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There is significant buzz around the four startups that have come out of stealth in the past year—Adura Technologies, Redwood Systems, Daintree Networks and Cavet Technologies—as well as startups with slightly longer track records, Encelium Technologies and Starfield Controls. ESCOs and major lighting corporations are amongst those in trials with LCS startups, and many LCS solutions are near commercial deployment thanks to the overlap in expertise with the IT sector.
All this adds up to significant opportunities for early leadership in this sector, which still faces a number of technological and market barriers. The newest report from the Cleantech Group, Why Lighting Controls Are Hot, details these challenges and opportunities. Subscribers of the Cleantech Group can go here to download the report, which includes a map of the lighting supply chain, profiles of LCS startups, and charts comparing the various technological differences and business models among today’s major players.
I think that the time has come that all of us get together and contribute as much as we can in saving electricity and reducing power consumption and solar lights is one way of doing it. The 2014 BP Statistical Review of World Energy was published yesterday updating global energy statistics to the end of 2013.
Oil consumption has been on a gently rising plateau since 2005 (Figure 1) and oil is declining in importance in the global energy mix (Figure 2). This entry was posted in Energy, Political commentary and tagged bp, CO2, coal, energy policy, failure, gas, global energy, new renewables, nuclear, oil. I was looking at UK natural gas production data in the 2014 BP Statistical Review and it seemed a bit odd to me. A reader over at Ron’s Peak Oil Barrel site pointed out that the data is shifted by 3 years. I would think that the UK government has statistics on Natural Gas production, could these be compared with the BP numbers? The statistics above are gross production for natural Gas Production from the UK government Agency, the report is DUKES Table 4.3. The numbers are fairly close to the 2013 Statistical Review, hopefully BP will correct the error in the 2014 report.

At link above is a chart from energy trends table 4.2 (UK govt report) for gross and net natural gas production from 2000 to 2013. It would, however, need a backup power source to keep it operating on cold winter nights when the wind isn’t blowing and the lights have gone out. The best estimate of global CO2 emissions and their sources are put together by the Global Carbon Project led by Corrine Le Quere at East Anglia. Euan, many thanks for the excellent charts and clear analysis on this site, very helpful to understanding and communication.
Regarding the anomalies in BP’s data, the Malaysian figures have also been undergoing major revisions every year for at least the last six, sometimes dramatically changing the message they convey. The technology holds the promise of up to 75% reduction in energy use with little, if any, change in occupant behavior.
There are numerous other startups we’re tracking with complementary and tangential technology solutions, including Lumenergi, Digital Lumens, Juice Technology, Octus Energy and Echoflex. The insights are based on discussions with numerous vendors, startups, service providers, investors and customers in the LCS sector.
The report also provides guidance on opportunities to enter the market, especially in the form of partnerships, investments, licensing and purchasing. I like to write about politics, economics, science, technology, philosophy, and anything else that is worth ranting about.
FF supply was up 183 million tonnes oil equivalent (mtoe) in 2013 while new renewable supply was up 42 mtoe from 2012. The fall in oil’s share has been picked up by coal and the only simple way for this substitution to occur is for oil fired power generation to close.
The rate of increase of CO2 continued with no change but the increased emissions are more from coal and from China and India. One request, could you please expand the tag cloud to include China, Turkey, world, etc, to make it easier to find the relevant articles in the rapidly growing archive?

This is testimony to the absolute failure of energy policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. Once all oil fired generation has been closed, expect severe upwards pressure on the oil price. If national governments were really serious about tackling emissions it should be abundantly clear that current strategy is not working.
But as you point out, if you go back in time a bit to 2010 there is a change in the post-1999 data.
He could direct me to a guy in DECC who was tasked with reporting UK stats to JODI but didn’t know where BP and the other agencies got their data from. Two years later the historic statistics on oil and gas, production and consumption all continue to shift, and I am none the wiser on the reasons for the changes.
On the CO2 account, low emissions nuclear power has been replaced by low emissions renewable energy. The actual energy substitutions are a little more complex.
This chart shows quite clearly how on a CO2 account, new renewables are substituting mainly for declining nuclear. From the year 2000 the NGL numbers seem to be erratically included for a number of countries after BP modified many of the 2000 to 2011 histories in last year’s Review. New renewables are in part substituting oil (biofuel) and nuclear (geothermal, wind and solar), though the real picture will be more complex.

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