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With the ever increasing cost of water, gas and electricity homeowners are becoming more aware of the importance of limiting their energy usage. Spend family time together - Rather than the kids going to their rooms to play on games consoles or listen to music, why not get together once or twice a week and only watch just one television. Exchange heat a€“ Install an energy efficient heat exchange system to your central heating. Restrict Water a€“ Install flow restrictors to all taps and add a water efficient shower head. Unused fireplace a€“ Modern homeowners tend to use the central heating system to heat their home. Insulate windows - During winter months use thick curtains to prevent heat loss through the glass. Insulate your garage door - The opening to a garage is essentially are large void in the buildings structure that can leave heat and money rushing out of.
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Computers are a big part of everyday life now and most people will use a computer at some point during most days. There are a few things that you can do if you are looking to save energy and you use your computer a lot and if you have a laptop computer, you are already doing better than if you have a desktop. If you have a desktop, then you are probably using a lot of energy if you use it regularly.
If you use your desktop or laptop computer a lot, the savings could be even more substantial that the average too, so it is an important area to think about. Leading Grant Accredited Suppliers and Installers of Solar Electric and Hot Water systems for Domestic and Commercial Properties.

AES is the UK's original solar heating system manufacturer based in Scotland and have been manufacturing solar hot water systems since 1979.
Accredited supplier of the latest solar electricity (photovoltaic) and solar hot water systems.
Help the environment, save money and secure your home's energy future with the installation of solar panels.
Spectrum Energy Systems specialise in the supply and installation of Wind Turbines and Solar PV arrays in a range of sizes up to 850kW.
Water Heating System is made of solar panels that transform light from the sun to solar energy or heat. Steel Solar Vent is a low profile ventilator powered by solar energy or ambient light, no conventional electricity or mains power needed to run this vent.
Charger is portable charger that uses solar energy to charge batteries or to supply power to a device. Monocrystalline Solar Panel Modules combines top quality engineering with highest manufacturing standards.
Here are some ways to help reduce bills by saving energy in ways you probably haven't thought of! This will help keep the heat where it is needed and therefore reduce cooking times somewhat. As such why not plug the flue with insulation to prevent heat literally rushing out the chimney. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. If your place is too far from the office to walk or bike, consider telecommuting as your next option. A household that uses Energy Star products uses up about 30 percent less energy as compared to the average household.

There are a lot of computers that are used during work and computers are also used a lot at home. The great thing about laptops is that they require a lot less energy than a desktop computer and although they still use a lot, they are a better option if you want to loo0k out for the environment and also your energy bills. There are estimated to be more than 12 million desktop computers in the UK and this contributes a lot to the money spent on powering computer equipment each year.
This is a great system for reducing the amount of energy required by the rest of the system. For more expensive methods of saving water install a small sized bath which only hold around 110 litres of water rather than the normal 180 litres. There are actually now nearly 30 million computers in the UK which is actually higher than the amount of homes that are in the country.
The thing to note about laptops is that the newer it is, the more energy efficient it will be and the latest laptops on the market often use up to 80 percent less power than a desktop computer. Now, if you really don’t want to switch to a laptop computer, then one of the things that you can do in order to save energy is to purchase an Energy Saving Trust Recommended computer. This means that on average, every house has at least one computer and as we know, they can use up a lot of energy. On average, a laptop computer will save you ?30 per year over a desktop computer on your energy bills which is quite a significant saving for just one device. These are computers that will use around 40 percent less energy than a standard desktop computer and will not really compromise on performance. This means that over a period of five years of using one of these, you could save around ?70 on your energy bill.

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