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Empowering customers with information theyneed to make intelligent energy buying decisions. LED ceiling light fixtures and LED drop ceiling light fixtures are ideal replacement lighting for standard fluorescent drop ceiling fixtures found in retail stores, offices, auto showrooms, gymnasiums, hospitals, auditoriums, warehouses, etc. LED drop ceiling light panels are brighter and have a more even light spread with no dark spots!
Excellent Retrofit for existing HID Par Downlights with 25 degree beam spread. The narrow beam spread allows for great light distribution in high ceilings and hard to access applications which greatly reduces maintenance costs. LED unique attributes. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) naturally are a directional light source. Designed for new construction or retrofit existing residential and commercial conventional drop ceilings. By eliminating inefficient fluorescent tubes and the outdated ballasts you can expect electrical savings of up to 60% and an estimated life of over 70,000 hours. Steven Wilson here, long time energy efficient lighting wholesaler to businesses, contractors, government facilities, etc.
LED Low Bay Lighting fixtures combine architectural design and versatility to make it an excellent choice for new construction or retrofit applications. Energy efficient LED Low Bay Lighting is also uses outdoors for parking garages, gas station canopy lighting, indoor parking lots and feature anti-glare and anti-dazzle and with a waterproof rating of IP67. This LED low bay light fixture features high output COB LEDs and a polycarbonate lens to give an even glow illumination.
Recently we are receiving more inquiries for indoor motion sensor lights and lighting controls that work with the LED cooler door lamps. These intelligent indoor motion sensors feature a dual technology which combine both ultrasonic (US) motion detection for maximum sensitivity and passive infrared (PIR) motion detection for false triggering immunity.
Utility companies recognize the huge energy savings potential and offer substantial rebates to promote the use of indoor motion sensors. Fluorescent being one of the lighting devices that are used in lighting in industries, there are far much different from the other kinds of lighting gadgets because of the structure that they have. Energy efficient fluorescent lighting does not consume a lot of power and therefore it is very economical to use since there are no huge electricity bills that you will be paying after deciding to use the fluorescent.
Energy efficient fluorescent lighting is very much relied on by many people who have not been used to other expensive means of lighting.
Polycrystalline solar panels used for outdoor solar lighting feature a design ensuring a high-yield, long-term performance for every module produced. Save energy on solar panel kits to generate your own energy and solar lighting.Solar panels are the central component in any solar power system. Solar panel lighting systems are ideal for low energy demand areas and remote locations without power or where it is too expensive to run electrical lines. Combined with advanced Induction and LED lighting, optics and intelligent controls, solar panel lighting systems for commercial applications can meet your lighting needs today and for the future. Phasing out energy-guzzling incandescent lighting for efficient alternatives could save the U.S. Energy-efficient lighting also carries the potential to save $5.5 billion a year in China, where energy use from lighting accounts for roughly 12 percent of electricity consumption.

At a time when energy use in expected to soar in coming years, lighting represents an attractive piece of low-hanging fruit, while also offering the potential for generating billions of dollars in savings and reducing the world’s hefty carbon footprint. Looking to save money on the energy consumed by your walk in & reach in coolers and freezers? Also because product temp changes more smoothly and gradually than air temperature, your compressor runs more smoothly and gradually when it is running on product temperature.
LED T8 Linear Tubes 3ft are ideal replacement lighting for 3ft fluorescent tubes most commonly found in refrigerated and non-refrigerated display cases. Also referred to as drop ceiling, T-bar ceiling, false ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop in ceiling, or drop out ceiling. Replacing T8 fluorescent bulbs every 2 years is now a thing of the past with the 70,000 hours rated lifetime of the new LED ceiling light fixtures.
They also have a slim profile design making LED drop ceiling light panels the ideal choice for lower ceiling spaces. Very low temperature operation saves on HVAC costs and long life greatly reduces maintenance costs. If you’re looking for superior lighting products at exceptional value, you’ve come to the right place! Used indoors, LED Low bay lighting is ideal for Retail Lighting, Showroom Lighting, Grocery Store Lighting, Area & Storage Lighting, Office Lighting, etc. This is especially beneficial for stores with extended hours like convenience stores or gas station C-stores. The self-adapting internal microprocessor analyzes the composite sum of both signals to eliminate time-consuming adjustments and callbacks found in non-intelligent sensors. Replace your dull, energy inefficient T12 and T8 fluorescent lamps with SimpleTube the most advanced and brightest LED refrigerated case display lighting for walk in coolers, reach in coolers and freezers. There are those that have many designs but not unique like the fluorescent because it looks like a tube that is white in color and looks misty inside it.
The quality of the fluorescent is very good and no one can have doubts with it since there are very intensive tests that are carried out before the devices can be sold out to the people who have been yearning to secure one for themselves.
There are no covers that you need to have when you are using this kind of lighting because the fluorescent just reflects the light from escaping to space. If you need a custom off-grid solar solution, kits are good ways to get a general idea of what your system will cost. They can be mounted on a roof, on a pole, or on the ground in an area clear of shadows; Batteries are what store the power your off-grid system creates. Up to 70 percent of lighting sales are made up of inefficient incandescent lamps, according to the U.N.
Using eTemp, the thermostat regulates the refrigeration temperature based on reliable food temperature rather than volatile air temperature. Studies have found that the average convenience store and restaurant can save $1000 to $2000 per year, per location. Requires, no ballast, easy lay-in install, contains no mercury and combined with the 10 year maintenance-free operation, LED ceiling light fixtures should be your lighting solution.

Like no other light source, LEDs promise to revolutionize our illuminated world with superior energy efficiency, extremely long life, and durability.
LED drop ceiling panels are fully dimmable and are compatible with building controls, motion sensors, timers, and daylight harvesting systems.The high performance suspended LED ceiling light fixtures easily installs into most commonly used T-Bar grids. When there is little traffic in the stores, these advanced indoor motion sensors can dim the lights to a desired level or completely shut off, helping to save on energy and extend the life of the LED. We recommend installing the sensors at the same time of the LED cooler door light retrofit, however the sensors may be installed at a later date.
It is long and cylindrical in shape and on both ends it has terminals that are fixed to the socket that is also long like it.
The energy efficient fluorescent lighting is very reliable because there are no many chances of getting the thing broke up or even causing a fire to be started from the electric shock that other kinds of bulbs cause. The cost of the fluorescent is usually very low and affordable hence you can afford it at any cost. That’s the equivalent of removing 11 million vehicles from the road, or bypassing the need to build 26 medium-sized coal-fired plants.
When fitted to the thermostat, it significantly reduces the frequency of refrigeration cycles required. Applications: Office Lighting, School Lighting, Healthcare Lighting, Hospital and Medical Facility Lighting.
The fluorescent is also one of the devices that are used in lighting industries and even in homes and other premises. The higher the number of fluorescent that you have in your house the more the light that you get. You do not have to keep on looking for places where you can get the fluorescent because they can be purchased from the manufacturer directly through on line procurement. There are many advantages that you can get from fluorescent which is energy efficient fluorescent lighting.
They are very cheap and it is very rare for you to get them having been tampered with, right from the time that you buy it.
You just have to log on to the website of the manufacturer and then make the necessary purchases. This being one of the multiple benefits that you are given by the fluorescent when you decide to use it in lighting your industry among many other places that you can decide to use it in. Energy efficient fluorescent lighting has been in the market for a long time and there are many people who have been using them hence recommending them to everyone who wants to be on the front line to enjoy everything that they can ever wish to have with the lighting in their places of work or in their homes.

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