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The HERS Index (Home Energy Rating System) is a scoring system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and is the official measure of energy performance by the US Department of Energy. DID YOU KNOW?  Banks recognize that your $50 a month utility bill savings enables you to put that money toward your mortgage payment.  In a 30 year mortgage, that means you can borrow $10,000 more on a home. We've been building homes for more than 55 years; our knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. Our staff has won numerous awards and is your partner from contract to closing, including on-site selections. Our pricing philosophy has been consistent for as long as we have been in business: no hidden costs. Although a business can readily tell how much cost would be associated with rolling out a green initiative, it can be difficult for a business to quantify the potential savings they would capture from lower electricity bills brought about because of the increased energy efficiency. In the fight the make manufacturing as energy efficient as possible, it is imperative that relationships be built with companies who can learn how to make changes and keep their business solvent. With energy efficiency programs running all over the state of California, there have been improvements in energy conservation, but that does not mean that all is well on the state’s energy grid.
The state offers a great many alternative energy options, but these options have not yet filled the void in energy needs that are sweeping over a state that is rapidly growing.  In fact, California has much more to do to make sure it can secure its energy grid long into the future. The Home Upgrade Program allows for homes to be made more energy efficient, but the changes in homes do not always meet the mark without conservation efforts going on at the same time.  Moreover, the programs in California are limited by public laws designed to keep them from overriding each other.
While the state has done much to help with energy reform, this is only the beginning if the state wants to have a solid and stable energy grid in the future. Industrial firms that are being asked to conserve energy and look at ways of keeping the energy grids less-taxed are still missing the mark.  While industry executives believe that energy efficiency benefits them and their customers, not much is being done currently to ensure that energy efficiency is achieved in factories and plants all over the world.
While executives want to make changes to their energy usage, they have faced barriers, in their eyes, to making sure that their companies are being as efficient as possible. If the industries are serious about energy efficiency, something must be done, and it must happen soon. Fluorescent being one of the lighting devices that are used in lighting in industries, there are far much different from the other kinds of lighting gadgets because of the structure that they have. Energy efficient fluorescent lighting does not consume a lot of power and therefore it is very economical to use since there are no huge electricity bills that you will be paying after deciding to use the fluorescent. Energy efficient fluorescent lighting is very much relied on by many people who have not been used to other expensive means of lighting.
In addition to receiving hands on training and a training packet, the trainees will be exposed to energy efficiency and to green careers at San Diego Gas & Electric. The Green Academy is developed, organized, and implemented by 2 MESA staff, in collaboration with the San Diego State University PowerSave Green Campus. The goal of the Green Academy is to prepare the trainees to deliver presentations on energy efficiency and sustainability to their peers at their respective institutions. In addition, the training packet developed will be available online to facilitate regional and national dissemination for replication. Each trainee must attend at least 1 tour (Imperial Valley MESA students will have their tour requirement fulfilled at a later date, at the Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit & Expo). Each trainee must attend at least 1 seminar (Imperial Valley MESA students will have their tour requirement fulfilled at a later date, at the Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit & Expo). See how SDSU is able to co-generate most of its own energy twice as efficiently as utility energy.
Stop by to see for yourself how an average house in a typical neighborhood can be transformed into an energy-efficient home. Note – You are not obligated to become a volunteer at CCSE by attending this orientation.
See how SDG&E mixed energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable materials to make the Center an eco-friendly state-of-the-art facility. Learn about home energy upgrades, meet home performance experts and take advantage of rebates.
Sustainability Symposium (Note that this symposium has a registration fee of $5, meals included).

Interactive workshop where you will learn the basics of backyard composting and vermicomposting (composting with worms). A panel of your neighbors will share a range of their experiences from purchasing a PEV, installing a charging station as well as the financial benefits associated with making the switch to a PEV. Can we make energy from mud?  Do you wonder how a plane stops?  What innovations are happening in biotechnology? The student trainees are recruited from the San Diego MESA Alliance pipeline which draws from a local pool of over 2,200 students that includes students from grades six to university undergraduates   These trained students will present to their peers at their respective institutions, with the goal of impacting over 1,000 students. A Passive House is an energy efficient, comfortable and surprisingly affordable home construction standard that can achieve massive energy savings compared to typical minimum building code new home construction.
These energy saving design techniques are proven, measurable and have been verified in over 20,000 homes throughout the world. A passive house can be traditional or contemporary but the key to a Passive House is the simplicity in its plan. With over 20,000 certified energy efficient Passive Houses worldwide the options are practically endless and here are just a few examples of both contemporary and traditional passive houses from Canada, United States, Germany and France.
A Passive House takes advantage of the largest free source of energy on the planet, the sun.
Cooling a passive home relies on its super insulated shell and the air tight building envelope which prevent the sun from heating up the home.
Extremely comfortable, so comfortable that Passive Homes are designed without a heat source such as a furnace.
Due to the well sealed building envelope all that is required is a basic ventilation system which supplies fresh air making for superior air quality without causing any unpleasant draughts.
Summer or winter, you can be assured that your Passive Home will provide a maximum level of comfort with reasonable construction costs - something that is repeatedly confirmed by Passive House residents. Here is an example of one of the first Passive Homes ever built and it was actually built in Regina, Saskatchewan. Not only do Passive Houses deliver substantial savings over the life of the home, they are surprisingly affordable to begin with. One of the biggest cost savings in Passive Houses is that they do not require conventional heating and cooling systems therefore those savings can be invested into superior quality windows, insulation and a ventilation system.
What are the potential cost savings of a Passive House compared to a typical Canadian Home?
A recent 2,700 sf Passive House built in Whistler, BC, had an energy bill of $280.00 for the entire year. Why are conventional Canadian houses significantly less efficient and why do they end up costing so much more than Passive Houses?
If you read our other blog posts you'll start to understand why we are so passionate about better quality homes and construction throughout Canada. You can contact Brett Sichello Design and we would be happy to discuss Passive Homes, energy efficiency or any questions that you may have. Brett Sichello Design specializes in Energy Efficient, Passive House Design and Commercial Interior Design.
There are those that have many designs but not unique like the fluorescent because it looks like a tube that is white in color and looks misty inside it.
The quality of the fluorescent is very good and no one can have doubts with it since there are very intensive tests that are carried out before the devices can be sold out to the people who have been yearning to secure one for themselves. There are no covers that you need to have when you are using this kind of lighting because the fluorescent just reflects the light from escaping to space. Our exhibit area features energy-related equipment, products, hands-on displays and interactive kiosks.
Tahquitz Canyon Way, City of Palm Springs, City Hall Council Chambers, Palm Springs, CA 92262.
Stay after the presentations to experience one of the many new PEVs hitting the road in 2013!
If you’re a student, teacher or parent, you’ll explore these experiences with over 50 STEM industry and research partners during SDSA’s High Tech Fair 2013!

A passive house results in significant cost savings each and every year as well as over the life of the home. That's a pretty big statement but once you see the cost savings over the life of a passive house, compared to a typical Canadian home, you'll be asking why do we continue to build such poorly insulated and sealed homes in Canada? With a high level of insulation and an airtight building envelope, the key to the design is to minimize heat loss and to maximize solar heat gain.
By reducing the number of exterior corners to 4 - 6, energy loss is minimized at the exterior corners. All clients are unique therefore all passive homes are unique to that particular clients needs and wants. Designing the roof to have large overhangs, operable shutters on the windows and even light cladding colours are all basic strategies that when coupled with effective natural ventilation ensure that a passive home is cool throughout the hot summer months.
Even in Canada, typically the heat source is the body heat from the residents in combination with solar heat entering the building.
Keep in mind, there are already over 20,000 certified Passive Houses throughout the world so this isn't pie in the sky stuff, its tangible, measurable and proven actually quite simple technology.
Each 1-point decrease in the HERS Index corresponds to a 1% reduction in energy consumption.
It is long and cylindrical in shape and on both ends it has terminals that are fixed to the socket that is also long like it.
The energy efficient fluorescent lighting is very reliable because there are no many chances of getting the thing broke up or even causing a fire to be started from the electric shock that other kinds of bulbs cause.
The cost of the fluorescent is usually very low and affordable hence you can afford it at any cost. She recently participated in the Energy Upgrade California program and is enjoying the benefits of the upgrades including increased comfort and lower utility bills. By designing building envelopes that incorporate "thermal bridge free design", energy loss is significantly reduced around windows, exterior doors, mechanical openings, corners of the building and junction points in between the roof and the walls. For example, a home with a HERS index of 60 is 40% more energy efficient than a HERS Reference Home. The fluorescent is also one of the devices that are used in lighting industries and even in homes and other premises. The higher the number of fluorescent that you have in your house the more the light that you get. You do not have to keep on looking for places where you can get the fluorescent because they can be purchased from the manufacturer directly through on line procurement. Using high quality windows (minimum triple glazed) and insulated exterior doors are an absolute must in a passive house.
For more information on our energy efficient options for replacement windows in Cleveland, siding and doors, contact us today! There are many advantages that you can get from fluorescent which is energy efficient fluorescent lighting. They are very cheap and it is very rare for you to get them having been tampered with, right from the time that you buy it. You just have to log on to the website of the manufacturer and then make the necessary purchases. Step Inside the Real Home of the Future: Passivhaus - Canadians helped invent a house so efficient you could heat it with a hair dryer.
To make up for these subpar practices a furnace and an air conditioner are required to make up for all of that energy loss which ends up costing homeowners each and every year.
This being one of the multiple benefits that you are given by the fluorescent when you decide to use it in lighting your industry among many other places that you can decide to use it in.
Energy efficient fluorescent lighting has been in the market for a long time and there are many people who have been using them hence recommending them to everyone who wants to be on the front line to enjoy everything that they can ever wish to have with the lighting in their places of work or in their homes.

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