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Do you know that your refrigerator is the appliance that gobbles up the largest amount of power in your home? The good news is that you do not have to sit back and watch your energy bill get larger and larger before your eyes. All refrigerators have a temperature setting in them that can be adjusted according to the seasons. Most individuals prefer automatic defrost refrigerators because they  are not as much work on account of the fact  that they defrost on their own without needing you to do it for them. If you wish to defrost some food that you have in the freezer then take it out of the freezer and place it on the top shelf of your refrigerator the night before you plan to use it. In order for your refrigerator to function at its highest level and to offer maximum energy efficiency it needs to be free of dirt, dust, cobwebs and any type of debris. If you have a refrigerator that comes with an energy saver switch (also sometime referred to as an anti-sweat switch) then use it during the summer but make sure you leave it off during the cold winter months. Usually refrigerators use more energy when compared to any other home appliance, which is about 9-25% of the overall energy usage. You will find energy savings refrigerator in several sizes and styles so there won’t be any problem in searching for the best appliance that suit all your needs. When you make use of energy saving refrigerator, there will be less production and also consumption of electricity, which means that little emission of greenhouse gases.
Buying these energy saving refrigerators will save on your electricity bills as the most efficient ones consume very less energy. There are several effective features in the energy efficient models to help the device operate at the optimum levels.
The cost of energy saving refrigerators will vary greatly since there are several models, sizes and features available.
Your refrigerator is one of the appliances at home that consumes a significant amount of electricity since is probably the only one that works 24 hours a day.  It is estimated that in a household the refrigerator consumption of electricity can be up to 14% of its total, ranking it second behind heating and cooling.
Make sure that you place your refrigerator away from any heating source such a cooking stove or heating elements and in addition make sure that there is no direct sunlight in the area you are placing it otherwise your consumption might get increased by 30%. Set the fridge at a temperature between 36F to 45 F (3-7 c) and the freezer to -5F (-17 c) and save up to 20% energy for every additional 10 degrees for the fridge or 5 degrees for the freezer. Don’t place any hot food inside the fridge since it will have to use energy to adjust its temperature.
Use these additional guidelines when you’re looking to replace your current model refrigerator. Refrigerators with the freezer on top use as much as 15% less energy than side-by-side models of similar size. For best efficiency, the temperature should be kept at 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit, and the freezer should be no colder than 0-5 degrees. Nowadays, homes have been designed to bridge the gap between living and cooking space, where kitchen appliances become decorative pieces to enhance the overall interior of the apartment.

Featuring a transparent door to locate and pull out groceries with minimum fuss, the fridge concept saves the energy that users waste while locating groceries in different compartments.
On the other hand, the freezer is comprised with two rotating shelves, each containing five boxes, to store different types of food, such as meat, fish, vegetable and fruits, separately. There are some very basic things you can do to improve the efficiency of how this major kitchen appliance works. Your refrigerator setting need not be the same in the hotter months as it is in the colder months.
Automatic defrost fridges are often more expensive to purchase in the first place in relation to their manual defrost counterparts. If you want to buy a new refrigerator mainly for the purpose of energy saving, here are few tips to buy energy saving refrigerator. For instance, Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator has an aesthetically appealing model rated as energy start appliance.
An average of 1.34 pounds of Co2 is discharged into the air for each kilowatt hours of generated electricity.
If you are in the States this means that it has to be an energy star model and if you are in Europe this translates into being an A class consumption appliance.
Moreover make sure that the door seal is clean and fits perfectly on both the fridge and the freezer. Furthermore, when you want to thaw food from the freezer place it in the fridge from the previous night this way you save energy during defrosting. Get a free consultation on how generating your own solar power can lower your electricity costs. The energy efficient fridge touts a curvaceous form that would not just give an elegant look to modern interiors, but also make the cooking space more spontaneous and user-friendly. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Though there are quite a lot of brand names offering various models of fridges, you can take a look at Electrolux kitchen refrigerator. Your washing machine and dryer eat up a fair amount between them but your refrigerator tends to eat up even more.
If you have never paid much attention to this small element of your refrigerator then you are missing out on a means of saving energy and lowering your power bill. The manual ones do tend to be more energy efficient as long as they are defrosted when they are supposed to be.
As well, defrosting food on the countertop or in your drain pan is not recommended because of the potential for the growth of bacteria.
Though they are expensive when compared to the unrated ones, there are various benefits of having one in your house. So, according to the Energy saving agency, energy saving refrigerator consumes 60% less than the other unrated models.

Buying a large one for small homes will only waste the energy in your kitchen and buying a too small one for large home makes it too congested as well as eliminates the air circulation which again causes the energy loss.
Be very creative when you are purchasing the best functioning as well as green models to save on your bills and also to protect the environment surrounding you. The lights make the door transparent, so users could rotate the shelves (by pressing the arrow buttons) to have a glimpse of the groceries without opening the door. In a country like India or Egypt in which the weather conditions is most of the time humid and hot, you cannot do without a fridge like an Electrolux kitchen refrigerator even for a single day.Swedish company Electrolux has been a reputed corporation in the field of electronics as well as kitchen appliances.
If you have noticed your energy bill going up then it is likely that your fridge is to blame. Once the ice in the freezer has reached a thickness that is greater than one quarter of an inch then it is time to go through the defrosting process.
The Electrolux kitchen refrigeratoris recognized for their great features and best performance and these refrigerators can be bought at affordable prices.
Most fridge settings are located near the front of the appliance and have numbers and read “Off”, “Normal” and “Coldest” (or something thereabouts). If you allow the ice to get even thicker before you defrost then this will reduce the level of energy efficiency so it is important to keep abreast of when defrosting has become necessary.
At the same time you should also make a mental note to yourself to inspect the door gasket.
This kitchen refrigerator is one of the greatest refrigerators you can buy at low price as contrasted to other fridges of this category. What you are looking for specifically is that the seal on it is intact and is not broken or damaged in any way. This refrigerator has also been equipped with all the newest features that have been expected and necessary from the most modern quality refrigerator. If you are planning to purchase a refrigerator, then this one can be one of your best alternatives.French door Electrolux kitchen refrigeratorElectrolux Kitchen Refrigerator FlexibilityThe good attributes of an Electrolux kitchen refrigerator comprise multi airflow system, saves electricity, flexible door racks, and bag clip hanger.
The multi airflow system can preserve the freshness of the stored food things by resourcefully circulating the cool air.
In addition, it includes the bag clip hangers in which you can hang the bags of fruits, vegetables, and food bought from the market.
If you want have the best deals for this fridge, then you can search in the Internet You can compare the traits and cost of this fridge with that of other fridges from other brand names.

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