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Due to popular demand the HEEPS: Cashback scheme has reached funding capacity and has now closed.
You can claim a rebate under the HEEPS: Cashback scheme for the measures listed below, as long as they are recommended in your pre-installation Green Deal Advice Report under the "Recommendations for improvement" list, which appears on the Energy Performance Certificate portion of the report.
Use the Green Deal company search tool to find an assessor to carry out your Green Deal Advice Report, or call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282. Funding for solid wall insulation (external and internal) has been exhausted and we are no longer able to issue vouchers for this measure.
If you are unsure whether the measure you want to install is eligible, or for information about other funding options for solid wall insulation, please call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282. By continuing without changing your settings we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies from our site.
Glendevon Energy have been installing energy effecient and renewable energy projects since 2005. Our in house installers bring technical knowledge and practical experience to installations, servicing and aftercare, trouble shooting biomass and heat pump systems across Scotland. Education Scotland is the national body in Scotland for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching. By PAUL YOUNGER Scotland has become the first part of the UK to stop burning coal to supply electricity following the closure of Longannet, its largest power station, on March 24.
Winter is a time where we all want to be more aware of ways to save money and energy for our bills as we increase the amount of energy required to heat our homes.
Bill and Penny bumped into each other our office and while they were catching up, Bill spotted a poster in the window. Local expert Ludwig Appeltans of Earthways and guests will be teaching a full Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) over six weekends between April and August this year. The course will be set in the beautiful grounds of Newbold House, Forres, where you’ll carry out a group design as well as benefit from teaching on a huge range of topics. Here at REAP we’re a big fan of Permaculture – based on sound ethics and learning from nature, you can design and implement sustainable and productive environments that yield you lots and for the minimum amount of work. It looks like great value; full information can be found on the website here and the Facebook page is here.
I (Barney Thompson, REAP staff) learnt so much fascinating stuff and really developed my design skills (and the way I look at the world) on my PDC. For more information, contact Keith Library on 01542 882223 or Cullen library on 01542 841140. Fancy a compost bin at subsidised prices (cheaper than all the shops) and some free in-person advice on composting and how to make it work for you? This is offer is open to Elgin residents only, as part of the Grow Elgin project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund. Donate to REAPIf you've found REAP's work useful, helpful or fun, please consider making a donation so others can benefit. A new bill has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament that could see the country adopt a new levy and divorce itself from the UK Landfill Tax. Finance secretary John Swinney introduced the Landfill Tax (Scotland) Bill which is also designed to tackle illegal waste disposal and bring benefits to community and environmental groups.
The Bill also introduces a Scottish communities fund that will support environmental organisations and provide assistance to communities living close to landfills. Swinney said the move will “better reflect Scottish values and Scottish circumstances” and added: “I am eager to use this opportunity to ensure that landfill tax, environmental protection legislation, regulation and compliance regimes are all aligned and working in the best interests of our environment and our economy.

James Curran, chief executive of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, which would collect the levy, commented: “The Scottish Landfill Tax will encourage waste minimisation and support the development of alternative waste technologies and re-using waste as a resource. The policy would be a major change to the current UK tax system, which only taxes legal activities. Last week a new billionaires club strode into COP21 in Paris promising big money for 'clean energy': the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. Perhaps the Breakthrough Billionaires Club will yet come to the realization that from a clean energy generation perspective we have already broken through.
Gates unveiled his Breakthrough Energy Coalition at the start of the COP21 climate talks in Paris with much fanfare but few details, including the size of the financial commitment. My suspicions were triggered not only by Gates' already public commitment to nuclear energy research, but by the name selected for this collection of 28 of the world's richest people (mainly men). The Breakthrough Institute, after all, is the name of the pseudo-green nuclear energy front group whose people promoted and starred in the 2013 nuclear power propaganda film, Pandora's Promise. At first glance, the mission of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, whose collective wealth is $350 billion, sounds reasonable enough, even if it takes a while to get ones head around that kind of disposable income. Gates is already squandering part of his wealth on Terra Power LLC, a nuclear design and engineering company seeking an elusive, expensive and futile so-called Generation IV traveling wave reactor that can never deliver electricity in time. Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson, publicly touts nuclear energy and put his name on Pandora's Promise as executive producer. Chris Hohn's TCI hedge fund invested in J-Power, a Japanese utility company whose assets included nuclear power stations. Vinod Khosla loves nuclear power and is on record blaming environmentalists rather than nuclear energy's obviously disastrous economics, for its failure. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma of Alibaba, was recently brought onto British Prime Minister David Cameron's Business Advisory Group, probably not coincidentally one day before a state visit by the Chinese president to seal a deal involving China's investment in the UK's planned Hinkley-C nuclear power plant. Ratan Tata's eponymous corporation leapt at the chance of investing in nuclear energy in India with the passage of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty-violating US-India deal. Others in the group have less obvious connections with energy or climate change and there is one clear nuclear opponent in Japan's Masayoshi Son, founder, chairman and CeO of SoftBank Group Corp., whose epiphany after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster prompted him to become an outspoken critic of nuclear power and an advocate for renewable energy. So perhaps the Breakthrough Billionaires Club will yet come to the realization that from a clean energy generation perspective we have already broken through. The Breakthrough Energy Coalition must tear itself away from the fascination of tinkering in a laboratory and instead do something real, practical and hands-on with their money. A tennis coach I used to know would tell his team after a loss that "breakdowns come before breakthroughs." We've caused the climate breakdown and we've made the energy breakthroughs. We are no longer accepting applications for this scheme.  Any applicants who have been issued a voucher but not yet claimed their funds must now do so by the expiry date on their voucher. However, if you wish to disable them entirely, you just need to disable cookies in your web browser. Is it justified to pay such a high premium for low carbon electricity which is reliable and does not depend on the weather? We had a great time and now there will be fruit trees and herbs for years to come for everyone. It’s a thing that millions o fowk aa ower the yird use tae save an borrae an help ane anither oot. Ye jist sign up and then ye’ve got an accoont for straichtforrit savins, an aifter that ye can apply for simple, affoordable loans.
Mind, the credit union is in business tae get fowk haein savins and loans, nae tae pey muckle bonuses.

You’ll come out with so many great ideas for designing your garden, allotment, community project or anything in life!
I would wholeheartedly recommend studying one to anyone and also would certainly recommend Ludwig as a great person to take you on the journey. The talk will be hosted by Keith Library on 10th February from 3-4pm and delivered by our Dorothy, and on 18th February from 7-8pm in Cullen library by Ann.
If passed, it will help combat unauthorised dumping and encourage proper disposal and recycling. It will also help create a level playing field for operators by tackling the problem of illegal waste dumping. But most of its members are nuclear obsessives, writes Linda Pentz Gunter, from Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson.
But so far the Breakthrough Institute is lying low on the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, although I suspect not for long.
The investors aim to provide "early-stage capital for technologies that offer promise in bringing affordable clean energy to billions of people, especially in the developing world." All quite noble. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, is betting his money on the perpetually 40 years away nuclear fusion dream, which, even if it were ever to work, will be far too expensive to apply to developing countries.
In 2008, the Japanese government barred TCI from increasing its stake in J-Power and the hedge fund withdrew.
And a paper by Bill Gates setting out research priorities lists 'solar paint', 'solar chemical' and flow batteries, with no mention of nuclear power. The innovations needed are not in abstract research but into deployment; and into enabling technologies led by low cost electricity storage and conversion into fuels.
However, the group's assertion that "the foundation of this program must be large funding commitments for basic and applied research", does not provide much reason for optimism. Whether you are looking for an air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, biomass boiler or energy effecient CHP systems, Glendevon Energy will ensure that you have the right product for the right job. Then visit the Downloads page for the job description and application for a Grow Elgin project working, delivering food growing, composting and cooking work on a fixed term contract until March 2017.
There’s a lot o volunteers helpin rin fit they caa the collection pynts an onie profits gae back intae the business tae gie savers a wee divvie at the eyn o the year. And what the the world needs is not 'patient investment' into nuclear research, but impatient investment into renewables deployment.
That’s aboot 1% a month, an gin ye’ve a bittie spare ae month, ye can pey it aff, nae penalties.
The chump change of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition members could, on a massive scale, deploy wind, solar and geothermal energy, technologies that are not waiting to be invented. A review of Coalition members yields a mixed bag full of red flags proudly flying the radiation symbol.
It’s chalk and cheese compared wi yer peyday lenders – jist look at that poster in the windae.

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