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As well as the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes, Scottish residents can also apply for interest-free loans of up to ?10,000 to aid homeowners in installing renewable technologies. The energy performance of your property will determine how much you spend on fuel to heat your home.
Green Energy Scotland Limited is a Scotland based fastest growing green deal assessor organization. Whatever be the size of your home or workplace, everyone looks for ways to attain the maximum level of energy efficiency.
Nobody can withstand the extreme winters or breezy days; everybody likes to relax in a nice warm home.
The nations all around including Scotland are facing a dire need of using renewable sources today. We’re always trying to cut back on things, money, time, resources, and now the much talked about “Green Deal” in UK is prompting us to become thrifty for greener lives. Head Office AddressClyde Offices, 2nd Floor, 48 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1BP, Scotland. We want to thank you for contacting us through our website and let you know we have received your information. Scotland is leading the UK in promoting green power, including a determined focus on helping more households to install renewable energy systems. While the rest of the UK has to wait until 2012 for the introduction of the much talked about , Scots are already benefitting from loans of up to ?2,000 for a range of renewable heat and electricity generating technologies. As a further incentive, those installing renewable energy will be able to sell any excess energy they make back into the National Grid using the existing UK-wide ‘Feed-in Tariff’ scheme. And in a bid to further reduce the barriers to the uptake of green energy, planning restrictions for installing renewable energy systems will also be reviewed in Scotland.
As part of its green energy plans, the Scottish Government also increased its renewable electricity targets in 2007 and 2010.

Scotland’s Climate Change Act of 2010 also put the country at the forefront of green energy.
Capacity for renewable electricity generation has already overtaken nuclear power in Scotland, and electricity energy suppliers there are now obliged to provide an increasing amount of their electricity from renewable sources. Scotland is lucky, as it has a long-standing hydro power resource plus great scope for onshore and offshore wind farm developments, wave power and tidal energy. If you live in Scotland, and want to apply for a renewable energy loan, call the Energy Saving Scotland advice centre on 0800 512 012.
About Green AbodeGreen Abode is about sharing green ideas, saving you money, eco friendly product reviews & deals. Warmer Homes Scotland - Warmer Homes Scotland helps vulnerable people make their homes warmer with energy saving measures.
Renewable Loans Scheme - Interest-free loans for installing domestic renewable energy technology. Feed In Tariffs - Support for installing renewable technology and contributing to the National Grid. Renewable Heat Incentive - Financial support for seven years to subsidise the costs of installing renewable technologies in your home.
Greener Scotland is your one-stop website for greener living, provided by the Scottish Government.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We just wanted to let you know so that you can switch cookies off in your browser if you prefer. Loans for renewable heat technologies like Solar Thermal panels can be up to ?10,000 and up to ?2,000 for electricity-generating renewables like Solar PV. The criteria includes receiving a quote for the installation of a product, both of which should be MCS-certified, and an energy report on the property.

However, heating is the biggest expense for households across Scotland that accounts for a major part of their annual bills. Hence, the renewable technology is being utilized more frequently with all the possible means including domestic installations and large scale projects such as hydroelectric plants and wind farms, both on a micro and macro level. The Scottish Government has already ploughed ?500,000 into interest-free loans available to help householders install renewable energy systems, and is also rolling out a raft of other eco friendly initiatives.
This means that green technology like heat pumps, biomass boilers, micro wind turbines and solar panels are likely to become a more and more common sight north of the border. Renewable sources are planned to generate 80 per cent of Scotland’s annual electricity consumption by 2020, with a shorter-term target of 31 per cent in 2011.
It set a target of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, with a world-leading short-term target of a 42% cut by 2020. It’s clear, however, that bold measures like the interest-free renewables loans and challenging emissions targets mean Scotland not only has the means, but also the political will to really push green energy.
We are a team of experienced and skilled green deal assessors who can provide best energy saving advice of your home. By using energy more efficiently, one can lower their energy bills, minimize their dependability on external energy suppliers and help protect the environment.
As such, a combination of new high-efficiency heating systems and conservation efforts can help in lowering your energy consumption. Renewables sources are also hoped to provide 11 per cent of Scotland’s heat demand by 2020. We provide quality assured work under the guidelines issued by Green Deal code and are authorized under GDAA (Green Deal Advisor Association).

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