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EU energy labels have become a common sight in home appliance showrooms - they're found on a selection of white goods and other products and are designed to help customers see how energy efficient a model is before they buy. An EU energy label can give you a good at-a-glance evaluation of how energy efficient a product is.
All of the above products are legally obliged to display energy efficiency information at the point of sale - if you can't see it, ask for it.
If you're comparing two A-rated appliances, look more closely at the energy consumption calculation data found on the label to find which of the two uses the least electricity. Some of the detail found within the label itself can be handy - such as washing machine capacity or noise - if you go equipped with a rough idea of what's good, bad and average. New A+, A++ and A+++ energy ratings for fridges, washing machines and dishwashers - the new labels have already been launched on a voluntary basis from December 2010, and will be made compulsory for all new models on the market to carry by December 2011. New A+++ energy ratings for fridges - the current label already carries A+ and A++ ratings; new fridge models must carry the updated label from 30 November 2011.
An A to G energy labelling system - which will look similar to the labels found on other household products - for televisions was launched at the end of 2010 for use on a voluntary basis, and will be made compulsory for all new models to carry by 30 November 2011 (the labels are additionally due to change to A+ to F from 2014). Re-calibrated refrigeration energy ratings to make it more difficult for models to score an A+ rating from July 2014.
Energy labels for more products including vacuum cleaners, windows and shower heads - we'll keep this guide updated as the full plans are unveiled. Energy efficiency has a great role in the global energy scenario and holds the position of being the world’s ‘first fuel’, according to International Energy Agency (IEA). A new report by IEA states that the global energy efficiency market is approximately US$ 310 billion a year and growing. The annual report states that energy productivity is getting improved in wake of investments in energy efficiency. Maria van der Hoeven, the IEA Executive Director, termed the energy efficiency as the invisible powerhouse in IEA countries and beyond. Has climate change put the focus on the necessity of renewable energy for a cleaner and greener world? The Institute for Energy Research is a not-for-profit organization that conducts intensive research and analysis on the functions, operations, and government regulation of global energy markets. Congress is considering various proposals to mandate energy efficiency improvements in appliances, air conditioners, heat pumps, dishwashers, clothes washers, and other items that use electricity.
Americans, not policymakers, should be free to choose which appliances make the most sense for their families instead of being forced to purchase more expensive and more energy efficient appliances. Energy efficiency mandates are based on the premise that Americans consumers do not make wise choices about energy efficiency without the government forcing them to make “good” choices. Since then, washing machines have improved—but the energy efficiency mandates still make them more expensive than they would otherwise be.
Federal officials who desire to mandate energy efficiency standards apparently assume that households and businesses are not making smart choices about energy efficient appliances. Americans are intimately aware of the costs of their utility bills and are always looking for ways to balance the convenience of their appliances with energy savings.
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Remodeling and Home Improvements in Hampton Roads, Virginia including Gloucester, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Newport News, Poquoson, Hampton, Smithfield, and Virginia Beach.

Print PDFIt’s the environmental equivalent of the chicken and egg conundrum.  Which comes first?  The energy efficiency retrofit (the plump chicken full of opportunity) or the capital (the very large egg) with which to fund it? Last week, a group of over 250 energy efficiency experts gathered in Atlanta, GA for the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance’s 2014 “Conference on Innovation.”  During the three days of inspiring and thought-provoking sessions, the attendees networked with one another and empathized over common challenges. It is not (and has never been), “If you build it, they will come.” It is not enough to create an energy efficiency finance program and hope that building owners will use it.
It’s all about the payment. Building owners, especially residential homeowners, are focused on their monthly bills. The Environmental Finance Center and the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance are committed to keeping these five important tenets in mind as we move forward to build a vibrant and impactful network of energy efficiency stakeholders in the Southeast.  As we work to build these themes into our Southeast Energy Efficiency Finance Network, we will focus on tools, resources and networking opportunities that foster a simple, easy and smart way to implement energy efficiency improvements.
We invite you to join us today.  We welcome your thoughts, ideas and most of all, your active participation as we work together to build a better chicken coop full of chickens AND eggs. Great article, great information and I especially appreciate the chicken and egg analogy because like most people I love them both! Crowned with three gables and painted in hues of gray and white, the suburban home in Lake Forest doesn’t look much like the domicile of the future.
But as summer heat radiates off the fresh asphalt outside, the home runs comfortably at full tilt indoors. Unveiled late last year, the ZeroHouse model by Los Angeles builder KB Home embodies the industry’s bid to move beyond the one-of-a-kind vanity project and make subdivision building a green practice.
California has had expansive policies mandating and incentivizing the development of greener new homes for years, but the implementation of those goals has been slowed by the weak housing market and the dearth of new construction. With the market healing, and with builders trying to distinguish their products from homes they built as recently as six years ago, companies such as KB Home, Lennar Corp. In coming years, California guidelines will call for ever more energy-efficient homes, with the goal of having all homes built in 2020 being net zero. Modern home that located near Aarhus in Denmark is designed and built to be super energy-efficient, smart, eco-friendly, and powered by the sun, the zero-plus Home For Life is an experiment in creating the sustainable house of the future.
It’s build by VKR Holding in collaboration with VELUX, VELFAC, SONNENKRAFT and WindowMaster, along with AART Architects to design and build the Home For Life. The slate roof is covered with a photovoltaic solar system and a solar hot water system, which when coupled with a heat pump and a super energy-efficient design can produce more power than is needed. In the winter, about 50% of the heating is provided by passive solar heating from the energy optimized windows. The Active House project is collecting all of this information from the family and will then apply that to the next houses they build. They keep notes about the home on their family diary blog to explaining how the automatic controls do or don’t work. But using it to decipher which product is the most energy efficient on the market is less straightforward - particularly when a large number of models receive the same energy rating, or if the rating is calculated in a way that's not representative of how people use a product in real-life. It states that with innovative new products and standards, the energy efficiency finance is becoming an established market segment globally.
The report evaluated 18 IEA countries which reveals that the final energy consumption was down 5 per cent in a decade (2001 to 2011), primarily as a result of investments in energy efficiency.
Appliances with greater energy efficiency cost more money—sometimes a lot more and frequently take more time to do the same amount of work. In 2006, the Consumer Reports Best Buy for top-load washing machines only cost $380.[1] That was before the federal energy efficiency mandate for washing machines.
The least expensive washing machine Consumer Reports recommends still costs $480[3] and the next lowest-priced recommend washing machine costs $650.[4] If a consumer saves $15 a year[5] in energy costs by using one of these more efficient washers, it takes nearly 5 years to recoup the extra costs of the $480 model and over 16 years to recoup the extra cost of the $650 model (even adjusting for inflation from 2006 to 2010).

When federal regulators step in and mandate energy efficiency improvements, the mandate increases the price of appliances and limits Americans’ choices. Unlikely, Analysts Say - April 16, 2015 Elon Musk’s Cousins Battle Utilities to Make Solar Rooftops Cheap - April 15, 2015View all What yieldco finance can do for the solar industry - April 21, 2015 Corporate solar funding comes in at USD 6.4 billion in Q1 - April 14, 2015 Solarize South Carolina Campaign Aims to Rev Up SC’s Home Solar Industry - March 20, 2015 Residential Solar Financier Sunnova Offers New Loan-Like Product - March 18, 2015 When going solar, should you lease or buy? Here’s what it means (and doesn’t) - April 9, 2015 Why FEMA Wants Your State to Stop Ignoring Climate Change - April 2, 2015 The endless debate of trees vs. The financing piece of the puzzle must be fully integrated into the entire energy efficiency deal flow from program manager to contractor to building owner. Will there be enough money at the end of the month to pay for everything?  A loan program that is focused on the interest rate (even if it is zero percent) will not resonate with many building owners because it simply does not translate easily into a monthly payment.  Instead, program managers and contractors need to focus on the monthly payment and offer flexible loan terms and repayment plans that match payment to estimated monthly energy savings from avoided energy use. Outreach and training of contractors can help to build this trust, and an improved understanding of different financing options will ultimately build confidence in the overall energy efficiency program. As energy efficiency finance programs expand throughout the country, a common framework for collecting, compiling and analyzing data will be a key to successfully reporting results and building even greater participation from building owners, contractors and financing partners.
All five of the themes discussed here are integral components needed for energy efficiency financing solutions. Net-zero homes such as the one KB Home has built are highly efficient properties paired with renewable energy technology such as solar panel systems, resulting in homes so green they produce at least as much juice as they consume. For now, net zero remains more of an aspiration for the industry, though experts say builders are increasingly making standard some of the fundamental elements of green design, including more efficient appliances, lighting and solar panel systems.
The home itself is a 2,045 sq ft two-bedroom, one and a half story home, that is designed to integrate sustainability and functionality into one cohesive project.
In the summer, an automatic natural ventilation system opens windows to control airflow through the house when needed. Thanks to the Simonsen family that moved in after the house is finished and has been keeping track of how livable the home is. Consumers pay attention to their electric bill, and that is especially the case with commercial users of appliances. According to data from the Association of Home Appliance Manufactures, household appliances are becoming much more efficient.
In the end, we all walked away with a collaborative feeling of hope and a couple of key themes to take back and build into our energy efficiency programs. How you pay for it matters, but even more important is that the process is smooth, simple and streamlined. At SparkFund, we’ve built a streamlined energy efficiency financing solution for small and medium sized projects through our integrated program approach. Despite all systems going, the property is producing more electricity than it can consume on a warm summer day — and that’s the goal. ABC Green Home of Newport Beach will be building a net-zero home to showcase green technology for consumers. Daylighting plays a huge roll in the design of the house — and every room has windows on at least 2 sides.
Clarum Homes in Palo Alto is a custom builder that has gained praise for incorporating energy efficiency and passive solar features into homes with modernist flourishes.

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