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Warts refer to tiny and painless (and harmless) growths on the skin caused due to Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) types 3, 10 and 28. Wartrol is an over-the-counter wart removal treatment that has gained a reputation as the best way to remove warts at home. Wartrol is available without a prescription and is used by people who wish to safely remove warts at home.
Wartrol’s unique formula is specifically formulated to offer fast relief from the symptoms of warts. Wartrol can be used to treat a variety of warts that are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). As mentioned above, Wartrol ingredients are all FDA approved and have been clinically tested for their effectiveness in removing warts safely. Wartrol is very popular with customers because it offers people an effective way to remove warts at home.
In my research I haven’t come across anybody who has experienced any major side effects from using Wartrol, but it is possible that minor side effects may be experienced by people with sensitive skin. In order to avoid any potentially unwanted side effects it is advisable to read the label before using to see if you are allergic to any of the Wartrol ingredients. There aren’t many over-the-counter wart removal products that have gained as much attention as Wartrol.
Wartrol reviews written by customers seem to indicate that Wartrol does work, and that its effectiveness and speed in treating warts is second to none. If you’re ready to get rid of your warts for good in a painless, fast, and cost effective way, in the privacy and comfort of your own home then you should definitely try Wartrol. Flat warts are a known skin disorder, and are often called as Juvenile warts, Periungual warts, subungual warts, Verruca or Verruca plana. The main culprit of why people have flat warts growing on their body is the HPV or the so called Human Papilloma Virus. It is very difficult to diagnose or identify flat warts since they are of similar color to that of the infected patient’s skin. Even without necessary medical treatment, some warts resolve after some time making treatment unnecessary. In removing flat warts, it involves the use of essential herbs and oils which are necessary in the application of the warts. It is a known as an effective home treatment for common warts, planter’s warts, genital warts and the like. It is known, that even during ancient times, to be used as an ingredient in various herbal remedies. Intake of fruits under this category, such as orange, lemon and grapefruit, are known to serve as an effective natural home remedy for warts. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Common as skin cancer is, it is dwarfed by the prevalence of benign lesions that frequently mimic the appearance of skin cancer. It is with some professional embarrassment that I point out that for some benign lesions we are unsure whether they are benign clonal neoplasms or hamartomas.
These are benign keratinocyte tumours some of which are known to harbour particular mutations. These are flat or almost flat brown marks most common on the backs of the hands, forearms and the face.
If you look carefully you will see there is more than one lentigo on the face of the patient in the left image (closer to the eye than the main circular lesion).
Melanocytic nevi are focal collections of melanocytes clustered in a nest (or ball like clump) that may or may not produce pigment. Their medical significance is that perhaps half of melanomas arise in preexisting melanocytic nevi, and that many melanomas, even if they do not arise in a known melanocytic nevus, may be difficult to distinguish from a benign melanocytic nevus (distinguishing melanocytic nevi from melanoma is discussed in the earlier chapter on melanoma). Melanocytic nevi have an enormous range of morphologies — which is one of the reasons why differentiating them from melanomas can be so difficult.
Melanin deep in the dermis appears blue due to light scattering (we met this phenomenon in earlier chapters). The hint of blue colour was more obvious for both these lesions in real life rather than on these photographs. These are melanocytic nevi that appear to be under immune attack from the host with destruction of melanocytes. These are both vascular lesions, the former probably some form of hamartoma, the latter an abnormal vascular response to trauma. Pyogenic granulomas are best viewed as a vascular proliferation in response to wounding, in which the vascular granulation tissue continues to grow inappropriately. These are firm nodules up to 1cm or more across that appear attached to the epidermis (you cannot pinch the epidermis separately from them, and the skin dimples when you pinch them). Having warts on face is incredibly frustrating and embarrassing, even if they are harmless. Children mostly suffer from flat warts which appear as flat, small and round growths with brown or yellow hues.
This form of facial wart develops in areas with thin skin such as the face, eyelids and neck. This procedure uses chemical agents, such as immunomodulators, formaldehyde or salicylic acid, to get rid of dead skin cells. This method involves freezing the facial wart with liquid nitrogen.  The growth will eventually fall off after 3 or more sessions. Laser treatment could involve more invasive procedure using carbon dioxide laser or the less destructive pulse dye laser to remove facial warts.
The skin on the face is very sensitive, so care is needed to ensure that the choice of removal method for warts on face produces less scarring and does not cause irreversible damage to the skin. If the remedies do not help in getting rid of the flat warts, simply book an appointment with a skin specialist and discuss your problem in detail.
Amongst the varied forms of warts, flat warts are known to occur on the face, neck, arms and legs, particularly among children and less in teens and adults. It contains ingredients that have long been used by doctors and dermatologists for the safe removal of warts.
When you apply it to your warts the Wartrol ingredients help initiate a scientific process called Keratolysis. Then all you have to do is simply repeat these 3 steps daily until the wart is completely gone. It can reduce pain and irritation within a few moments of letting the formula penetrate the affected area. The unique powerful formula makes Wartrol one of the most popular over the counter wart removal solutions on the market.
If you read Wartrol reviews you’ll be hard pressed to find anybody complaining about any Wartrol side effects.
If you experience any of these symptoms you should stop using Wartrol immediately as your skin may be too sensitive to it. It certainly seems to be the number one choice for people who want to get rid of warts quickly and safely in the privacy of their homes.

The fact that Wartrol ingredients are all FDA approved and are all clinically proven to be effective and safe for treating warts at home is a great reassurance, and one that few other products can boost about. The website offers a variety of different secure payment options, and you get a 90 day 100% money-back guarantee on every purchase, so you can buy Wartrol and try it risk free. It is recommended that prior to placing this medication, is that you use a pumice stone to scrub the wart after letting it be soaked in warm water. The gel of this plant is used in curing the conditions that are linked with this kind of skin disorder. The latex that is taken from the papaya tree trunk is used in peeling the warts and cancerous tumors. Here we are talking about melanocytic nevi, freckles, benign keratinocyte tumours such as seborrhoeic keratoses, haemangiomas, and a host of other often fairly banal lesions.
With the exception of melanocytic nevi, which have an importance because of their relation to melanoma and sunshine, few of these mimics of skin cancer have any intrinsic interest except that knowledge of them is clinically important because they are frequently confused with skin cancer.
For others, such as solar lentigines there is debate about their actual pathological nature in terms of which ones are real lentigines (that is linear proliferations of melanocytes in the basal layer) versus what some believe them to be, flat seborrhoeic keratoses. The number of melanocytes is not increased (cf with lentigo in which there is an increased number of melanocytes). They can virtually mimic any skin cancer including BCC and SCC, but they are frequently confused with melanoma.
On the image on the left the larger brown lesion is a seborrhoeic keratoses, and there is a small melanocytic nevus inferiorly.
They reflect previous sun exposure and the surrounding skin may show other features of sun damage. They typically start to appear in childhood,reaching a maximum in the third and fourth decades. There are lots of descriptive names applied to different types of melanocytic nevi which you are advised to skip over. They can refer to either a clinical or histopathological appearance but their is little overlap between these usages. It is easy to see how these lesions may be confused with melanoma if there is no history available. They are present in up to 10% of the normal European population, and are present form early childhood. Haemangiomas such as the bright red Campbell de Morgan spots are extremely common and rarely get confused with anything more sinister.
They can occur in patients of any age, and at any body site but are most common on the fingers in the young.
New warts may develop in older persons and can be confused with AKs, seborrhoeic keratoses or even SCCs.
They may be skin coloured often show increased melanin pigmentation or annular rings of melanin pigmentation.
There are home remedies for facial warts but these require time before the results can be seen. Filiform warts are long thin structures, resembling toothbrush bristles, that project from the skin.
However, sufferers should know that it may take some time to see results and they may have to try different methods before they find what works best for them. If yes, you may want to get rid of them as they looking embarrassing being out in open and visible part of the body. Therefore, soak the warts in hot or milk water for 10 to 15 minutes or until the water cool. Also known as Verruca plana, juvenile and plane warts, flat warts also occur around the beard area of men in some cases. Wartrol ingredients have all been individually clinically proven and FDA approved for treating warts.
This process involves thinning the thick toughened layers of skin at the site of the wart which are produced by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Wartrol reviews identify this product as one of the best OTC wart remover solutions available without a prescription.
If you are in any doubt about using Wartrol wart remover you should seek medical advice first. With the low prices, bulk discounts, and money-back guarantee they offer, you really have everything to gain and only your warts to lose if you buy Wartrol and try it for yourself. It may cause infection to the surrounding area thereby increasing the number of new growth. It is through direct contact with someone else or in an inanimate object that the infected person has touched.
This will remove the dead skin cells and will make the medication to have direct contact with the flat warts itself. The body’s immune system will normally and naturally attack the HPV virus until it is out of your system. Aside from that, it can also be removed following the electrodessication process where a cautery is used to cauterized the warts. Aside from that, it is also known in delaying the cancerous spread in the patient’s body and it stimulates the immune system as it increases the natural resistance of the body from viruses. It inflicts other through direct contact and through open cuts or breaks, which is the entry port of these viruses.
So, scientifically they may indeed be a little dull, but anybody who treats patients is obliged to know something about them.
From a student’s perspective try and avoid the controversy, keep your head down, and use the names suggested below. They have a stuck on appearance, and a warty (highly irregular) surface, and often appear ‘greasy’ (hence the name seborrhoeic, even though they have nothing to do with sebaceous glands). They may itch or bleed, they are usually irregular in shape, edge and pigmentation and change over time — hence they often fulfil the ABCDE criteria for melanoma.
Some of these lesions may be true lentigines in that there is a proliferation of melanocytes, whereas others appear to be almost flat seborrhoeic keratoses with a slightly warty appearance visible if examined with a lens.
In early life they are often flat and dark, before becoming raised whilst still being pigmented, before losing their pigment but remaining raised.
The term was meant to embrace a melanocytic nevus that seems unusual in appearance and is reminiscent of a superficial spreading melanoma. They are of no clinical significance except that halo nevi may appear in patient with a melanoma elsewhere — examine the whole skin of such adult patients. They are most common on the upper arms or face.They are benign but histologically very unusual and easily confused with melanomas even by expert dermatopathologists. If more than five are present consider neurofibromatosis and check for axillary freckling and neurofibromas. However in later life many people develop vascular papules or nodules that can mimic melanoma. They vary in appearance from a bleeding red raw liver like piece of meat, to, with time, a more organised nodule that may be confused with other types of angiomas. Patients who are immunosuppressed are at an increased risk of NMSC and have a much higher prevalence of viral warts.

They have a characteristic translucent and yellow colour and an umbilicated or rosette like shape around a central follicular orifice. Besides, stubborn warts do not respond to home remedies and need more intensive medical treatment.
Some of the home remedies effectively used by many people in treating facial warts are tea tree oil, flaxseed-honey mixture, duct tape, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel and lemon balm oil. Do you know these ugly bumps are known as warts, which are caused by a common viral disease known as Papillomavirus or HPV. At present, there are many creams and solutions available out there that successfully treats flat warts. It is the first solution that combines all of these ingredients with natural oils to create a safe and effective over-the-counter wart remover.
As the active Wartrol ingredients go to work on the affected area, the thick layer gets thinner and begins to shed naturally. It doesn’t occur in older adults since the immune system of the older adults are much equipped in dealing with the virus that is associated with this condition. Its color is similar to the skin, pinkish, light brown or yellowish in color which may be sometimes mistaken as a pimple. Yet, there is still a need to get rid of it as safely and quickly as possible or else you will be at risk for permanent scarring.
Victims or people who have flat warts may have the infection for a year before the sign first erupt. Once the virus is in the person’s body system, the body becomes the primary reservoir of this virus. For every patient referred to secondary care because of concern that a lesion might be a melanoma, more than 20 will have been false positives — they will turn out to have harmless benign mimics of melanoma. Often, all you need to know is their name and how to recognise them — sometimes easier said than done. Therefore you can expect to see freckles most commonly in red headed persons who live in areas with high ambient sun exposure and a history of sunburn. They are most common on the trunk but can occur on the face and limbs, but not on the palms or soles.
Most putative melanomas referred from primary care to secondary care will be either be seborrhoeic keratoses or melanocytic nevi. Their medical significance is that if they are flat and without any warty appearance they can be easily confused with lentigo maligna (in situ melanoma on sun exposed skin, most commonly the face). Some nevi are present at birth or appear soon after birth and are know as congenital melanocytic nevi.
They can take on a myriad of morphologies and can often resemble seborrhoeic keratoses with a very warty appearance.
The implication being that this type of atypical or dysplastic nevus is in danger of progressing to melanoma. However a new onset blue nevus in middle age or older should be looked upon with suspicion: could this be a nodular melanoma? If you can confidently remove the blood by pressure (and often the lesion will collapse and shrink temporarily in volume after you do this) you do not need to worry further. They can mimic amelanotic melanomas or pigmented melanomas, and it is not too uncommon for a presumed pyogenic granuloma to be curetted, only for the pathologist to report the specimen as a melanoma. Clinical assessment can be difficult in these patients, and diagnostic suspicion is warranted because an SCC may be misdiagnosed as a benign viral wart.
Histologically they show a proliferation of fibroblasts in the dermis and some believe they are a late response to insect bites rather then a neoplasm. Warts are caused by a virus which can be contracted easily through direct or indirect contact. Remove the duct tape at the end of the sixth day and soak the affect area in mild water for few minutes until soft. Besides, treatments like cauterization, surgery and laser therapy are also much in vogue for flat wart removal.
This unique formula makes Wartrol a powerful and fast acting treatment for most common types of warts, including flat, body, and plantar warts.
This shedding of the affected skin helps weaken the HPV virus so that the warts are removed easily and effectively.
It is often grouped together in one place which can usually be found on the face, forehead, neck, hands and arms.
It is not recommended that you remove the warts in a surgical manner for there is a greater risk that if you won’t be able to remove the entire wart itself, including the facial warts and the root, it will end up growing back. In prevention of transferring the contagious virus to others, you must never forget to wash your hands. A history of growth and increasing dark and variable pigmentation suggest that an expert opinion is required. These occur in a few percent of the population and are harmless unless they are very large (>10cm) when they may (rarely) may undergo cancerous change. Melanocytic nevi are more common in those with a history of greater sun exposure in childhood. Some melanocytic nevi become surrounded by what appears to a patch of eczema although there is not a halo present (known as a Meyerson’s nevus). A big clinical clue is that they are much firmer than many other nodules, and that they feel bigger than they look.
The Flat warts are neither painful nor dangerous from medical point of view but it is better to get rid of them on time as they can spread to other parts of your body. Once the warts are removed the natural oils contained in Wartrol restore the affected skin to its normal state of healthy well-being.
Both these product helps in burning the dead skin cells and allowing it to eventually fall off by itself. In practice a large proportion of the population seem to have melanocytic nevi that meet the criteria for dysplastic nevi and there is little consistency between dermatologists. These again seem to represent some form of host response to a nevus and is of no great medical consequence. One variety referred to as a venous lake, is commonly seen on the lips, is easily compressible and is often confused with melanotic macules of the lips (which are not compressible).
The viral particles of the virus primarily enter into a person’s body when he or she has a break in the skin such as small cut, wound or scratch, to be able to cultivate, to invade and more likely become a wart.
Other removal method may be done through laser surgery which is a bit costly or topical immunotherapy is still much preferred by some. With this information in mind, you need to prevent this contagious virus from invading your body and when it is already inside your body, the only thing to do is to do precautionary measures or find effective remedy and treatment that is fit for you.
If an index lesion looks like lots of others on the patient’s skin it is very unlikely to be a melanoma. In practice, if you think a melanocytic nevi is suspicious of melanoma, say that and act on it.

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