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2012 Safety Performance Report on Victoria's Electricity Distribution and Transmission Businesses. Register for your place at this year's free carbon monoxide testing courses for plumbers, being held by the Master Plumbers, VBA and ESV.
On Friday 18 March, the Minister for Small Business and Assistant Treasurer, the Hon Kelly O'Dwyer imposed an interim ban to prevent the supply of hoverboards that do not meet safety standards for batteries and related circuits. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a special bulletin warning builders and electricians that time is running out to remediate dangerous Infinity cables or face possible penalties and fines.
Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) in partnership with Worksafe Victoria and other relevant stakeholders has undertaken a review of the Framework For Undertaking Work Near Overhead And Underground Assets (No Go Zones). As a result of an ongoing investigation into fire resistant material, ESV has removed information sheet 3 from this website.
ESV wishes to advise that its website and all online service applications, including COES, will be unavailable this weekend - from 9pm Friday October 17 until 7am Sunday October 19.

It’s warming up here in Davis, CA, and the temptation to turn on the AC is rising with the temperature. Invest in an energy efficient air conditioner: Choose an air conditioner with a high Energy Efficiency Rating. Avoid overcooling: Use and buy only the cooling equipment that you need, and only to the capacity for which you need it. Install a whole-house ventilating fan: Even if you have central air conditioning, a ventilating fan properly installed under the right conditions can significantly cool the whole house using about the same amount of energy as running an AC in one room. Set your thermostat as high as possible:¬†EarthShare recommends keeping your thermostat set at a maximum of 78 degrees F during the summer, as we do here at the First Street Real Estate office.
For more details, and other energy saving tips, check out the EarthShare website–they have all their tips categorized by season so you can find something to save you any time of year! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Systems that earned an Energy Star have met the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and are over 15% more efficient than conventional models.
Others will be held at Geelong, Croydon, Frankston, Dandenong, Wangaratta, Bendigo, Ballarat, LaTrobe Valley and Chadstone during May and June. If the old address is saved in your Favourites, please update the bookmark and replace it with this address.

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