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The International Window Film Association (IWFA), a nonprofit group of leading manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, created National Window Film Day to help raise awareness of the many benefits of window film.
From California to Cairo, LED (Light-Emitting Diode) street lights are becoming the norm and resulting in money and energy savings. Imagine if you could come up with an innovative idea to help stop climate change – and get paid $10,000 for it? Made of reflective paint, tiles, or shingles, a cool roof can stay more than 30 percent cooler than a standard dark roof by reflecting more sunlight and absorbing less heat. If you’re considering tinting your car windows, you probably know about some of the many benefits, such as reduction of heat and glare.
The largest economies in the world – a total of 16 nations – were ranked for their energy efficiency by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). Like other common misconceptions about window film, many people think it’s harmful to house plants. If you’re passionate about conserving energy and protecting our planet, one way you can help is by teaching the younger generation about energy conservation. Referred to as “the largest livestock manure-to-energy project of its kind,” Roeslein Alternative Energy will begin producing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) this summer from nine Smithfield Foods’ hog farms in Missouri.
Celebrate National Window Film Day on April 30 Apr 29, 2016 Solar Lights Hit the Streets Apr 19, 2016 Crowdsourcing Climate Change Apr 5, 2016 Wonders of Recycling: Plastic-Bottle Homes Apr 1, 2016 Cool Roofs Mar 22, 2016 Have It Made in the Shade: Shopping Tips for Auto Tint Mar 18, 2016 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard Mar 8, 2016 Did You Know That Window Film Helps House Plants? To help you save on the energy costs related to festive holiday decor this December, we’ve compiled a handful of holiday energy savings tips. According to Energy Saver, by switching to brighter, safer, and more eco-friendly ENERGY STAR® qualified LED light strands, you’ll wind up using 70% less energy than with traditional bulbs. The Consumer Energy Center of the California Energy Commission suggests resisting the urge to open the oven door when cooking.
A thorough air duct cleaning can yield long-term energy savings, not just around the holidays. Subscribe to our blogEnter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Today it is rare that you come across a company that creates an instant and lasting impression, keeps their commitments, and repeatedly goes out of their way to make the customer their number one priority.
Save Energy,Electric Universe CA Your browser is obsolete and does not support this webpage. Project Energy Savers is excited to introduce energy saving tips playing cards that will help your clients conserve energy, save money, and have fun too! Project Energy SaversPurveyors of high quality education and outreach materials since 2002.
Now, to his defense he does have 2 kids ( I have none) and his house is twice as big.  But as I told him that should mean at most a doubling of bills in comparison, not 5 times! In speaking with him, it sounds like his biggest energy savings can be realized from actually programming the thermostat!  He mentioned that the thermostats are not programmed and when they go to bed (upstairs) the downstairs thermostat still cools the downstairs.  I told him he was basically just paying the power company money to cool a space nobody is in.  This is truly wasted energy!

Finally, I mentioned he should pick up Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America by Thomas Friedman to understand where the future of clean tech is going. For more information or to request a home energy audit, call Centennial Utilities at 763-784-6751. The information on this web site is intended, but not promised or guaranteed, to be correct or complete. In order for global warming to not get out of control, until 2050, carbon dioxide emissions should be reduced by 50%.
A simple calculation shows that for what consume one person in life, you need to burn 285 tons of coal (and hence result in other tones of CO2). If we disconnect computers from home when are not in use, we reduce their impact in terms of CO2 by 50%. Electronics (TV, internet connection, radio, mobile phone charger) consume energy even when are not in use. 18 to 20 degrees Celsius is sufficient for a healthy environment in the house – may be even lower temperature in unused rooms and bedrooms.
So it’s good to know that there are now initiatives around the world that are building houses out of plastic water bottles.
AdvantaClean franchise owners make every home and business a healthier place to live and work by combining essential services like water damage recovery, mold removal, duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. In addition, your refrigerator and freezer can account for as much as 15% of your home’s total energy usage. For more information on holiday energy saving tips, check out our other post, Commercial Building Energy Savings. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
Each number card in this special deck contains an informative tip for saving energy in the home. First look for sections that should be joined but have separated, and then look for obvious holes. A state-certified auditor will conduct the audit and provide recommendations and an analysis of your energy bill. Because of potential unauthorized access to the site, data transmission errors, variation in browsers, changes to source material since last update to web site and factors beyond the control of Centennial Utilities  the information in this web site should not be deemed reliable for legal purposes, solicitation or a source of advertising.
Solar, wind and geothermal energy can respond to energy needs of the people, but not enough. Keep warm by using flannel sheets and a heavier blanket so you can turn down the thermostat at night and let your body generate heat under the covers.
They compare air duct maintenance to changing the oil in your car: when your components are loaded up with debris, the system has to work harder but when you remove the debris, you get energy consumption savings. They must be completed by responsible behavior of people – most economical and efficient.

Since 2010, according to EU regulations for new electronics will be allowed only consuming of 1 W, which would lead to an annual consumption of 8.5 kW.
Cleaning your air ducts can also help prevent seasonal allergens, like the ones from your tree, from getting trapped and recirculated throughout your HVAC system. For example, if you heat your house with a heat pump, do not close the vents—closing the vents could harm the heat pump. Safe duct repairs require a licensed heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning contractor. Therefore, each of us can contribute to slowing climate change which we are increasingly cautioned. This considering that in 2000, in the 15 EU countries, due to the standby system, have been lost a total of 94 billion kW (consumption equivalent of 12 plants based on nuclear power plants or coal).
When summer comes, it brings with it heat and , and the hotter we get – the more electricity we use.
And even the smallest changes in our habits can be accumulate to significantly reduce of carbon dioxide emissions. With each degree that you dropped in your room, save six percent of energy consumed for home.
Just think about it – air conditioning, ventilators,Simple ways to shrink your electric bill You must have noticed it: In summer, the electricity you use keeps increasing and the bills keep piling up. Any of us could reduce energy consumption by at least 25% just by purchasing energy efficient appliances.
The new generation of appliances with low power consumption, lower consumption rate by 50% (class A +, A + +).
Many people tend to light several rooms in the house without turning the light off when they leave. But you have no idea how much energy (and money) you can save by doing this simple action of turning the light off just before you go. Yes, even if you plan to come back to the nursery in an hour.Another Our Electrician Panorama City can recommend  you so you can save energy, is to keep the natural coolness of the house inside by shutting of the blinds as much as possible.
Actually, this was the traditional way to keep the houses cool in the Middle East. Saving energy without compromising comfortOf course, we don’t expect you to sit and sweat all day just to save energy.
If you clean it about once a month, your device will run much longer and more efficiently, so that it will cool better with less energy used.Did you know that lighting equipment causes heat?

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