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These are 13 videos result for the Energy burst patrold, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Energy burst patrold online. Patrol activities on each planet are a great way to gain reputation for your desired Faction, as well as Materials, since the missions are so quick and (usually) easy to do.
You can search the planet at your leisure, gathering raw Materials in the wild and looting chests to find more.  Much like chests, Planetary Materials don’t always spawn every time you visit a given area on a planet. For more about how to quickly farm these materials and also reputation, check out this article. VIP missions (single target elimination) will give you 25 Faction rep, while the rest will give you 10. The following is the list of all of the Patrol missions you may encounter on your explorations, separated by Planet. Peel Scalpel Leeches from the flesh of dead Hive Knights so their enzymes can be extracted.
Help the Cryptarchs understand the relation between a Hive Rune and the surrounding architecture. Dead Orbit seeks details on the wreckage of a Golden Age aircraft sent to the Moon, to aid future technology development.
Future War Cult is seeking analysis of a Hive relic, as the basis for a potential weapons platform. New Monarchy requests weapons data stored in the central computing station of the Colony base.
Levante is desperate for anything you can recover from a Fallen technology cache near the Hellmouth. Gather intelligence on Hive instruments in their launch chambers for Eva Levante’s research. Banshee-44 is desperate for information on the ruins of a colony structure that may have sunk into the Hellmouth.
Survey the extent of the damage the Fallen have inflicted on an ancient communication outpost.

Recon the interior of the Hive fortress with particular focus on the miasma spewing from the Hellmouth.
Dead Orbit wants a scan of the downed Fallen Skiff in the Academy to aid in their own developments. Dead Obit would like an analysis of a Fallen relay near Winter’s Lair to aid development of interstellar communications tech. Future War Cult needs an analysis of the Vex bridge lattice near the Citadel to help develop defense tech. New Monarchy seeks any information that might be gleaned from studying the Vex ruins on Venus. New Monarchy believes, with enough information, it can interpret communications moving through the Vex ruins.
Eva Levante wants an analysis of a potential Vex communications device in the Waking Ruins.
Holliday is eager to learn all she can about the makeup of the crashed Fallen ship in the Ishtar Commons. Banshee-44 is interested in weaponizing contained energy and has found a potential source for analysis.
Take down a Fallen captain responsible for gutting an entire wing of the Ishtar Collective’s Academy of Golden Age relics. A Fallen Vandal in the area is destroying relics from the Ishtar Collective and must be stopped. Scout the Fallen House of Winter’s lair deep in the Cinders and send intelligence back to the Tower. The Tower is requesting that we scout the area near the Transfer Gates in the Waking Ruins. Rip the Hard Point Glass from the hands of any Cabal Phalanxes or Legionaries you encounter. This post is taken more or less in full (with some minor rewriting and additions) from my original work over at reddit.

For the "bonus", I have discovered that loot chests in that area have a greater chance to drop additional resources, special ammo synths, and green items. These are 9 videos result for the Destiny patrols 101, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Destiny patrols 101 online.
I can tell this because it very faithfully includes two very particular errors, one which refers to information no longer even present in the game:1.
The reality is that in general the enemy is typically a "high rank" red health enemy (a "Rite" wizard, a "Spy" shank, a "Survey boss", or others. However, the bonus is applied to loot chests in that area where I get alot more material, glimmer, and ammo synths. This info is woefully out of date as the "bonus" text was removed from the grimoire cards some weeks back (as mentioned in the previous post), and was seemingly just an accidental leftover from a feature that never worked or was never included in the first place. It is illegal for you to distribute copyrighted files without permission.All content posted by our users is dedicated to the public domain.
Now, I can't know if they have given permission or not, and it's not really my business to make claims on their behalf (I did notify them though), but I figured I should at least point it out. Now, I can't know if they have given permission or not, and it's not really my business to make claims on their behalf (I did notify them though), but I figured I should at least point it out.I found the icons as separate images online, (though don't ask me where, I was in a rush) If they are taken from someone elses work then no indication was given at the time.
As for the information about VIP kills, I was aware of the information already (though now outdated) . And in my experience I usually find yellow bar enemies on VIP missions so maybe I've just been lucky.However, I will amend the post and include credit for yourself and the original creator of the icons and make note of the error.

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