, I spent the majority of my afternoons sleeping through class.
Instead, my lack of energy and engagement can be directly attributed to the insulin spike and crash I experienced around lunch time.
You feed your kids more complex carbohydrates that will give them sustainable energy throughout their entire day.
This strategy starts at the breakfast table, but you need to make sure they are ready to succeed at lunch time as well.

You have the power to empower your child with delicious and nutritious foods that will keep them energized and feeling good all day long. One brown rice wrap rolled up with a few tbsps of homemade coleslaw, 2 ounces of chicken and ? avocado. Take some ezekiel bread and load it up with some a few tbsps of organic almond butter and a couple tbsp of organic jam. Get a can of tuna, a couple tbsps of organic mayo, a few dashes of pepper, 1 large sliced pickle, a few dashes of paprika, 2 tbsps of sliced white onions and throw them all together in a bowl with anything else your kid likes to create this fishy salad.
These five lunches are some suggestions, but the most important thing is that you stay away from overloading your kid with sugar and refined carbohydrates.
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Total Gym uniquely incorporates the use of multiple muscle groups together in all planes of movement, the most efficient way to exercise and see results.

Yes, some of my teachers were not very interesting, but that wasn’t the reason for my energy crash. If your kids are eating large quantities of simple carbohydrates during lunch, they will experience a crash and burn during the second half of their day. Frame these meals as superman foods that will give them tons of energy and super powers throughout the day and they will learn to love this new eating style!
If you need ideas on other foods to include in their lunch, check out this article on carbohydrates (the good and the bad).
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