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Cellular shades also called honeycomb shades, have a single, double or triple layered design that traps the air between the layers of the shade in individual cells. Roman shades are solid fabric panels that when raised, gently fold and stack to give a decorative appearance.
Roller shades are a sleek design option made as a flat panel of fabric that rolls up and can be concealed. These types of energy-efficient shades are available in light filtering and room darkening and in a variety of styles to match any home or office. Adding any window covering to a window will reduce energy consumption but some window coverings are better than others at saving energy.
The Comfortex Fusion Shade is a roman shade with a honeycomb shade insulator hidden behind and is a great energy efficient blind. Energy efficient window treatments translate into year-round savings on both heating and cooling costs. On a typical home, windows account for nearly 50% of the heat gain or loss depending on the season, this in turn places close to 50% of the workload on your air conditioning system or heating system. When looking for energy saving blinds that will block out the hot sun, you’ll want to consider the “shading coefficient” of different alternatives.
Use the simple form above to calculate how much energy you can save by adding window coverings or determine which type of energy saving window treatments are best for you. If you opt for an energy-efficient window treatment, in addition to tying together your decor, it will save you money! They will make your rooms look nice while also preserving privacy, saving money on heating and cooling costs, and blocking outdoor sounds.

This creates an effective barrier between the window and the room and helps to prevent temperature transference. Roller shades are a simple, streamlined look that can be used to filter or block sunlight completely. Fusion shades offer a more attractive roman shade with the insulating benefits of a honeycomb shade.
Inefficient windows can add 10-25% to heating bills and as much as 75% to summer air conditioning bills.
They provide insulation during the cold winter months as well as repel the heat during the summer. The Shading Coefficient is a measure of the ability of the window treatment to reduce the solar heat gain. There are varieties currently on the market that are not only beautiful but serve to allow you to block completely or let in just the right amount of sunlight. Eliminating cords and chains gives a clean and uncluttered look and keeps your small children and pets safe. They are designed with a unique honeycomb shape that uses the air between each honeycomb to insulate your windows.
Untreated windows will allow about 20 times more heat into your home than an equal amount of insulated wall space. The lower the number, the less solar heat will enter your home and the lower your cooling or heating bills will be.
Having natural sunlight permeate a room can help reduce costs related to lighting as well as heating in the winter.

Some popular and stylish shade options are cellular shades, roman shades and roller shades.
They can be created with an insulated lining to improve energy efficiency as well as privacy and can accommodate large windows. Honeycomb shades block heat entering your home during the summer months as well as the cold during the winter.Don't like the look of honeycomb shades? By controlling the way the sun’s energy enters your home, you can save on summer energy bills and take advantage of “free” heating in the winter. For instance, honeycomb cell shades and wood or faux wood energy saving blinds are better at energy conservation than roller shades or aluminum blinds. Having the ability to block the sunlight effectively can reduce the cost of cooling in the summer.
They successfully provide privacy, light and sound control, and protect furniture and floors from damaging ultraviolet rays all while cutting down your electric bill!
Keep in mind that interior window coverings such as honeycomb shades, wood blinds, and faux wood blinds reduce solar heat most effectively if the surface facing the glass is a reflective color like white.

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