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Nuts are an easy snack that in addition to all the protein also offers a good amount of fiber. Nuts, berries and edamame all contain a bit of the B-complex vitamins which are essential to balancing your blood sugar. Clearly you should be eating more foods than just these, but I figured I’d state the obvious just in case.
Eggs are pretty much the perfect breakfast, they offer a high quality protein which is great for building muscle and staying fit and strong. A great way to enjoy eggs every day is to have some scrambled eggs first thing in the morning, with a nice piece of brown toast.
Spinach is one of the best foods to increase energy, it has a high iron content, and is a very fresh vegetable to enjoy in a smoothie. A little tip about Spinach is that to fully benefit from the iron content it’s best to not cook it, as this tends to reduce how much iron can be absorbed by the body when you eat it. Brown rice is a great source of energy and it will keep you going for hours, it’s a lot better than white rice for you because white rice contains carbohydrates which are more quickly absorbed by the body meaning the energy is a quick burst.
Brown rice contains Low G.I* Carbs meaning they give a more slow and steady stream of energy, and it tastes great with some chicken and a white sauce. Porridge oats are probably one of the best foods to increase energy as they give a noticeable boost in power and clarity within about an hour or so of eating them. Oats are a healthy food to eat because they provide steady energy just like the brown rice, which is more useful than a short burst, and make them a great meal.
The banana is a great energy food, probably the best one for a short burst of power and energy, it contains high amounts of sugar, and this sugar is almost instantly digested and pumped into your bloodstream. This makes the banana a great thing to eat just before, during or after a workout as it gives you an instant source of power and strength. You can choose to eat healthily every minute of every day, it’s just down to your eating habits and what you eat regularly.
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Especially a great energy source, bananas should be eaten a few hours before you exert yourself.
If you drink a glass of beetroot juice before exercising, your body will be able to sustain itself without getting exhausted for a long duration.
Meat has tyrosine which aids in synthesizing dopamine and norepinephrine; both of which are required by your brain. Like most people who struggle to stay awake during the day, I absolutely need a cup of coffee to get me going—and stay going. You don’t need that afternoon latte to perk you up—just work in one of these healthy snacks.
Caffeine is fine in moderation and an addict probably shouldn’t eliminate it cold turkey, but nobody should be relying on coffee alone to keep their energy up. No matter how many times we hear about their numerous health benefits, we always manage to forget about those crunchy little gems. Fish is a magical food source—it contains omega-3 fats that protect brain cells and help your brain function better. Blueberries were the original superfood, way back before acai berries and chia seeds took over. In addition to providing a boost of natural sugar, which is clearly so much better for you than eating chocolate and cookies, berries are packed with antioxidants. Nut butters can be eaten with whole grain bread, crackers, or with an all-natural berry spread if you like something a little sweet.
Hopefully you’ll start using these foods to increase energy and enjoy a more healthy life!
We give you a list of super foods that can give a spike to your energy levels and help you perform at your best. Peanuts also have Omega 3 fatty acids that reduce pain, boost the health of your heart, and develop the brain. They also trigger the release of a chemical called dopamine which builds your focus and concentration.

You don’t need that afternoon latte to perk you up—just work in one of these healthy snacks. Skipping the coffee and substituting it with a handful of raw, unsalted almonds (or cashews, walnuts, or pistachios) will make you feel just as energetic as you would with a cup of coffee, but without the shakiness and eventual sugar crash. Now, add entrepreneur to the job description and you can imagine the energy required to pull it off. Antioxidants keep your immune system functioning optimally and prevent free radical damage (google it).
Nuts are an amazing source of healthy fats and proteins that balance blood sugar levels, which tend to drop if you don’t eat for a while.
The vitamin C in the orange helps circulate oxygen throughout your body and into your brain, giving you a surge of energy those yawns are hinting that you need. Not only does it make you feel more awake, but fish is also a lighter meal (with plenty of protein nonetheless). Since they are filled to the brim with antioxidants, they help our neural pathways function much more smoothly.
If you’re eating a nut butter, for example peanut butter, look for the natural peanut butters without added sugar(yes, this is important!). Eating nuts as a snack will keep you going throughout the day without wanting to curl up in a ball under your desk. The protein slows your body’s absorption of the sugar and carbs in the berries so your energy lasts a good long time.
However, you’ll adapt quickly because it tastes great – you’ll never go back to the sugary stuff again.

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