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Pentair IntelliFlo pumps are the best selling variable speed pump on the market because of their reliable performance and valuable energy-savings.
Variable speed capability, digital controls, and proprietary software allow custom programming of optimum pump speeds for specific tasksa€”filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, waterfalls, etc.
The advanced motor produces far less heat and vibration than traditional induction motors for dramatically longer equipment life. We are passionate about amazing customer service.We serve the Central Valley in California. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Hayward TriStar 1 HP Energy Efficient Pool Pump features heavy-duty, high performance technology and is simple to install, maintain and service. Maintaining  your pools temperature at 78 degrees is a great way to help to conserve energy which will ultimately lower your electricity bill.  Something as simple as reducing the temperature of your pool by just a few degrees can result in a savings of hundreds of dollars a year.
Variable-speed pumps can run at lower speeds, but can also run for longer periods of time.  This ultimately will give you the same or even better cleaning and sanitation. For more information about how you can make changes to help make your pool more energy efficient, please contact us. Riegens has supplied luminaires for the lighting upgrade at the recently refurbished Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh.  Specified by the consultants for the project, Riegens was chosen to design bespoke fittings that would sympathetically blend with the original features in the Category A-Listed building. The Royal Commonwealth Pool (known locally as the Commie) opened in Spring 2012 following an extensive ?37M refurbishment and renovation programme by The City of Edinburgh Council.  The venue, managed by Edinburgh Leisure houses a 50 metre pool, state-of-the-art gym, three fitness studios, cafe and childrens play area.
The layout of the building has been restored to enhance and promote the use of light within the facility, as was the vision and intention of the original architects back in 1967. The Riegens luminaires, installed by UK Building Support Services company Arthur McKay, were fitted with Tridonic’s EM PRO emergency lighting control units.

Fittings from Riegens standard range of products included Concido downlighters for the changing rooms, Mirac and Arbos recessed luminaires and Evac LED bulkheads for ancillary areas, along with Casino wall for stairwells and Linus to provide optimum light distribution in corridors. High efficiency pool pumps have revolutionized the pool industry by saving customers money and increasing performance.
High efficiency pool pumps can save you money—you see this every month on your energy bill. By now you know that EcoPump is one of the most energy efficient pool pumps on the market—but just how does it compare to its competitors? In today’s post we’ll compare energy efficient pool pumps from the leading manufacturers—no exaggeration, no embellishing—just the facts. Arizona offers rebates of up to $200 for making the switch to an energy efficient pool pump. Other states offering rebates for energy efficient pool pumps include New York, California, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and many, many more.
Today it seems as though there are two things on pool owners’ minds: how can I save money on my pool, and how can I be environmentally friendly?
As luck would have it (or just plain good sense), these days you can do one of these and at the same time you can accomplish the other—a real “two birds with one stone” solution. EcoPumps is all about saving energy with their high efficiency pool pumps, but as you probably know, saving energy by switching your pool pump is just the beginning.
Old pump technology often costs homeowners in the Central Valley more than $1,800 per year!
Utilizing advanced fluid dynamic design, the TriStar optimizes the 3 essential pump elements resulting in superior flow rate and energy efficiency. The existing Iroko ceilings (wooden slatted design) within the reception, foyer and pool halls have been retained and were ice blasted to reform them to their former glory.

Engineered to meet the demands of modern lighting schemes, the system is based on the DALI protocol for emergency lighting and can therefore be integrated into other DALI control lighting systems or managed as a stand-alone system. But something that you might not be able to see is how they are also helping to save the environment! The truth is, nobody is paying for you to buy and install an energy efficient pool pump (yet!), but all over the country, there are programs waking up to the benefits of energy efficient pool pumps, and they are offering money incentives for people to get them! There are plenty of other ways you can save energy, both for the sake of your monthly bill and for the environment right in your own home.
A When Pentair Water Pool and Spa first introduced IntelliFlo variable speed technology, it set off a marketplace revolution with its energy efficiency, near-silent operation and long service life. In fact, it only takes the power of approximately two light bulbs to keep your pool clean all day. The TriStar is the first pool pump to feature a tri-lock cam and ramp strainer cover which contains an extra large, smooth, no rib basket extending the time between cleanings. Riegens designed recessed fittings using T8 and T5 lamps that looked like the original fittings in the Iroko ceilings, this time using the latest  technology in prism optics, T8 and T5 lamps, and incorporating DALI digital dimming control systems.
Well with high efficiency pool pumps you’re using much less energy, which is good for your wallet and the environment. The TriStar features a dynamic airflow resulting in cooler, quieter operation and can seamlessly retrofit to almost any existing pool and filter. You’re also keeping your pool cleaner with high efficiency pool pumps and doing less of the work yourself.

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