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Valcent have developed the Verticrop system in order to create a farming method to increase farmer’s margins on crops and diminish the carbon footprint of traditional farming. The system works by rack-mounting growing trays on a closed loop overhead conveyor, not dissimilar to those found in heavy industry, the plants are then transported on this conveyor to dedicated areas where the watering and precisely-determined nutrition fogging areas are. This leads to a low environmental impact and also savings on labour as the watering and feeding of the crops are automated. Affordable and easy measures will save you electricity and money throughout the cool winter and fall months. If you have not currently, do an energy assessment to determine which you could save probably the most, and think about creating a bigger investment for long-term electricity savings.
More and more people are trying to be conscious of the environment but in these tough economic times they are also looking to cut down on their energy bills. If you manage to save money in this or any other way it’s important to put it into a good savings account. Traditional bulbs, which produce light from a filament, are being phased out and from September 2011 it became illegal to produce or import 60 watt and above incandescent bulbs across the EU. The glass tube is filled with mercury gas, which produces an invisible ultra-violet light as electricity passes through when the light switch is turned on. The most standard traditional light bulbs are 60 or 100 watt, which refers to the energy they consume in an hour.
And by replacing filament bulbs in spotlighting systems, for example, this power saving is magnified as these systems consume a particularly high level of electricity due to the number of bulbs used. A filament bulb is very inefficient and only converts around 10% of the electricity it uses into light.

An energy-saving alternative is far more efficient and it’s this feature that will save you a significant amount of money over time.
While you can expect to pay more to buy an energy-saving light bulb, this cost is outweighed by its lifespan, which is another significant advantage it holds over its incandescent counterpart. So the financial advantages are obvious, but how do energy-saving bulbs benefit the environment?
Tags:If you enjoyed this post, click tags below to show posts on similar topics, or why not add a comment? Don’t forget that other forms of direct replacement low energy lighting are now more readily available. As a teenager I rarely suffered with spots, while my poor brother was in agony with acne most of his teens and twenties.
With the plastic carrier bag tax in full swing here in England, I’ve been thinking about recycling recently.
This range of Hi speed Electric salamander grills, will save upto 70% on energy consumption.
Traditional farming methods lead to pollution from long-distance transport of crops to the consumer, wastage of water, use of pesticides and even the introduction of alien insect species to protect the crops. Nowadays, with the high cost of fuel, electricity and land, farmers are increasingly feeling the pinch and losing profits to this rise in operating costs. Several of the tips listed here are free and could be applied to an every day basis to boost your savings; others can be affordable and easy actions to take to make sure optimum savings throughout the winter.
It is effectively a mini fluorescent lamp and works in the same way as long tube bulbs commonly seen in offices and schools. This then lights a phosphoric coating on the bulb’s glass case and emits the visible light we can see.

Compare them to the standard energy-saving bulbs, which will use nine or 11 watts and you see a substantial difference. By switching one filament bulb for a low-energy alternative, you’ll save an estimated ?3 per year. Light bulbs produce carbon dioxide when they use electricity, so it follows that energy-saving light bulbs produce less and are therefore better for the environment. I believe it’s well worth it and I love doing my part for the environment that benefits us all. Also, the Valcent Verticrop solution allows farming to take place in urban settings by capitalizing on the use of smaller locations by growing crops on vertical racks. Installing this ingenious system would allow farmers to maximize their output whilst significantly reducing their costs by saving energy and would also create a new market for those interested in urban farming. By replacing all traditional bulbs, a household can expect to spend around ?50 less on their electricity bill in a year. Unlike gas grills the extraction system does not have to be running as no gas fumes are being generated, agian saving on energy costs.
This allows potential buyers to install the solution in warehouses or even smaller facilities. LED are still rather expensive (as of 2012) but are even more efficient than the compact fluorescent light (CFL) and last twice as long as even CFLs.

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