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Businesses are starting to make their data centers greener, and they are reaping benefits to their bottom line in the process.
In addition to being better for the environment, these tactics have provided tangible energy savings to organizations implementing them. Interestingly, IT professionals also view cloud computing as a key to managing energy use, with 62 percent of respondents calling it an energy efficient method of data center consolidation, an increase of 15 percent since 2010. As a writer for, Amy Freeland scours news from the world of cloud computing to provide stories that are both interesting and important to today’s IT professionals. After hours, this certified foodie loves exploring the culinary wonders of New York City (with help from her constant companion, her beloved iPhone, and her favorite new food app, Chefs Feed).
In one year, the New Richmond Exempted Village School District saved more than $180,000 on energy costs through an energy conservation program.
In one year, the New Richmond Exempted Village School District saved more than $180,000 on energy costs. The savings are credited to an energy conservation program the school district enrolled in at the start of the 2013 school year.
Back in early 2013, the school district started a partnership with an energy conservation and management program called Energy Optimizers, USA, along with strategic partner SHP Leading Design.
Superintendent Adam Bird said the company’s job was to improve five existing schools, reduce overall energy usage and save taxpayer dollars. The company presented the school district with a plan that would save energy and improve the facilities and learning environment, said Belinda Kenley, vice president of business development for Energy Optimizers, USA.
The plan will also help protect the school district against volatile and rising costs of energy. The total cost of the project, which includes interior and exterior lighting renovations and upgrading existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and mechanical equipment in all the school district’s buildings, was $1,686,036.
The district utilized a funding mechanism through the Ohio School Facilities Commission’s House Bill 264 program so that the school district does not have to ask for additional taxpayer dollars. With a projected $128,676 in annual energy and operations costs, Energy Optimizers expects the project to be paid off in about 13 years. As part of the energy savings programs, other improvements were made throughout the school district, which include the integration of the buildings control systems into one web-based system to allow the district to monitor and analyze the facilities’ energy usage. Additionally, students and teachers have received funds to implement an energy education program to take the school district’s sustainability efforts a step further by creating student groups called “Green Teams,” according to a press release.
The programs allows students to participate in engaging, educational science, technology, engineering and math activities related to energy conservation, while encouraging their peers to become more environmentally conscious, according to a press release. In addition to NREVSD, Energy Optimizers is also working with other Clermont County school districts to save energy, including Bethel-Tate Local School District.
Smith said that Energy Optimizers will likely continue working with the school district after their three year agreement is up.
Energy consumption, usage, and awareness are continuing to become the topics of business meetings, university programs, and even children’s shows. The prevalence of costly and wasteful energy consumption is a national and international problem for almost all organizations.
The OpenEnergy project provides a solution to these historic gaps between energy consumption and information technology. ASHRAE – (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers) is a society that focuses on technology for the building industry and subsequent energy efficiency. Function1 sponsored the development of the Drupal module that populates this open source and free energy dashboard. International organizations, universities, and governments are implementing Drupal to modernize their websites, as well as energy saving tools and technologies to reduce consumption, usage, and ultimately increase awareness throughout their own communities.
Rutan Mechanical provides AC system upgrade options which maintain your systems efficiency and reduces your energy costs. Rutan Mechanical helps our customers keep cooling costs down by upgrading older units with more energy efficient SC systems.
How much can you save by upgrading older AC systems with low SEER ratings to a new energy efficient unit?

AC systems that are in the top 25 percent of energy efficient models may display the EnergyStar label. This does not mean that you need to go buy the AC system with the highest SEER rating possible.
At Rutan Mechanical, we pride ourselves on providing fast, courteous and professional help. See how much you can save on your home energy costs and save when you buy select propane gas systems. People are often surprised when they learn how much they could save on energy costs by using propane gas. Connecticut Hot Water Heater Energy Star Tax Rebate Program : Provides rebates of up to $500 per household. And on top of all these savings, did you know that Connecticut offers an exemption from the state sales tax on the sale of a home weatherization product?
Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits of propane gas usage in your home – and how to save today!
Rural Gas, serving New Haven, Monroe, Westport, Newtown, Trumbull, Seymour and surrounding towns in Fairfield and New Haven counties, CT. A new energy management and control system known as ICE (Intelligent Control of Energy) can save up to 30% of the gas and up to 20% of the electricity consumption associated with operating commercial buildings, according to NovaUCD-based Lightwave Technologies. The ICE system, launched in Ireland and the UK, works alongside existing building management systems (BMS). The system communicates with the existing BMS in a building via the internet or any other IP network. With plans to install the ICE system in over 70 buildings in the UK during 2007, Lightwave Technologies founder Nicholas McNulty is confident that the company has a product capable of making very significant real-time thermal energy savings in all kinds of large commercial real-estate. Nicholas McNulty designed one of the world’s first computerised home control systems using mains-borne signalling.
Lightwave Technologies has partnered with the OCS Group, one of the world’s largest facility management companies. Lightwave Technologies, located at NovaUCD, was founded in 2003 and is a former winner of the NovaUCD Campus Company Development Programme.
According to a new report from technology services provider CDW, 43 percent of IT professionals who have a data center consolidation strategy consider “green initiatives” to be a top consideration. For instance, respondents estimate that virtualized servers and storage in the data center have reduced energy consumption by 28 percent over previous power use.
Greenbiz reported that cloud computing also can lead to indirect energy savings, which while less important to the business, can be significant to the environment overall. As a freelance journalist, she has turned out polished original copy on topics that range from tracking down a backhoe on a construction site, to the important role technology can play in securing personal property for insurance claims, to former Nuggets basketball player Marcus Camby’s annual Thanksgiving dinner for deserving children.
Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Colorado State University and a master’s degree in public relations and corporate communication from New York University. The program, which was anticipated to save the school district $110,395 in energy per year, actually saved the school district $181,025 in energy costs, according to the one year of post-project energy data considered. The boiler at New Richmond High Schools was replaced with a new high efficiency condensing boiler, and various mechanical equipment repairs were made throughout the school district.
With the advent of information technology tools that allow for energy awareness within an organization, only the richest could previously afford ‘energy-dashboards.’ These dashboards allow for static or real-time visibility into a company’s energy data through greater insight into key performance indicators, outages, energy usage, and consumption. OpenEnergy provides a free alternative to proprietary energy dashboards via open source technologies.
With the implementation of the OpenEnergy Project, through Drupal and the BACnet module, organizations will have an entirely modernized system that will communicate energy consumption, allowing for better business and energy decisions for the future. Items must be designed and marketed for residential use, and include propane hot water heaters and furnaces. The energy savings offered by the new technology may also help to reduce the carbon emissions from commercial buildings. It uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to make real-time and efficient decisions for controlling the energy consumption in commercial buildings while maintaining existing comfort levels.

It collects data remotely from the building and after analysing this data learns the building’s unique thermodynamic footprint and how the building behaves over various external weather conditions. OCS will facilitate the installation and ongoing support of the ICE system into a wide variety of commercial buildings across the UK. Since cloud computing makes remote data access simple, it can reduce the need for employees to travel to a physical office, resulting in reduced “emissions from commuting, as well as lowering other environmental impacts associated with maintaining office space,” CDW told Greenbiz.
Students and professionals are using the growing knowledge base of energy awareness technologies to research and create new ways to reduce wastage and save costs. These traditional options for energy dashboards were not only expensive but also lacked agility.
Ultimately, companies that take advantage of the OpenEnergy Project can determine specific actions to identify operational and service gaps, see performance metrics across each enterprise, and change business processes to better operate with a changed energy understanding, all from a free, open source technology and community.
This module can be further embedded into a Drupal site to allow all users to access energy information, as said before, that was too costly to retrieve, and thus restricted to a specific community. Finding the best company to upgrade your AC system gives you the peace of mind that your system will be kept running extremely well, in order and save you money. Fortunately, times have changed and you can enjoy substantial energy savings by installing and using today's more technologically advanced energy efficient cooling systems. Systems manufactured after 2005 are required to have a SEER rating of at least 13, though window units are exempt from this law and those units are typically around 10. If you upgraded your unit to an AC system with a SEER rating of 13 (Lowest SEER energy efficiency rating allowed by law today), you would reduce your energy consumption by about 28%!
More than half the systems efficiency relies on correct sizing of the unit for your home or business as well as proper installation. Of those respondents who have a plan in place to manage data center power consumption, more than 70 percent in each industry sector (including business, nonprofit, government and education) say they have reduced their actual data center energy costs by at least 1 percent. It was costly to integrate into various building automation systems, to license the dashboard software, or gain continued assistance from developers due to the proprietary nature of the dashboards.
Users can have a live view of energy consumption data, ready to share with consumers and staff within minutes after the implementation of these technologies. A key part of this improvement in energy use is the W22’s new and aerodynamic frame which increases airflow and reduces operational temperatures. Units SEER ratings are usually shown on a yellow & black EnergyGuide sticker on the outside of the AC unit. This is where working withRutan Mechanical helps greatly, not only will we help you finding the best AC system for your needs, we will ensure proper unit sizing ensuring you reach optimal efficiency within your varying conditions.
The terminal box of the motor has also been repositioned to optimize airflow.The W22’s redesigned cooling system does not only improve energy performance - better airflow also means fewer hotspots and therefore higher reliability.
Lower temperatures further enhance the benefits of WEG?s unique WISE insulation system (international patents pending), which offers high resistance to temperature degradation.
The lifetime of the motor is further increased through the use of a new WSeal which offers improved protection through a ‘V’Ring with double lip and metallic cap.There are many other aspects of the W22 which offer real benefits. The casing, for example, is constructed from cast iron FC-200, which is the same class as Flameproof and which offers high resistance to corrosion. The product also features solid integral feet which offer high mechanical stiffness and easy alignment, while a reinforced fan cover provides higher impact resistance. Maintenance of the product is simplified through features such as longer lubrication intervals and a fast-on fan assembly.Another innovation introduced by the W22 is the terminal box. It also provides more space for accessories.The motors are being introduced in stages covering different frame sizes.

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