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In part one, listen to why he got into the School in the first place and how the School has helped him. In School, the new student learns step by step a Chi Cultivation Method that teaches them to build up their entire body’s nerve fiber system. He tells the story of how he was able not only to help himself, but he was also able to help others thru some healing situations. He talks about how he was able to use his healing abilities even while going thru his first four years of Chi training.  In part two, he brings up a recent miracle healing that involved his own grandson. As they perform this Qi Energy exercise for twenty minutes a day, the process releases a type of light called biophotons from the body. Those amazing stories that occurred, he contributes to God and the training he received through the School of Chi Energy.

Students will learn how to mold these biophotons into a healing energy form for advanced abilities and healing techniques.
These bioenergy exercises are very different from physical education type exercises like pushups or situps.  All the energy exercises are low aerobic impact. Your body will feel significant increases in energy when you perform the exercises in the right way. These particular exercises work better, the more you can associate to what you are actually doing.
The Tri-concept is a good feeling and cool temperature transfer into a specialized form of bioenergy.
For more information on Chi Energy Training and Instructor support, please call us at (919) 771-7800.

By learning core chi energy concepts, students learn to get to a very high level in energy work. Classes are presented every thirty days with clear instructions to view, listen and read with videos, audio mp3s and document pdfs.

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