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Saving energy is an important activity for all household out there to efficiently save not only the environment but also their money on their energy bills which can be such a pain in the neck, especially when your budget is a bit tight.
Are you sick and tired of receiving huge electricity bulls particularly during the cold winter season? If you noticed, these days, high energy consumption is what most homeowners are concerned about, especially when it comes to their everyday use.  This problem is not something new for everyone but is still a big burden at present that needs an immediate response on how to resolve this issue.
Reaping essential energy savings at home is affordable and easy when you know how and where waste and energy loss occur across the house. Water is now one of the primary problems that the world and its population have to deal with. That’s why we like this flat and compact DIY drying system by Debbie, from Me and My DIY.
Tricia, from the blog Making It Feel Like Home, used cool frosted contact paper on the small windows by her front door. You can see how Rebekah transformed a recycled pepper barrel into her own private water reservoir here.
If you love air conditioning but not scorching electric bills, a homemade air conditioner might be for you. YouTube vlogger Desertsun02 gets his cool on with a DIY AC that only uses 54 watts of electricity. If you already own a fan and a bucket, this project will cost about $30 and you can put the entire system together in a few hours.
Designing an energy saving custom home from the ground up is easier than renovating an existing house. The best advice for someone starting the design process is keeping the complexity of the design within your budget. The Canadian Passive House Institute (CanPHI) is a 100 percent educational organization, dedicated to constructing buildings with the highest level of energy efficiency. Finding a qualified custom home builder familiar with the principles of Passive House design is just one of the options available to the energy efficient home builder. An average residential BC Hydro user will pay an extra $8 a month because of the fee increases, the government has said. The truth is energy costs are only increasing, designing your new home with energy saving features in mind will save you a significant amount of money in the decades to come. Using the Passive House design software (PHPP) can assist home designers to utilize solar energy from the sun.
With various government subsidizes and financial incentives going solar is environmentally responsible and cost effective. Selecting the right kind of home insulation can also be selected using the PHPP software along with the climate data in your living area. The rating system for heat saving windows originates from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), a non profit group that administers an independent rating and labeling system for building parts. The ENERGY STAR is an internationally recognized brand for identifying energy efficient products and new homes.
Efficient heating and cooling systems that use less energy, reduce indoor humidity and improve the overall comfort of your home.
High-performance ENERGY STAR windows, patio doors, and skylights keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

A variety of ENERGY STAR products which use less electricity by meeting strict technical specifications.
A heat or energy recovery ventilation system (HRV or ERV) ensures your home has controlled ventilation. If you’re interested in having an EnerGuide rated home designed follow the guidelines below. Have your builder contact an EnerGuide Rating System Service Organization for a list of certified energy advisors in your area. The energy advisor will analyze the architectural house plans and the energy efficiency of the home. The energy advisor will input this information into NRCan’s energy simulation software to calculate the estimated energy usage and EnerGuide Rating for your custom home. The energy advisor will include energy efficient upgrades to improve the energy performance of your home. Your PHW Home custom home builder will meet with the homeowner to agree on house specs and energy efficient components. When your home is constructed your custom home builder will call the energy advisor to verify the energy efficient upgrades and perform a blower door test.
When the energy advisor data is complete the evaluation report for the EnerGuide rating will be placed on your electrical panel.
Although there are many people that are already very much familiar with the effective ways to save energy consumption, oftentimes, they’re still hit with a real time bill shock when winter months strike.
Are you looking for effective solutions to dramatically cut down your electricity consumption quarterly? What matters most is that you have home that does not bring any harm to the environment while helping you save more money as your energy consumption would also decrease.
Now that we are already in the 21st century where modern technology has invaded and influenced almost every single aspect in our lives, saving energy can be quite a daunting task.
As a matter of fact, you will discover that various ways of saving home energy simply involve having to change some mindless behaviors and habits, yet the cost definitely nothing to do. Some may say that gardening requires a lot of water and this is the main reason why there are people who are trying to look for ways on how to conserve it.
As the world becomes more advance, the more issues also contributes to contaminating people’s supply of quality water. But if you’ve been there, done that, check out these four easy-to-make blogger projects. Although she made the rack inside a built-in wall unit, you can customize the design for a cabinet or even a closet.
The system pumps ice water through copper tubing that’s wrapped around the face of fan. We can customize poster size, poster medium, language, branding, finishing such as lamination or framing and do completely custom designs.
Let’s face it custom homes on average are more expensive than your average tract housing, why not incorporate as many energy saving options as possible? CanPHI has since trained over 500 Canadian builders, architects, engineers, tradespeople, planners and homeowners in Passive House design and construction.
Bennett told reporters in Victoria, but he maintained they are being kept “at the lowest level possible.” While rates are not rising as fast as predicted – a leaked Hydro document suggested they could rise by 26 per cent over two years – the average household will pay almost $14 per month more by April, 2015.

South facing glazing windows should be incorporated into the design of custom homes before construction begins.
Custom home designers should use more than the minimum home insulation required by the building code in your province to attain the maximum complete insulation coverage in your home. Educating yourself on insulation properties, thermal windows, solar panels and energy efficient appliances will make your initial consultations with your custom home builder more productive in terms of getting what you want before construction begins.
Then read on and discover an energy saving tip that make you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.
People are now very much attached to use gadgets and appliances which have truly made our lives much easier but come with a higher cost.
Then again, there are several home improvements with a low upfront cost; however, the month-to-month energy savings money is making them worth implementing. That’s roughly the same amount of electricity consumed annually by the state of Massachusetts. Working with a custom home builder that understands your needs to save energy is the first step in this energy saving process.
Having an experienced custom home builder from the onset will eliminate a lot of headaches while saving your chequing account balance.
By changing your present light bulbs with power saving bulbs you will be able to save lots of money than you could possibly imagine.
Huge energy bills and global warming are just some of the side effects of our negligence in the consumption of energy. We can also print your posters on 18"" X 24"", 24"" x 36"", 8.5"" x 11"" and completely custom sizes. These languages include French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and a number of asian and middle eastern written languages. Enlisting an architect to create a small energy efficient home can reduce construction costs and save you thousands of dollars in energy expenditures for decades to come. The R-value is used to rate the energy efficiency of insulation in the attic, behind walls and beneath the floorboards. A new custom house should aim for a rating of 80 or higher if they want to save on heating and energy costs. Make sure you know how certain energy saving options will offset future housing costs down the road.
One of the benefits of a custom home is designing your dream property from the ground up without sacrificing style and functionality. We can also print on other thicknesses and colors of paper, vinyl decals, paper decals, signs, vinyl banners and a variety of other materials. The energy savings of the windows in your new home will also be dependent on where the east and west windows are situated. These can be as simple as modifying a stock design with differnet colors or arrangement or starting from scratch on a new design to your specification.

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