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Click here to navigate to Energy Star Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator! In this second article on energy saving tips we look at simple and effective ways to cut down our electric usage and save  our hard earned money whilst also being kinder to the environment.
In this day and age most households have far more high-tech gadgets and appliances than ever before and virtually all of them are run on electric or rechargeable batteries and so every watt we can save is a big help in keeping bills down. By cutting down on your energy useage you help to create a better environment for you and future generations.

This is the first in a series of energy saving articles and in this one we look at saving money on our heating bills without any impact on our lifestyle. Affordable and easy measures will save you electricity and money throughout the cool winter and fall months.
If you have not currently, do an energy assessment to determine which you could save probably the most, and think about creating a bigger investment for long-term electricity savings. Saving money is a good reason to save energy, but another good reason is because it helps to protect our environment and our future generations! Considering the young are going to be saddled with billions of debt after the global financial meltdown the least we can do is make sure they have a healthy and clean environment in which to live.

Several of the tips listed here are free and could be applied to an every day basis to boost your savings; others can be affordable and easy actions to take to make sure optimum savings throughout the winter.
On  your monthly bill you won’t notice much difference, but when you look  on an annual basis it adds up to a decent amount of money.

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