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When family life is all go, it can feel like the washing machine is always on, draining away time, energy and money. With its 8kg drum and extra large porthole, this 1400rpm spin model will make light work of big loads. Among the additional 16 programmes this modern machine also includes a special Sports wash to help clean heavily soiled football kits, and two Fastwash programmes, cleaning a 2kg load in 14 minutes and a full 8kg load in just 28 minutes, so you’ll never be stranded when your favourite outfit is staring back at you from the washing basket.
This new Excellence machine is available from ?379.99, available in white, and the water consumption for the Beko WMB81445L is 59 litres and the automatic half load function instantly reduces the water level when half or smaller loads are washed.
The simple interactive LCD display allows users to set a time delay of up to 24 hours in order to take advantage of cheaper tariffs, such as Economy 7, as well as adjust the spin speed and temperature and see the time remaining for the chosen programme. Offering the ultimate consumer-driven energy monitor on the market, wattson Silverlining is a chic new reflective version of the original wattson, and is complete with brand new clock feature and the latest Holmes software.
Following an extensive survey of current wattson customers and owners, DIY Kyoto discovered that, having invested in a wattson electricity monitor, a majority of households see an average annual saving of almost 20% on their electricity bills. DIY KYOTO, founded by Greta Corke, Richard Woods & Jon Sawdon Smith, was set up to encourage and assist people in doing their bit for the environment and think about the amount of energy they consume on an every day basis. Looking for a good reason to update an appliance or two?  Look no further because Christmas is finally here and an update would just be the perfect gift for your home and the whole family. SM Appliance Center will help you furnish your home with its great selection of the latest innovation and technology in home entertainment and appliances from high quality brands.
This inverter LG Door-In-Door refrigerator (GR-J297WSBN) preserves your food longer and provides easy access to all the food your family needs for your convenience. This Electrolux NutriLight Refrigerator (ETE3500SE) will keep your food fresher and healthier for your family. Maximize your refrigerator space with this durable and efficient Burgundy Condura (CSD211SA) Refrigerator with an energy saving LED light. This American Home Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine (AWF-606WS) has Fuzzy Logic Controls for an ultimate washing performance. This innovative Electrolux Time Manager Washer and Dryer Washing Machine (EWW14012) has Load Sensor, Vapour Action, and IQ Touch Control features to make your laundry cleaner. The world’s first-ever Samsung Curved LED Ultra High Definition TV (UA-65HU9000) has an auto-depth enhancer, PurColor technology and is four times more powerful than a full HD screen.
This Samsung 32-inch LED TV (UA-H5100) has internet capability and Family TV features that captures your family’s favorite TV moments.

Make your home cool and comfortable for your family with this Panasonic Window Air Conditioner (CW-SC64JPH) with its easy to clean and removable intake grille. Keep the air fresh, clean and healthy with this Carrier Window Air Conditioner (WCARGO14EA). You can find these latest innovative appliances at the selected outlets of SM Appliance Center nationwide. Features include a specialist Duvet programme, as well as a Baby and Toddler programme, washing your little one’s garments on a gentler setting and giving them an extra rinse to remove excess detergent. The group now acts as consultants and experts within the design, energy and environmental sectors, as well as developing additional features for the wattson and continuing to grow their forward-thinking company with a variety of new high tech, ‘design meets-green’ products in development. The people who invented th energy monitor have found users can save up to 20% on their electricity bills.
It can measure single and also three phase systems, making it suitable for large houses and even small businesses. This offers opportunities for interactive competitions with fellow ‘wattsowners’, and a community of people to engage with, sharing tips and hints for saving energy. It features a NutriLight, Adaptive Defrost System and Flexible Storages to stock your food your way. Keep your food fresh longer and healthy so your family can enjoy healthy meals everyday with energy saving Electrolux Nutrilight Refrigerators with Adaptive Defrost Systems and flexible shelving to organize your food the way you want it. Washing machines with inverter technology help save energy as you do your laundry chores more quietly and cleanly. It is also equipped with a Triple Protector, so it’s protected against surges, lightning and humidity. Innovative LED television sets not only bring more natural, vivid on-screen images to your home, but are also more energy efficient and use less power to produce light. Samsung world’s first-ever curved LED Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV introduces a brand new and revolutionary viewing experience for audiences without worry of eyestrain and fatigue. Stay cool and comfortable in your home with energy saving Carrier Window Type Air Conditioners with an 8-in-1 filtration system to keep your air fresh, clean and healthy. Among Mathmos’ patents is Airswitch technology – lights that can be controlled by moving your hand through the air above the product.
Durable and energy saving refrigerators from LG and Condura refrigerators are also available at SM Appliance Center.

The Samsung Front Load Inverter Washing Machine, for example, has an energy saving Digital Inverter Compressor, water saving Eco Bubble technology and an embossed diamond drum for fabric care. Check out other LED models from trusted brands like LG and Skyworth at SM Appliance Center.
As with all the purchases that I make, I went online and compared features of different models along with prices and zeroed in on this particular model.
At SM Appliance Center, you can also find the LG Front Load Washer and the new American Home Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine. I love all of the features: The eco wash, the speed wash, the clean cycle and being able to choose the soil level. My sister was amazed to see this feature as she has children who bring home a lot of dirty soccer laundry. Another thing that caught my attention was that this washer is very quiet compared to my old model. It is not one of the new and trendy washers, and not the most energy efficient, but it fits nicely in a small space.Cleans large loads pretty quickly. It looks like the typical washing machine that you find at the laundromat.This machine is holding up very well after this 2 years.
Just put the detergent in the dispencer and press startEase of Usesince my last washer was over 15 years old there was a slight learning curve, nothing too tough.Designvery sleek.
Being 6' 1", I usually hate front loading washers because they usually make laundry into a back-breaking chore for tall people.
Our old machine was close to 30 years old and made horrible noises though, so it was time for a technically advanced modern upgrade. The drawer luckily makes laundry day tolerable though, plus it provides a little extra storage. My kids love the view of the spinning laundry through the clear door window though, which gives me valuable folding time. The machine settings are all easy to use and the LG Front Loading Washing Machine has a surprisingly large load capacity.

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