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There are almost 40 essential nutrients of which carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, roughage and water are the most important. Foods can be grouped on the basis of the nutrients contained in them and their functions in the body.
Energy is required by the body to do work and to perform all the physiological functions of the body. PLEASE DONATEIf you find the information of any value to you, please show your appreciation by donating for my time, energy and education to the people over the years.
Are like vitamins and are used in the body to promote chemical reactions and form body structures. Cecil Beaton photograph of an RAF bomber crew being debriefed by the squadron intelligence officer on their return from a night raid over Germany, 1941. We’re all familiar with the food pyramid — the triangle with grains and cereals at the bottom and fats and sugars at the top.
Actions near the bottom of the pyramid are much more cost-effective than actions near the top of the pyramid.
The rules displayed in the energy conservation pyramid are not set in stone; every house is different, and different climates dictate different strategies.
Before beginning any energy retrofit work, a homeowner needs information — information best obtained through a home energy audit. A good home energy audit always includes a blower-door test; most audits also include a thermographic inspection.
Your audit is likely to reveal unseen defects in your home — for example, thermal bypasses (air leaks) through convoluted, hidden chases, or insulation gaps revealed by an infrared camera. At the end of your audit, you’ll receive a customized list of the most important energy retrofit steps for your house — a list that may differ from your assumptions (or even from the recommendations of the energy conservation pyramid). By identifying the most important retrofit tasks for your specific house, a good audit can save you hundreds of dollars that might have been wasted on inappropriate work. Inattention and laziness are responsible for a significant amount of energy waste; this step off can yield significant savings for a very small investment.
Put televisions and other “instant on” appliances on a plug strip — and remember to turn off the plug strip when the appliance isn’t in use. For kitchens and basements, consider installing fixtures that use efficient linear fluorescent tubes (T5 or T8 tubes).
Air-sealing work is best done by an experienced home-performance contractor equipped with a blower door.
Blower-door directed air sealing work is usually concentrated in a home’s basement (especially at the rim-joist area) and attic (where huge thermal bypasses are often hidden under a layer of fiberglass batts). Once you’ve paid for blower-door-directed air sealing, it’s time to take a close look at your appliances. Ideally, your home has plenty of insulation in the attic, above-grade walls, and basement walls. In colder climates, it makes sense to install R-60 insulation in your attic — as long as the attic is accessible and roomy enough to accommodate the insulation depth. If your stud bays are empty, they can be filled with dense-packed cellulose insulationThermal insulation made from recycled newspaper or other wastepaper; often treated with borates for fire and insect protection.
Basement walls can be insulated on the interior with rigid foam insulation or closed-cell spray polyurethane foam. If the configuration of your home’s plumbing pipes permits, you should install a drainwater heat-recovery device — especially if members of your family prefer showers to baths. An indirect water heaterWater heater that draws heat from a boiler used for space heating; a separate zone from the boiler heats potable water in a separate, insulated tank via a water-to-water heat exchanger. Of all of the options listed in this section, the fastest payback will probably come from the drainwater heat-recovery device. When inefficient heating or cooling equipment gets old enough to replace, be sure to invest in the most efficient available equipment.
There’s an important reason why energy-efficiency experts recommend holding back on the purchase of new heating and cooling equipment until air sealing and insulation work is complete: envelope improvements may permit heating and cooling equipment to be downsized. If, for reasons unrelated to saving money, you insist on new windows, be sure to choose windows with low-e glazing. One of the Minnesota Power representatives who makes regular use of the conservation pyramid is Dean Talbott, a program manager for the utility. I like the pyramid theme but my list would prioritize insulation before appliances and HVAC would be right after insulation.
The only thing I would like to see added to the pyramid is to make explicit about sealing and maintaining windows in rung 4. Whether or not to address appliances before insulation or insulation before appliances depends on the circumstances of the house. If you have a 12-year-old refrigerator, it makes obvious sense to buy a new refrigerator before you spend $2,000 to hire a contractor to blow dense-packed cellulose into your wall cavities.
On the other hand, if your attic has only 3 inches of worn-out dirty fiberglass batts, and your appliances are relatively new, it clearly makes more sense to install 16 inches of cellulose in your attic than it does to replace your appliances.
Although they have a fair amount of hydronic heat, there are plenty of houses in Minnesota with ducts.
Thanks for your estimates of energy savings from refrigerator replacement and wall insulation. The federal energy efficiency rebate program here in Canada provides a rebate for High Efficiency toilets. If a households water is municipal the homeowners will see the savings directly in their water utility bill, and the utility will see the savings in their energy bill.
I think that energy-efficiency experts are frustrated by an entirely different phenomenon: the people who start by going after the fruit at the very top of the tree.

The math may bear out the conclusions represented the pyramid, but does anyone think it might be self serving for the COO of an energy producing company to claim that generating your own power is "almost never cost effective"?
With few exceptions, generating your own power is significantly more expensive than buying it from the grid.
I know that this statement is true because I live off-grid, and have been generating my own electricity for 30 years. Secondly I am dissapointed stil that the only reason considered to make energy improvements is how much money it will save.
Lastly as a Home Inspector having inspected 11,000 homes I was supprised to hear exterior caulking stated as a waste of time. To follow up on Doug McEvers comment, home owners may be able to purchase smaller, less expensive HVAC systems after properly insulating a home and reducing the heat load. A colleague just passed this my way, and I must say - while I agree with the general concept, EEK! Even in the now state rebateless environment of Maine, we can offer better than 10-year simple payback on solar PV systems.
This article is three years old, and the economics of PV have changed radically since the article was written. Martin Holladay has worked as a plumbing wholesale counterperson, roofer, remodeler, and builder. We have learnt in unit 1 that food is important to us because it makes us grow, it protects us and provides us with energy.
In this unit we would be learning mainly about energy giving nutrients and the foods which provide them.
For the human brain to think and function it needs a steady, adequate supply of the simple sugar glucose.
Energy obtained from food or from the body is used to maintain metabolism and to carry out physical activities metabolism is the chemical and physical processes occurring within the living cells of the body. Now that you have learnt about the importance of energy in the body let us look at another energy giving nutrient – fats and oils. Fats are different from oils in that fats are solids at room temperature whiles oils are liquids at the same temperature.
Apart from providing energy, fat performs many other functions in the body like protecting various organs keeping body temperature constand and keeping our hair glossy and healthy. It is better to eat foods that provide complex carbohydrates than those that provide simple carbohydrates because they would provide other nutrients as well. Content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License unless otherwise noted. Due to constant wear and tear in the body, new cells have to be built to repair the damaged parts.
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These compounds are needed in very small amounts in the diet to regulate chemical reactions in the body. The energy-saving measures at the bottom of the pyramid are much more cost-effective than those at the top. Inspired by the food pyramid, a Midwestern electric utility, Minnesota Power, has created a useful graphic called the energy conservation pyramid.
At current energy prices, in fact, the actions listed on the top two layers are never cost-effective. Home energy auditEnergy audit that also includes inspections and tests to assess moisture flow, combustion safety, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and durability.
Thanks to subsidies from utilities and local governments, however, the cost of a home energy audit is often much less. An energy audit provides valuable information to counterbalance misleading advertising pitches for worthless products. Since most LED lamps are still less efficient than CFLs — and far more expensive — CFLs are still the best lamp for most fixtures. Although this step usually costs hundreds of dollars, it will usually yield a quick payback in energy savings.
Many homeowners have spent hours wandering around their house with a caulk gun — on the interior, filling cracks between window trim and plaster, or on the exterior, filling cracks between clapboards.
If some of your major appliances — your refrigerator, clothes washer, or dishwasher — are more than ten years old, you may want to replace them with more efficient models. Pay close attention to the yellow EnergyGuide labels — especially the annual kWh number — when you go appliance shopping. Although a new water heater can lower your energy bills, you shouldn’t expect a fast payback on the investment.
If you’re shopping for a new furnace, look for a high AFUEAnnual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. If you are shopping for a new air conditioner, look for high SEER(SEER) The efficiency of central air conditioners is rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.
If you replace your heating and cooling equipment before finishing necessary air-sealing work or insulation upgrades, you’ll waste money on oversized equipment. Further measures will probably reduce your home’s energy consumption, but they are unlikely to be cost-effective.
Very thin metallic coating on glass or plastic window glazing that permits most of the sun’s short-wave (light) radiation to enter, while blocking up to 90% of the long-wave (heat) radiation. A photovoltaic cell has no moving parts; electrons are energized by sunlight and result in current flow. Much depends on the current R-values and the improvement scenario, same with HVAC, if the furnace is 30 years old and 65% efficient, a 95% replacement looks mighty attractive.

However, I think I'd first consult 1) a good insulation contractor that also does air leak sealing around the attic and crawlspace, and 2) a good HVAC contractor to inspect and potentially recommend upgrades to the HVAC systems. You write that "people only go for the low-hanging fruit." If that were true, that would be a step in the right direction — if you are using the term "low-hanging fruit" in the usual way, meaning the most cost-effective measures.
The exceptions are found on remote islands or in northern Alaska, where the local utility has extremely high electric rates. The first being the order of investiagtion and considerations and second, the pryamid adjusted for the results of that investigation.
I work as an Energy Advisor for new homes in Victoria, and any home that I work on that is more than 1 level I recommend these systems. I'm in Oregon and my roof faces east and west and is shaded to the point where I don't even quality for the state and utility rebates (my solar "resource" is 65%). He built his first passive solar house in northern Vermont in 1974, and has lived off the grid since 1975. We also learned that to be well nourished we should eat foods, which provide enough of the nutrients.
Although proteins also provide energy their most important function is to build and repair body tissues.
They are the bodies most efficient fuel.Sugars and starches are the two main types of carbohydrates, starches are complex carbohydrates. Humans cannot digest fibre because they do not have the right enzymes to break the bonds in the fibre.
Basal metabolism is the amount of energy needed by a body at rest to maintain the activities that support life. For most people fat is consumed as visible fats like margarine cooking oil, palm oil coconut oil groundnut oils sheabutter etc. It is important to note that eating foods which provide too much of the energy-giving nutrients may be detrimental to the body because it can cause over-weight and heart diseases. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! During digestion, food is broken down into nutrients, which are absorbed into your bloodstream and carried to every cell in your body. Fiber, which is another carbohydrate, aids digestion and helps fight some diseases but is not a nutrient because it is not digested and absorbed by the body. In fact, the top two measures on the energy conservation pyramid are almost never cost-effective.
Homeowners who are uncertain of the best way to lower their energy bills should start at the lowest level of the pyramid and work their way up. Widely-used measure of the fuel efficiency of a heating system that accounts for start-up, cool-down, and other operating losses that occur during real-life operation.
The reason these measures are at the top of the pyramid is that few homeowners want to spend more on retrofit work than they will ever see in savings. Without knowing the cost of the high-ticket remedies, being out a few hundred bucks on an audit doesn't do me much good if I can't afford the fix.
It is absolutely true that homeowners should install a PV array before replacing windows -- assuming, of course, that they have an unshaded south-facing roof or an unshaded section of lawn that they can devote to PV. Still, with the federal tax credit, and Oregon's feed-in tariff (which is supposedly not even that good of a feed-in tariff), it would be profitable to the tune of 20-40 thousand dollars over the 25 year expected life of the equipment. In 1980, Holladay bought his first photovoltaic(PV) Generation of electricity directly from sunlight.
In this unit we want to look at some of the nutrients that are so important to our bodies how we can get them and what happens to us if we do not get enough of them from food. Fats obtained from marine fishes are considered nutritious because they have high levels of omega 3 fatty acids which help prevent heart diseases. Hence it is important that we understand the exact role of nutrients in our food and recognize the various foods that provide these nutrients. More than 40 nutrients in food are classified into six groups: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. In general, one shouldn’t proceed to a higher level until the actions below that level have been completed.
The SEER rating is Btu of cooling output during a typical hot season divided by the total electric energy in watt-hours to run the unit.
A good energy rater can probably prescribe the right solutions, but many homeowners would probably still find managing a retrofit pretty confusing. They always have a reasonable pay back, and In my opinion they should be standard in any new home, and recommended for any retrofit where it is feasible to install them.
The only problem is that I can't find a loan with a long enough term to make the cashflow positive during the first 10 years or so. The foods which provide protection nutrients are called protective foods and the foods which provide body building nutrients are called body building foods. When the blood sugar level rises as a result of eating the body has a way of removing the excess glucose to bring the level to normal values.
Hormonally, my body was changing, my mind was changing, and so my relationship to myself and the world around me came to this assault of finiteness. If for some reason the body is unable to remove the excess sugar from the blood it accumulates and we say that the person had diabetes.

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