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According to the Institute for Market Transformation, household energy use is lower than it was in the 1980's, even as household buy and use more electronic devices.
Buildings account for more than 70% of all electricity usage and almost 36% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. A typical whole-home energy retrofit, including a comprehensive energy audit, may include improvements to the home envelope (air sealing, installing attic insulation, repairing ducts), upgrade of the heating and cooling system, and installation of a high efficiency gas water heater. And so is the offer of any property with a variety of concepts in any type of housing offered.
Mar 12, 2013 by adminComments are offThe housing market in Arizona has been growing quickly and substantially when compared to the rest of the nation.
While there are many different upgrades and improvements that you can make to your home, you will likely get the most bang for your buck if you choose to make energy improvements.
According to a Residential Energy Consumption Survey that interviewed Arizona homeowners and was published in 2009, many Arizona homeowners are taking steps to make their homes more energy-efficient.
If you compare your home to the average energy consumption data listed above, how does your home measure up? As energy costs continue to rise, there is a growing trend for home buyers to look for energy-efficient homes, especially in hot states such as Arizona where air-conditioning usage is high.
You will attract buyers who are interested in saving on energy costs and caring for the environment.
Your home will be more attractive to potential buyers than less-efficient homes for sale nearby. Your energy-efficient home listing will be interesting and will help you to sell your home more quickly.
Although some home owners are worried about the cost of making their homes more energy-efficient, most are pleased to find out that the increased resale value of their homes is more than enough to compensate for the initial investment in energy upgrades. Although there are many things that you can do to decrease your energy usage (including turning off lights when not in use, unplugging dormant electronics and chargers and being more conservative with your energy use in general), it is important to note that these lifestyle changes won’t necessarily increase your home’s resale value.
If you make some or all of the above energy upgrades then you should make sure that you advertise these upgrades in your home listing. Have your home inspected again (it is a good idea to get a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) inspection done because you will be given HERS rating that will show your home’s overall energy efficiency.
If you want to sell your home quickly and for a great price, then a great way to increase your success is by making your home as energy-efficient as possible. We are committed to making Arizona homes more energy efficient, while helping homeowners realize a rapid return on their green home investment. Neil Kelly Company, the largest design-build remodeling company in the Northwest, completed 436 residential energy retrofits in 2012, preventing an average of 2.7 tons of carbon per home from entering the environment each year. Neil Kelly’s Home Performance division, established in 2006, is part of the company’s strategy to provide whole-home services and energy-wise choices.
The Home Performance team works closely with Energy Trust of Oregon and Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO), to offer homeowners access to energy audits as well as financial assistance and Energy Trust cash incentives for a variety of energy upgrades.
While every home is different, Neil Kelly Home Performance technicians will focus on the energy saving improvements that offer the greatest return, including air sealing, insulating, sealing ductwork, improving heating and cooling systems, and upgrading lighting and appliances.
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While savings are difficult to generalize, all properties will experience monetary and energy savings by taking a whole-building approach to energy efficiency.

In total, approximately $958,500 have been spent, receiving $178,489 in rebates and other incentives, and achieving annual energy cost savings around $748,000. Choose where the soil conditions are dealing directly towards the sun, it is good because it supports everything. Choose the home or building that has a round window that can get in the air and sunlight into the house, because it is good for health and also the air circulation in and out. And make the light through the roof of the house, with a roof made ??of glass or plastic that breaks light into the home so that it can illuminate lighting in this house can reduce your electricity usage.
Similarly, each room bedroom or kitchen space, because the lighting is very important space, air sirkulation create change every day and also saving from the use of electricity from AC making too. In fact, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) recently reported that home prices last year in Arizona had increased by 20% in the third quarter. However, because the housing market is so strong and competitive in Arizona, you may have a hard time selling your home quickly unless you make improvements to it and give it an advantage over competing homes for sale. This is because energy costs have been rapidly rising over the years and have made life uncomfortable for many Arizona homeowners. Are you doing all that you can to conserve energy in your home and thereby save a significant amount of money over time or is your home currently less efficient than you would like it to be?
Hot water bills, air conditioning, and heating can easily add up to over 70% of the annual operating costs for an Arizona home. If potential buyers can easily see that your home is more efficient than other homes nearby, then it will be a powerful incentive for them to purchase from you.
Professional Remodeler Magazine recently featured Neil Kelly Company on the front cover naming it a “green giant” due to its “cutting-edge energy-efficiency” business. A foundation of sustainability underlies all of the company’s divisions, including its flagship design-build remodeling group and related services such as its HomeForce home repair and improvement team.
CEWO is now available in 19 counties serving more than 80 percent of Oregon's population. Services include award-winning design-build remodeling; energy upgrades and home repairs big and small. A 50,000 square foot office building that reduces energy demand through no-cost and low-cost measures can reduce operating costs by more than 30 percent and save on average $40,000.3 Flex Your Power provides some helpful case study examples of cost and savings of commercial energy efficiency upgrades.
So did a lot of expert architects designing homes that concept direct lighting from outside the home, this is very good because it is good for health and also save electricity or energy saving.
To put that into perspective, the rest of the nation’s home prices in the third quarter only increased by an average of 4.04%. As a result, more homeowners are interested in purchasing homes that are energy-efficient and can save them money in the long run. If you make energy efficiency improvements to your home then you will save money as a result and the resale value of your home will increase. However, that percentage can drop significantly if you choose to make strategic energy upgrades. Established in 1947, the firm has a national reputation for its innovative design-build remodeling and new home construction.
In the case study of Adobe Towers, approximately $958,500 has been spent on energy efficiency, energy conservation, and water use efficiency measures. The FHFA also reported that the housing market in Arizona has been outpacing the housing market in the rest of the country by a large margin over the past couple of years.

With five Pacific Northwest locations, in Portland, Lake Oswego, Eugene, Bend and Seattle, Neil Kelly is renowned for its innovative design and remodeling services quality craftsmanship, and sustainable building practices. Sealing Windows, Doors, and FloorsUnlike major appliance upgrades or home renovations, a new and improved seal for your windows, doors, and floors can make your home more energy efficient without requiring a big upfront investment or skilled labor.
In extreme climates, you should also consider spending a little more or hiring a professional to make sure you are shutting out the summer heat or winter cold with maximum efficiency.2. Installing Quality InsulationNew insulation may seem like too much of a project for some people, but it really is worth it for everyone.
Modern insulation products work wonders to help your heating and cooling systems operate efficiently. As a bonus, if you re-insulate your home, it offers a great chance to do some spring cleaning in your attic and other storage areas.3. However, the machine could be working overtime, huffing and puffing and racking up costs and environmental impact due to the unchanged filter.4. Programmed ThermostatA thermostat with programmable times and temperatures is a great investment that will repay you every day thereafter. Once installed, you can set your heat and air conditioning to minimal effort while you are at work. Come Monday morning, it’s nice to run out the door to work without having to adjust the thermostat.
The fact is, timed thermostats help you save your own energy as well as maintaining reasonable energy costs for your home.5. Green Your AppliancesLaundry might be the best place to start for improving your appliances’ efficiency. If you have been hesitant about CFLs, consider placing just a few around the house at first and use them with more transparent lampshades.
Use other bulbs for reading and computer usage if you wish, but most lighting should be coming from CFLs.Otherwise, any appliances you can replace with more efficient ones will pay off in the long run. Start with your oldest, least efficient machine and go from there.Published on behalf of Ms. She has researched everything from the newest solar panel technologies to the advantages of installing solar panels in Perth, Australia.A post by Kidal Delonix (1524 Posts)Kidal Delonix is author at LeraBlog.
Chief editor and author at LERAblog, writing useful articles and HOW TOs on various topics. Particularly interested in topics such as Internet, advertising, SEO, web development and business.Do you like this post? Unfortunately, this welcome change in weather can soon become as nuisance when temperatures skyrocket. If you have an old, inefficient air conditioner or an old, drafty house, it can really wreak havoc on your finances.

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