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The Nazis train and use Dogs to scout and also to eliminate enemies without endangering themselves. In 1960, the Nazis will use these robotic drones to either scout ahead or eliminate any threat to them. The Celestial Class Starbase is starfleet’s second largest spaceborne construction Taking in lessons from the Stardock class bases the celestial class was made to be easier to defend and much easier to construct. The Celestial Class starbase remains one of the most complex and difficult things to build and like anything else of such scope it is build in segments which are once ready towed into position for final assembly. Any facility this size houses tens of thousands of people and the mix thereof can vary widely from location to purpose with bases on the fringe of space generally feature far larger starfleet crews than those within the inner areas of Federation space. Overall the Celestial Class Starbase is a marvel of engineering and each one constructed is a testimony to the will and ability of starfleet and remains a feat which no other empire can follow. A woman who introduced herself as Wild Child took me by the hand and told me to kneel down in the playa dust.
Then Wild Child pushed me toward three other freshly rolled-in-the-dust former virgins from Australia, and we all hugged, and hugged some more, smiling into each other’s eyes. ORGANIZERS have been posting warnings about the drought conditions that created loose dirt, primed to blow through seams in tents and windows, coat eyes, nose and throat and maybe even create white-out conditions. A small Prius got the worst of it, with the gusts blown up by hundreds of RVs coating the little car with a thick white layer. After I file this blog, I am going to lie down on the floor of our trailer and just not move for a couple of hours. Once you get to the playa — a six-hour drive, not counting stops for water, gas, food and stretching — it takes anywhere from one to four hours to wind your way in through the gates. I’m surrounded by people in various stages of dress (or undress), most of them grinning from ear to ear, when I catch a glimpse past the bandannas, keffiyeh (Arab scarves) or graffiti-adorned dust masks.
Elizabeth Kieszkowski is editor of TGIF, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s weekly arts and entertainment section. But they're better trained with their weapons and can use them more proficiently than their standard counterpart. These Elite Space Soldiers are more heavily armored and are better trained with an AR Plasma Rifle.
While Kamphunds aren't a danger from a distance, but they're quite fast and can close the gap quickly.
These things are only just a bit more than annoying if there's only a few, but they can be dangerous in large numbers. These things are definitely a force to be reckoned with, they have heavy plasma cannons that will do a lot of damage and they also have EMP cannons that'll not only do damage but render any energy based weapons you have equipped useless as it'll drain the weapon (forcing you to find a charging station in order to recharge it). These things are quite literally invulnerable to most ballistic weaponry, so you're best bet is to stay out of their way when you encounter one if one tries to eat you, use your weapon to dislodge it before it kills you, sometimes it'll eliminate you instantly. With these bases being the Federations presence in the far reaches of space internal security has also been brought up to new standards. Once in location the base is there forever as due the sheer size putting force on it for movement will simply be too much for the structure to handle.

The Celestial Class Starbase has a large section dedicated to the SFMC and generally each base is home to a regiment of marines who are likely assigned within the starbase reach. To be granted command of one of these bases is a huge honour as the select group who have will tell you, there are far less admirals than Celestial Class Starbase commanders. I’ve been riding in an old van for hours, pulling a trailer full of survival gear, food, bottled coffee, beer and Red Bull. Baker Beach is the place where it all started — a small group of Californians began burning an effigy near San Francisco, and the gathering has evolved into this temporary community in the Nevada desert.
When I admitted my lack of experience, I was asked to step out from behind the wheel of our big old tow van.
The sun was just up, but already searing the sky with intense light.There were purple mountains in the background.
To save on weight and improve our gas mileage, we waited until we got to Reno to fill the trailer with water and to fill five more five-gallon containers with drinking water. This is a camp run by people who live in San Francisco and California’s Bay Area — smart, professional people. We have an electrical hookup, so the air conditioner is running and it will be cool enough to take a nap. These soldiers shouldn't be much of a problem even with the basic kind of weapons you may have. Meaning that once they see you or hear gun fire, they'll get on the radio and call in reinforcements.
More importantly, he is heavily armored, meaning he's not going to go down easily with the basic weapons. It's armor it wears is not just to protect him from enemy fire but also protect him from blowing himself up with his own rockets.
It'll take a fully charged AR Plasma Rifle (or dual wield AR Plasma Rifles) to take him down.
When they close in on you and try to maul you, use the fire button to stab them to eliminate them before they kill you. With the latest of the metallic armor technology and weapons, the Ubersoldat can prove to be quite deadly from any and all distances and can be very tough as it can take a lot of heat from basic weapons.
You meet the 1946 version in Episode 1, you'll use the bomber's machine guns to eliminate them. The new external docking ring is a clear example, while a tactical weak point the limited paths from this ring to the station allow for easy defence and also better customs regulations. The base is larger in diameter than the stardock class, but comes in at less than half the height and with the outer ring taking up a good portion of the diameter the actual station is not much larger itself. The Marine area has direct access to 10 hangars to use for their fighter wings and transports. Beside this commanding a starbase this size gives its commanders more people under their command than most admirals actually have. And there we were: thousands of people and cars, with little tornados of dust swirling around us.

Because it was already late at night, we couldn’t get nozzle service for water — we had to fill containers, then pour them into the trailer with a funnel.
They have set up a camp with a kitchen tent, two lounges (one open to all, the other only for theme camp members), fire pits and a DJ booth.
There are few pics in this post, because the internet connection, provided as a gift by one of the theme camps, is very spotty.
There will be a lot to describe in my next post, covering my first full day and night in Black Rock City, on the playa. Combat Shotguns, the Mini-Rocket Launcher or the Heavy Machine Gun will make short work of him. But your own rockets can eliminate him as well as a Heavy Machine Gun and the Laserkraftwerk. They also can sniff you out if you try to sneak by them, eliminating them silently is the best approach against Kamphunds while infiltrating areas silently. The 1946 version isn't armed and it's armor is quite brittle and can be shot off with your Assault Rifle. Your best weapon is a shotgun (either the civilian or the Combat Shotguns) which can eliminate them in one burst, but they'll fall to the ground and after a few seconds will explode which can damage you if you are close.
But using the Laserkraftwerk the Heavy Machine Gun and the Mini-Rocket Launcher are your best weapons against it. The internal docking bay is reserved to starfleet vessels though can be used at the stations commanding officer’s discretion to house and service civilian ships to. You can eliminate these guys before they can see you, once you see a grey box on the right corner of the screen that says "Signal Detected" that means there's a Commanding Officer in the vicinity, but just know that there can be as many as 3 COs in the area at a time. The 1946 version are basically armored Dogs, whereas their 1960 counterparts are almost cybernetic which has bigger, stronger teeth which can do more damage. But the 1960 improvement is deadly as it's armed with a Heavy Machine Gun and if it gets close, it'll instantly eliminate you. But if they're not available, double-wield the Assault Rifle and aim for the red eye as it'll also disable the robot temporarily.
In Episode 16 you'll have to face it, use the Mini Rocket Launcher on it to ensure you'll take it down with not a lot of trouble. But, during emergency situations, they arm themselves with Assault Rifles and have the same experience as the regular soldier with them. But using the Laserkraftwerk, Miniature Rocket launcher and the Heavy Machine Gun are your best bet against it. These things are also especially vulnerable in the back, even a shot from a pistol will do them in, but their vulnerable spot in the back is a very small target.

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