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As you celebrate Earth Day this year, if one of your goals is to increase your home’s energy efficiency as much as possible, there are easy things you can do that won’t break the bank. Your heating and cooling ducts move air from your heating and cooling system throughout your home. I know that Earth Day was in April, but I’m a firm believer that we should all do our part to help the environment no matter what the day or month. LED bulbs last so much longer than regular incandescent bulbs, you’ll replace them much less often. GE LED Energy Smart Light Bulbs are also constructed with no mercury, lead, and glass, which is great news for the environment. After seeing the savings and potential to help our environment, I was more than convinced to make the switch to LED lighting. I bought my LED bulbs from Walmart and set out to replace the bulbs throughout my living room, entry way, dining room, and family room. In the summer, raise your thermostat’s temperature by 2 degrees, and lower it by the same in the winter.
For more information on GE Lighting and GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs, like GE Lighting on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Get Your FREE Special Report “21 Easy Ways to Find More Time!”and receive a BONUS e-zine “Take Back Control of Your Life & Family” to jumpstart your new and improved life! You are invited to receive my special report, “21 Easy Ways to Find More Time!” and you will also receivea BONUS e-zine, Take Back Control of Your Life & Family. With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, I wanted to share some easy to apply tips that most of us can incorporate into our daily lives.
Instead of buying new, check to see if you already have a substitute you can use, or try to live without it altogether.  Think “less is more”.
If you have a Best Buy store nearby, check to see if they are participating in the Best Buy Electronics Recycling Program.
Appliances: Select energy saving appliances over an appliance that may cost less, but will end up being more costly to run. Jacquie Ross is a professional organizer, a Certified Life and Family Coach and award winning owner of CastAway the Clutter!
This entry was posted in Green Living and tagged buy smart, e-cycle, earth day, earth day 2012, Earth Day Tips to Help Save the Environment, ecycle, environment tips, life tips, recycling tips, reduce your carbon footprint, reuse and recycle, Save Money, save the earth, Save the Planet, saving energy, use less water. Thanks for the tips, we already watch our water and electricity usage have not looked into e-cycling yet Next on the list! Earth Day is observed by over one billion people with activities and knowledge sharing globally, making it the largest civil observance in the world.
We are proud to employ our own Energy Management Team at Great Annual Savings Group, who specialise in helping other businesses reduce their carbon footprint and save money, as well as keeping us at the forefront on our own usage. We hope you make a pledge to reduce your energy use this #Earthday and contribute to the global movement to take action. In honor of this year’s Earth Day theme: “A Billion Acts of Green,” ACEEE suggests six energy-saving tips that will not only help consumers create less pollution, but also help them save money. Cut down on “vampire” loads: All those gadgets and electronics in our homes use a significant amount of energy — even when we're not using them.

To learn about more energy efficiency recommendations, including more tips to reduce summer cooling costs, see our Consumer Guide for Home Energy Savings. Empty your car: During the summer many drivers end up using their car as a storage space for sports equipment, chairs and blankets for the beach, camping equipment, and other items that aren’t used daily.
Change the oil: In addition to making your car or truck last longer, replacing the oil and oil filter regularly will also help fuel economy.
To learn more driving tips, and which cars are rated best for the environment, go to for more information. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, acts as a catalyst to advance energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments, and behaviors. All site imagery and iconography content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. Today is Earth Day, but every day we make hundreds of choices that impact our environment and savings.
Clean the coils on the back of your refrigerator and keep you refrigerator and freezer full if you can.
Consider using your large appliances during off-peak hours (typically between 9pm and 7am). In the winter, open your blinds and shades to let valuable sun rays into the home; in warmer months, close the drapes and blinds when the sun is out (consider investing in solar drapes and blinds).
Schedule an energy audit with a qualified professional to detect energy leaks and inefficiencies in the home.
Inspect your thermostat and make sure it is not near any heat sources, such as sunlight, lamps, or heat-producing appliances. Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electrical provides residential and commercial service and repair throughout Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama. With our mantra, “Happy You’ll Be or the Service is Free!” we are dedicated to resolving any issue with our services within 48 hours, or your money back! While purchasing the most energy efficient system as possible is a great way to go, there are simple, economical ways you can start immediately with the equipment you have.
At a minimum, change them out before each season to prepare for the new elements that will be coming your way.
If tiny cracks, breaks or other fractures occur around the joints, it can allow air to escape from its designed path.
With many wondering what steps they can take to lessen their environmental impact, energy efficiency measures represent an often easy, immediate, and cost-effective way to take action. Half the energy translates into half the heat steaming up your kitchen, a major plus in the hot summer months. Switching to a typical set of replacement tires lowers a vehicle's fuel economy as much as 4 percent. We believe that the United States can harness the full potential of energy efficiency to achieve greater economic prosperity, energy security, and environmental protection for all its people. We all share the responsibility for respecting the Earth and choosing healthy and sustainable options that reduce our impact on the environment. Food retains cold better than air, but be careful not to overstuff your refrigerator since airflow is necessary for proper cooling and humidification.

Consider using your microwave and toaster oven to heat up food since it will reduce your energy consumption by about 70% compared with your full-sized oven.
In the winter, you can reverse the direction of the blades to push warm air near the ceiling down into the living spaces. This will create a false temperature measurement, causing your air conditioner to run longer than it should. Additionally, install rubber foam gaskets behind all of your electrical outlets, door sweeps on your exterior doors, and weatherstripping around doors and windows. A dirty air filter isn’t as efficient as possible, and will cause your system to work harder to do the same job. Regular check ups can help a technician find small problems before they turn into large repairs. Over and over again, this can cause your equipment to run a lot more than necessary to provide a comfortable environment.
Set up the thermostat so that your house is allowed to get a bit warmer when you're away for more than a couple hours — your pets will be fine at a slightly warmer temperature. Ask the service station if it recycles used oil, or if you do it yourself, take your old oil to someplace that does recycle.
If you do use your oven, turn it off about 15 minutes before your timer runs up; your food will continue to heat up. If you have an outdoor heat pump or condenser unit, make sure that it is free and clear of debris. Programmable thermostats allow you to regulate the temperature according to your schedule, and give you the perfect temperature throughout your day. I filled out the calculator for our home (after counting the number of light bulbs in our house), and was amazed at the results.
You can put certain electronics (say, your TV or DVR) on timers so that they're only drawing energy during the hours of the day you'd normally use them.
For example, two recipes that require temperatures of 350 and 400 degrees probably don't need to be baked separately; a temperature of 375 should work for cooking both of them at the same time. You can do this every time you leave the house, or automate the process by swapping your old thermostat for a programmable one. Most major tire manufacturers now produce LRR models, so when it comes time to replace your tires, seek out a set of LRRs. If you do choose to install your own ceiling fans, they will work most effectively if places 7-9 feet from the floor and 10-12 inches below the ceiling.
There should be a minimum 24-inch clearance around the entire unit, so remove anything in the way and trim back plants and shrubbery. Luckily, there are a few simple things that you can do each day to help reduce energy use, and thanks to LED Power from GE LED Energy Smart lightbulbs and Walmart, it’s even easier! Some utilities offer thermostats that can be controlled remotely from the Internet, allowing you control over your home’s temperature from the office.

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