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This applies to both keeping it clean and making sure all the pumps and filters are working properly.
You will save on energy costs if you run the pump and filter systems at off-peak hours when energy costs go down and there is less strain on the power grid. If you are installing a pool and worried about energy costs, you will want to consider pool placement.
Artistic Pools is an award-winning Chattanooga and Atlanta pool builder specializing in custom pool construction, swimming pool renovation and remodeling, outdoor living services and commercial pool construction. For more tips on pool design trends, outdoor living, backyard fun and pool maintenance, subscribe to our blog and visit us on Facebook. As an A&A Manufacturing dealer, Artistic Pools is proud to bring you the most innovative pool solutions on the market, including the A&A In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System. The filter system in a pool does the majority of the work involved with keeping the water clean while chemistry plays a role by fine-tuning the process. Artistic Pools has been selected as the best swimming pool contractor in Metro Atlanta for the last thirteen consecutive years.
Custom swimming pools designed and built by Artistic Pools have been featured on the Home Garden Television Network (HGTV). Artistic Pools has been recognized for the our high standards of quality and excellence in our pool designs by Luxury Pools magazine. This year, do yourself a favor: Reduce your energy bill while spring cleaning by getting creative expanding your cleaning to include your electrical related needs. Did you know most fans have a switch that allows you to run your ceiling fan clockwise or counter clockwise? According to Electrical Contacts—IEEE Holm Conference, dust contamination can caue current disruption in electrical contacts.
In order to eliminate dust, grime and dirt on or around your power outlets, first turn off the power then unscrew the power plate covers and use an all purpose cleaner with a Q-Tip to remove any excess grease, dust or dirt.
I am an organic farmer living on my homestead in Vermont, and I love sharing my work with you. With rising concern for the environment, combined with increasing energy bills, it has become necessary to look for energy savings tips for your house.
Lighting: Manufacturers have come up with energy saving bulbs that help in reducing the expenses on light bills by more than 50%. Laundry: Another exciting energy savings tips for your house is by taking care of the laundry.

Luckily, if you have a pool you can cool off on those sweltering hot days in Atlanta and save money on those soaring energy costs by following these energy saving tips for your pool. Leaves and other debris, like lawn clippings, can clog filters causing them to work harder and use more energy to get the job done. Place the pool in an area that gets a lot of sun to allow the sun to naturally heat the pool. Voted Atlanta's Best Pool Builder 13 years in a row, Artistic Pools' design and customer service are second to none. For pool design inspiration, browse our website galleries, visit our Houzz page or subscribe to our YouTube channel. This state-of-the-art system uses patented technology to deliver energy savings and automated efficiency that no other system can.
If you want to save on your electricity bill, then here are some tips that will come in handy while you’re spring cleaning your homestead.
Not only do you have to be prepared from spring allergies but you also have to do your cleaning. Avoid this problem by keeping a tidy home, and purchasing air purifiers to remove contaminates from the air. By switching over this spring, you help decrease your energy use while increasing your savings. Riley's the name, and I am Homesteader in Chief of Pioneer Settler, where we are getting back to our roots one blog post at a time.
With some simple tips, it is possible to reduce the energy amount that is used in the home. Incandescent light bulbs, CFLs, are better avoided, in particular with the advent of more efficient LED light bulbs.
By taking care of them in a proper way, it is possible to save on cooling and heating bills.
It is better to have the laundry done by line drying, instead of utilizing a tumbler dryer.
Available in 31 languages the DVD - offers energy Energy Conservation - More Energy Conservation TipsEnergy Conservation tips - Energy conversation can save you money. If you can, locate the pool in an area that is out of the wind, which will cool the water and make it less comfortable. From gunite swimming pools and custom water features to pool houses, pavilions and outdoor kitchens, our award winning designers will translate your vision into the ultimate backyard experience. To get started on your own backyard resort, contact the experienced Atlanta pool builders at (770) 458-9177.

The latter is considered to be sturdier and also free of mercury, which means it is not only energy saving but also safe for the entire family. It is said to work perfectly for those dishes, which would require slow cooking and is also appropriate for beans, vegetables, and rice.
This is a definite cost saver if you have a habit of forgetting to turn the system off after it has run the required time period. A pool cover will trap the sun’s heat in the pool and limit the amount of energy required to heat the pool. Also, be careful about plants and shade trees that will limit sun exposure and cause leaves and debris to fall into the pool which makes the cleaning and filter system work harder. By leveraging the power of Venturi technology, A&A's In-Floor System cleans and circulates your pool automatically so you can have the hassle-free pool you deserve. With everything going on, I decided that I should start to save energy and cut on my electricity bill this spring. High light wattage can cause serious damage in fixtures, ceilings, devices, walls and more. Even though it is a bit expensive, the manufacturers guarantee that it would last for a minimum of 10 years as it is less prone to damage or breakage.
The food is to be brought to the boil, and then simmered for several minutes, before being closed with a lid that is closed tightly in an insulated box.
So if you want to do the same, I’m sharing some tips that are easy enough for anyone to do. In winter, the curtains should be left open during the day for allowing the sun’s warmth inside the room and at night, have them closed to reduce the loss of heat. With some spacious drying racks, which when kept outside in the sun, is sure to help in drying the clothes without having to depend on consuming precious energy. Hayboxes can be self-made, and there are plenty of sites that provide valid information on them. These sites also provide valuable information on the various energy savings tips for your house. Pipe Insulation - Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaPipe Insulation is thermal or acoustic insulation used on pipework. In order to really save energy, you must consider the design of your home's lighting system.

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