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A house using a solar panel setup to generate or offset its electricity would benefit greatly from having energy efficient products installed and in use. In Australia it is the Law that certain appliances come with an energy rating so the consumer is aware of its power consumption.
A 5 star rating applied to a home or building means that the structure will require minimal heating or cooling by achieving a high level of thermal energy performance.
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If you would rather fax through an order to us please click here, print our order form and fax it through to us or Phone 07 3333-2275 to place a phone order. Research and development into creating energy saving alternatives to our current household appliances and products has meant a great deal of products are emerging that can be used instead of the traditional power consuming models. For example, by switching lightbulbs across to power efficient alternatives a great deal of energy (and money) can be saved. It is a simple star system – bascially the more stars the more energy efficient the appliance is. This means that a home with a 5 star rating will be more comfortable to live in (when compared to a lower rated home) and have a lower power bill.
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By reducing our power usage through using energy efficient products we can reduce power bills and lower our energy demands.
Energy efficiency requirements have been updated to make newly constructed buildings in Australia more energy efficient. We have extensive experience for sourcing the lighting products for different projects within Australia. Due to the rising costs of power and as people become more aware as consumers there is a rising trend that favours energy efficient products.

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