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NEW MODEL Capital Midas 205L - just introduced, 197 litres, good for the garage, 3 year warrantyCODE A?30 off refrigeration over A?400 at Coopelectrical with code AMFF30 (exp.
27 April 2016Argos Vouchers are Back!Argos have just re-introduced their famous gift voucher promotion!
I think nearly all their chest freezers will qualify for the £10 voucher so if you are planning to make a new freezer purchase take a look at their range now! 12 April 2016Cashback Deals from Appliances OnlineNot only do Appliances Online have a great range of chest freezers available for immediate delivery, but selected models Haier now have cashback - in addition to alread great prices and free delivery! Here's an interesting an inexpensive gift idea for Star Wars fans - a set of 6 ice cube trays in the shape of popular Star Wars characters! Make detailed ice replicas of Darth Vader masks, R2D2 (large and small versions), Stormtrooper, Millenium Falcon, X-Wing Fighter and Han Solo.
13 January 2016Chest Freezer Trends for 2016There have been some interesting developments in chest freezers over the last year or so - new freezers are becoming more energy efficient and user friendly.
2 December 2015New Black Freezer from CurrysChest freezers in a colour other than white are still a bit of a rarity these days, Russell Hobbs have a couple of black versions and now Currys have joined in with a version of their popular Logik L200 in black.
It has all the plus points of the white L200 including 198 litres of storage, a lockable lid, interior light and it's only £199.
16 November 2015Norfrost Makes a Comeback!Norfrost, the only UK manufacturer of chest freezers has just relaunched a new range following it's buyout by Ebac, the water cooler people.
Ebac has been making dehumidifiers and water coolers in the UK since 1972 and bought the Norfrost brand in 2013.
All models are available in silver as well as white, and all feature "Temperature Guard" to make them garage safe as well as a 5 year warranty for total peace of mind.
While Norfrost is not yet available in the mainstream retail channel we'll let you know when they are. Because of it's size, it can only offer 51 litres of usable space but as a backup freezer or for a small household then it should be ample. There are no fancy features like a lockable lid or interior light, but it does come with a 2 year warranty and a high temperature alarm if something should go wrong. Like all their other freezers it is happy to work in outbuilding and garages down to -10 degrees Celsius, has a 3 year parts and labour warranty and extra thick 7cm of insulation for lower running costs. In addition, some other models in the range have had their prices reduced, notably the giant Midas 650L which has an enormous 560 litres of space for just £419 with free delivery! 18 September 2015Russell Hobbs Likes Your Garage!The Russell Hobbs range of chest freezers currently available from Argos is happy to be situated in your garage (or similar outbuilding) because they can all work happily down to -5 degrees Celsius. In addition to some trendy black models, the RHCF200 has almost 200 litres of storage space and a great 52 hours foodsafe time (how long food can keep for in a powercut). It's a bit short on features, so there's no lockable lid or interior light, but it's the cheapest medium sized freezer that can be kept in a garage. 1 August 2015Important Updates on Keeping Freezers in a GarageBy far the most asked question, and the most amount of confusion centres around keeping a chest freezer in a garage or other unheated outbuilding. This should override claims by made retailers that a particular freezer can be used in an outbuilding, but in the small print state that the minimum temperature is 10c - this is quite high for an unheated garage in winter for example. Where that minimum temperature is 0c or lower, we consider that to be safe for most outbuilding environments. 15 July 2015Small Chest FreezersA small chest freezer can be extremely useful as a backup to your main deep freezer, or if you simply don't have the space or requirements for anything more substantial.
13 June 2015Spare Freezer BasketsChest freezer makers are notoriously stingy when it comes to providing a decent amount of baskets with their products.
18 May 2015Revealed: Annual Energy Cost for Every Chest FreezerThe ever-rising cost of electricity is always on peoples minds these days, but do you know how much each household appliance actually uses? 10 May 2015Cheap Chest FreezersMoney is tight, even for life's necessities so we've researched the market for you and found the top 6 cheap chest freezers. Older News Items Click title to viewChest Freezer Questions and AnswersWe are often being asked freezer related questions, some of which are already answered in our buyers guide or some of our other news items below. However, to help you out, here is a quick rundown of some of the most frequently asked queries - hope it helps! What are chest freezers?Think of it as a freezer on its back with the door opening at the top. Are chest freezers frost free?At the very low temperatures that these units work at, frost will inevitably build up, so no freezer is completely frost free. How much does a chest freezer cost to run?Are chest freezers energy efficient?This depends on its energy use and that depends on its size.
Which size chest freezer?Which freezer is best?This is primarily going to depend on what space you have available - they do take up quite a bit of floor space especially width wise. You can now do this easily through the website, Register my Appliance, and you'll also some useful household safety tips.
Now Russell Hobbs has added two models to it's range that have a very contemporary jet black paint finish - and they're both available from Argos right now!
We all know that many people do keep their fridges and freezers in garages and experience no problems at all - sometimes this may just be down to luck! Some manufacturers know that many people have limited indoor space and claim that their chest freezers suitable are for the garage or indeed any other type of outbuilding. There are 4 models in the range from the entry level 100 litre model to the top of the range 400 litre beast, so there is one for every purpose.
Of course, John Lewis are renowned for their superior customer service and a good example of this is the 3 year warranty supplied with all their appliances.
Although you pay a slight premium for these models over some rivals, it is not excessive and we think the extended warranty and excellent service more than makes it worthwhile! See the John Lewis Chest Freezer RangeChoosing An Energy Efficient ModelWith electricity prices at an all time high, and set to rise further in the future it makes sense to consider just how energy efficient your home appliance are. This is particularly true of refrigeration appliances like fridges and freezers which are always connected to the mains. The electricity consumption of home appliances is typically measured in Kilowatt Hours (kwh) and quoted as an annual figure: eg 200 kwh per year. This doesn't sound like a lot over a year but it's always worth looking at the energy rating of a freezer when purchasing a new model, especially large ones that can easily use 400+ units per year. Premium brands such as Bosch or Liebherr are more expensive to buy but generally have much lower energy usage mainly due to superior insulation.
Frozen liquids like ice lollies and ice cubes can cause skin damage if you handle them too quickly after removing from the freezer.
Award Winning LiebherrNot content with producing the world's first A+++ rated chest freezer, Liebherr, the German appliances to construction to industrial machinery group, has just picked up another award for their corporate promotional video - making 5 in total now!
The short film features their products in use, and desite the wide range of industries they work in, things move seemlessly along.
It's no doubt helped by the specially written musical score, which itself won an award for Best Film Music at the Jerry Goldsmith Music Festival in Spain. We realised the need for refrigeration back in prehistoric times when people would gather ice in winter and store it in cool, dark caves or insulated dugouts for when the warmer weather arrived. Luckily things have advanced a bit since then, although the basic principle of keeping items cool in an insulated container remains. You can expect to pay around £10 as an additional cost from most retailers when you request your old freezer to be disposed of. It's important to prepare for this though: make sure the old freezer is unplugged, emptied and defrosted before the delivery.
If you need to dispose of the freezer yourself, then visit this handy website: Recycle-More.
Why Buy a Chest Freezer?A chest freezer is an extremely useful appliance these days - with the cost of food rising, being able to bulk buy and store for months at a time is a real boon for hard-pressed families. A Freezer in the Garage?If you're looking for a freezer suitable for the garage, look out for models specifically designed for use in unheated outbuildings. CapacityMeasured in litres, the Net Capacity is the total usable space available for your frozen food.
NoiseMeasured in decibels (dB), this tells you how noisy the freezer is - useful if you will be keeping it indoors.

LockableA lockable lid is a useful security feature if the freezer will be kept in the garage or other outbuilding. Counterbalanced LidA counterbalanced lid means it will stay open at a set angle and won't slam shut. 4-5 year old Large Fisher and Paykel chest freezer model H360 in good second hand condition and perfect working order. Please note you will lose your question and answer privileges if your account is in debt for more than 2 weeks. To prevent your personal details being misused please do not put emails or phone numbers in questions. As you may or may not know, I’ve made it my mission this year to cut my costs of living in half in whatever way, shape and form possible. Like a school kid waiting for his exam results, I’ve been anticipating the feedback, but the wait is over and the results are in…There are some great tips here that we can all implement in our homes – brace yourself, it’s long…here we go! Be mindful about your use of lights – there is no point having a light on in an area where it is not being used.
Replace all incandescent light bulbs with energy saving CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs.
CFL’s need to be disposed of correctly as contain mercuric oxide which is hazardous, Woolworths provides bins for used CFL’s and batteries. Replace all your 46 MR16 Halogen down lighters with LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs, LED lights are costly but use up to 3, 4 or 5 Watts each, have a 2 year guarantee and last up to 30 years.
The cost varies from cheap 1W LED’s for R80 to expensive 5 or 6 W LED’s costing from R140 to R170. Install motion detectors (turns light on when someone enters a room or outside area, & off when it senses no movement in that area) Install whole house lighting controller.
Turn off power at the wall on all devices that sit in standby mode when not being used – this is also called “phantom power” & accounts for as much as 5% of your usage. Don’t place the fridge in a place that gets warm, such as next to a stove or in direct sunlight or even against a non-insulated wall that is exposed to the sun. It is more efficient to boil water in a kettle then to heat it up on the electric stove, but more efficient to heat water up on gas stove then boil in kettle.
Use cooking utensils of appropriate size per plate, with flat bottoms & tight fitting lids.
As I said before – I have excluded some appliances as their consumption is minimal, these are– tumble dryer, sound system, oil heater, sewing machine, phone chargers, cordless drill, garage door motor and your hair dryer, as these appliances came out to use less than 1% of your total consumption.
Your hydroponic pump, drill and vacuum cleaner are each using only 1% of your total consumption. Your tools use a small amount of your overall power consumption, with the cordless drill using minimal power whilst charging but the regular drill uses only 1% of power. Trickle Saver is easy to install and provides simple automation to reduce wasteful standby power consumption. As you already have a Solar geyser, your electrical consumption for heating hot water is zero!
Low-flow shower heads manage to use less water than older shower heads by restricting the flow of the water while maintaining the water pressure at approximately 80 psi. Many low-flow shower heads also come with a shut-off valve (pushing a button activates the valve) to enable the consumer to save even more water by stopping the flow while soaping or shaving.Consumers favor the aerating, low-flow shower heads, mainly because these shower heads provide a full, even spray when turned on.
Insulate above the ceiling, under the floor or even inside the walls – to keep cool in summer, warm in winter and to save energy.
I recommend Eco-Insulation for ‘green’ insulation. To close gaps in windows or doors I recommend neoprene – ‘All weather strips’ are available at good hardware stores. Keep curtains closed to keep warm air in during the colder months & also keeps heat out during the hotter months.
Darker curtains are better for holding heat in winter & light curtains are better for reflecting heat in summer. As you already have small rainwater tanks I suggest you invest in large tanks with a filter or Leaf Beater so you are able to drink the water. Install  a Leaf  Beater  –  this  is ideal  to use  for home  water  tanks.
This sends all your kitchen sink, bath, shower, basin and washing machine water into the garden (via a holding tank is optional). Reject bottled water – as it takes 16 Liters of water to manufacture a 2L water bottle, which often ends up in Landfill! Do not water your garden from 10am – 3pm (CoCT by Laws) as most of the water will evaporate.
You are already using your Bokashi bin for organic waste, why not use a bigger compost heap or a worm bin for the rest of your organic waste? Recycling – all plastic, glass, paper, cardboards, foils and aluminums, tins and batteries can be recycled; don’t use too much water to rinse, as cleaned thoroughly at depot Landfill – dirty plastic, sheet glass, rubber, ceramics, meat, chicken and fish bones, contaminated paper.
A house should be a closed loop system – meaning that water can be harvested and recycled, but if you use chemicals to wash your clothes, body and dishes with, it will go into your greywater system and therefore into your garden. Please read products labels to understand what is hazardous for your health. Many domestic cleaners and washing powders contain phosphorus and nitrogen which goes into plants and waterways, so use a Biowash ball instead.
Avoid dry cleaning as it contains Perchloroethylene. Avoid paints containing VOC (volatile organic compounds). I recommend Harlequin Paints as the family are local to Hout Bay and use no VOC’s in their paints and varnishes. Earthsap –produce an alternative to Handy Andy called ‘All Purpose Cleaner’ , see pic below, and a great Dishwasher gel. The pictures below show a house that has been setup to function off the grid, powered by solar panels and a backup generator. The main benefit for considering off-grid installations for your home is of course the freedom it gives you from being on the grid.
This small Frigidaire chest freezer has great capacity to store turkeys, beef, pork, vegetables and treats. This Frigidaire freezer offers plenty of space inside for large items like turkeys and hams. It has an adjustable temperature dial for control over temperatures as well as a power indicator light.
The freezer includes two storage baskets to help keep smaller items organized and accessible. Owners of this Frigidaire chose it to save money through buying in bulk and storing as many as six turkeys at one time. This is a manual defrost freezer and things will need to be taken out to defrost the interior. Whether you are looking for a chest freezer suitable for the garage or a large capacity deep freezer, you'll be pleased to know we've got all the latest news, information and deals on the best chest freezers currently on the market!
These high quality silicone moulds are also safe for the oven and microwave so good for making themed chocolates too.
Try a Counter Top Freezer for Size!If you need a freezer but are really short on space or you need something small and cheap as an overflow freezer, maybe for Christmas, then look no further than these counter top freezers newly introduced by Capital.
Although the old Norfrost plant in Scotland closed, the freezers are now made in County Durham alongside other Ebac products, including very soon, washing machines! We've always stated what freezers can be used safely outside the home, but in order to clarify further we now include the minimum room temperature as supplied by the manufacturer. In this updated article, we take a look at 6 popular small freezers (around 100 litres) that are great value for money and all offer something different in their own little way! It might surprise you to know how little a chest freezer uses despite being on all the time. In this updated article, we've chosen models at different sizes so there's bound to be one to meet your needs whether it's an additional overflow freezer to your main one, or a big deep freeze for the whole family. This allows for easier storage of bulky items and less cold air is released when the door is open.
Some of the more expensive ones do have valves or fans to circulate the cold air more, but even these will need defrosting at some point. In summary though, the rule of thumb has been that a chest freezer cannot be reliably used in an unheated outside space (garage, shed, outbuilding) where the ambient air temperature will be below 10 degrees Celsius.

It's run by AMDEA, who are an independent UK trade association for the manufacturers of small and large domestic appliances.Black Chest Freezers are Finally Here!You may already have noticed that all chest freezers seem to be plain white. You do pay a bit more for these compared to their white equivalents, and features wise they are quite basic although they are slightly more economical than similar sized rivals.
They usually only design their refrigeration appliances to operate down to about 10 degrees celsius.
Zanussi and Ice King confirm that their products can be used in a garage or shed while Beko go a stage further and claim their products are designed to work down to -15c degrees. This better insulation also has a bonus as it will protect the contents for much longer in the case of a power cut.Get The Most From Your New Chest FreezerHere are some simple and straightforward tips to make sure that you get the most out of your new appliance - it's not always a case of just chucking all your shopping into it! Just how can it maintain temperatures as low as -18 degrees for an average running cost of about 50p per day?
Read more about the history and workings of refrigeration on this very informative Wikipedia page.
Well, a number of retailers have a recycling service that can take the old one away when they deliver the new one. Also ensure there is a clear path so both the new freezer and the old one can be moved with the minimum of fuss. Just enter your postcode and it will highlight on a map the location of your nearest recycling depot that will accept old freezers.
You may need to enable JavaScript in your browser's settings or turn off your ad blocker to get the most out of this page. So a couple of weeks I decided to kickstart this whole process by getting an ECO AUDIT done at my house.
This is low and due to your gradual replacement of Halogen down lighters which use 50W each. Most low-flow shower heads on the market today deliver below 9.5 Litres per minute at the same pressure as older shower heads.
They are called “aerating” because they work by mixing air into the stream of water, which helps the stream maintain a constant pressure.
Less water will be used and, because of that, less energy will be needed to heat the smaller amount of water used. Ceiling, roof or wall cavity insulation can reduce the transmission of sound from one room to another or from noise generated outside. In your case, you would have to clad your roof with another layer of wood to fit the insulation under your roof. However there are a few tips I can advise you on – Install a drip system to water roots with a timer for early morn or late night watering. Use mulch to keep the moisture in, you should be able to get great straw used by horses in your area, to mulch your garden, which is rich in horse manure!
A Biowash ball or similar product uses ceramic chips to move the water through the soiled clothes. There is a range of installation products available from MLT Drives, to help you live off the grid, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable form of energy than traditional electricity sources. The system powers water pumps, fridges, washing machines as well as many other household appliances and equipment.
Eskom is set to raise electricity rates by as much as 25% every year, for the next 3 years in order to regain the losses they have suffered. There is no need for you to do any research into which components make up a fully functional system – they have done this for you. Due to the fact that that their kits are sold as a combination of parts in bulk and not as individual parts, they are able to offer lower prices on their wind turbine kits . So it looks like I didn’t do too badly, but there are definitely areas that I can improve and reduce my household’s carbon footprint. However, more manufacturers these days are making freezers that can safely withstand much colder temperatures. In the past some manufacturers have dabbled with silver chest freezers but they tended to be quite difficult to get hold of. It’s an assessment to determine your electricity consumption, what resources are being used and how you can make your household more efficient and, more importantly, save money! It can also be described as the amount of energy that would be transferred at a constant rate of one kilowatt for one hour.
This amount is only your consumption, not other electricity charges. Please note, that for a family of 4, your consumption is quite low! Please continue to replace your last Halogen down lighters with LED’s (which are approx 5W each).
The Trickle Saver can be connected directly to equipment or connected to a standard electrical power board with a number of connected devices.
Therefore, consumers are able to enjoy the same water pressure as in older models while conserving water. Because Eco-Insulation resists the flow of heat, less heat will be lost from the home or office in winter and less heat will enter the building during summer. This enables the user to ‘drop’ the RINCE cycle on the washing machine, and therefore saves water and uses no chemicals. This makes the off-grid option ideal for your home. Products for a complete off-grid power installation for the home include solar panels, a generator, an inverter and a battery bank. Every year, Eskom falls further behind in electricity production and the reality is that the current power stations are just not able to handle the demand for electricity in this country. Delivery of the kits will also be easier and cheaper. It is recommended to combine SOLAR and WIND power together to ‘Go off the Grid’. Compare yours to mine and comment if you have any suggestions of your own, but all these tips are valid, so see which ones you can start implementing and we can help be a part of this very necessary change!
While traditional root cellars were often walk-ins, most of us don’t need that much space for one household.
This is a top opening chest freezer and is not designed to have things placed on top or used as a working platform.
It provides plenty of space for the family that likes to save money through buying in bulk. This is due to the fact that you have a Solar geyser, as an electrical geyser uses up to 40% of your electricity consumption. The highest consumers are the wall panels (13%) again an average was used due to seasons, your fridge (12%) and chest freezer (10%), your oven (11%) and your TV (11%) –  see Electricity Consumption pie chart above. Conversely when the TV is Off, it will switch Off all accessories, saving standby power that can account for up to 10% of your power bills. As a form of energy, heat always flows to a cooler area, escaping out of the building in the winter and entering the building during summer.
The banana trees will send ‘feet’ or roots out into the pit to draw the water. Or you can install a greywater system by a professional – contact Water Rhapsody. These products are used together as a complete system, providing enough energy to power your home.
Eco- Insulation creates an eco-friendly, fire-safe and non-toxic barrier that controls temperature all year round. This is why homeowners are turning to alternative sources of energy to provide them with sustainable power that is not only not reliant on Eskom, but is also eco-friendly and pure. It is just a hair under twenty four inches from front to back making it a very roomy chest freezer. The bulk storage baskets can be moved within the interior of this freezer or taken out all together to provide additional space when needed. Rather than using potentially dangerous minerals to create nuclear energy, off-grid products harness the power of nature’s energy – directly from the sun or wind.
Pot-in-pot refrigerators, known as zeer pots, can keep veggies fresh for up to 20 days, even in hot climates. The contents are kept cool by a layer of damp sand between two terra-cotta pots; as the water in the sand evaporates, it helps cool the inner pot.

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