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Take Advantage of Window Coverings A?a‚¬a€? During the winter when the sun is out, keep your blinds and curtains open so that the sun can heat the home.A‚A  At night, close them to block out the cold. These are just a few tips to help you save money on your winter utility bills and stay warm.A‚A  When the cold weather rolls in, know that with a few simple steps you will be able to preserve the heat in your home that you are ultimately paying for.
Baker Electric Solar Director of Sales & Marketing, Mark Johnson, explains the monitoring display located in the community room. Over the course of the installation, Mark Johnson, director of sales and marketing for Baker Electric Solar, met with tenants as well as residents of three other Father Joe’s permanent housing programs. The project was 100 percent funded by the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program and administered by the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE). One hundred percent of the operating cost savings realized through the MASH Track 2 funded SunPower system, go directly toward reducing the Village Place tenants’ energy bills through virtual net metering.
A “Father Joe’s Villages Goes Green” celebration marked the completion of the multipronged solar energy campaign benefiting Father Joe’s Villages’ permanent housing programs. Father Joe’s Villages is Southern California’s largest residential homeless services provider, offering interim, transitional, and permanent housing in San Diego for nearly 1,500 men, women, and children each night. The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals, businesses, municipalities and others to adopt greener practices and save energy and money through rebates, technical assistance and education. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. In order to save energy and money well at home, we need to start with some of the simple things we do.
You should always turn off your thermostat in the rooms you are not using.Turning your thermostat a degree lower saves around five percent of the energy it normally consumes.
KVAR, the kilo-volt ampere reduction device is another device that can help you save up to 10% on your electricity bill.

They say it only helps industries where much power is required, but does not work in a home environment. Our company was founded to help you save energy and help the planet, while saving money in the process. I love being outdoors, spending time with my family and helping others improve their lives by conserving energy. The installation consists of 168 roof-mounted, SunPower solar panels with six SMA Sunny Boy inverters. SunPower solar panels generate up to 50 percent more power than conventional solar panels, and estimates indicate the installation will reduce the annual energy costs 50 to 75 percent, for an average annual savings of $194 per unit. The ceremony and press conference was held on July 22 at a San Diego East Village neighborhood playground. Among the programs CCSE administers for the California Public Utilities Commission are the California Solar Initiative (CSI), including the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing Program (MASH) and the CSI?Thermal Program in the San Diego Gas & Electric service territory. With a shower you can use low flow low shower heads and also take the shower for a shorter period of time.
In spite of this, KVAR reviews show that most people are not finding it helpful towards their bills. Sign up for our exclusive e-mail newsletters and get money-saving tips right to your inbox! The 22,000 square foot Village Place multifamily complex provides 49 units of permanent housing for low-income and formerly homeless members of the community, along with an administrative and shared community space. Baker Electric Solar designs, builds and installs photovoltaic solar power systems for new and existing homes and commercial facilities across Southern California. So if yours stands at 40 degrees, then turning it a little bit lower to 39 degrees is all you need to do!

With your dish washer, instead of drying your dishes using your drying cycle, you can air dry them. When you drive at uniform speed and avoid speeding, you will save a lot on your fuel consumption. It is a device that is made to aid your existing motors work more efficiently and consume less energy.
My Mission is to live life full of adventure knowing that when it's my time, the world will be a better place because I was here and I did what I could to help others too. In addition to the benefits of saving money with the new solar system, Village Place residents participated in a number of complimentary Baker Electric Solar on-site clean energy workshops. Using handouts, posters and actual solar panel equipment, Johnson was able to use the construction process to educate Father Joe’s residents on the benefits of going green. Including the solar energy workshops and the real-time energy production monitoring display was a win for all.
The programmable thermostat will help you manage your cooling and heating systems well with care.
It’s great to know we played a role in helping Father Joe’s Villages add ‘going green’ to their 60 plus year history,” said Brian Miliate, Baker Electric Solar General Manager.

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