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PosturePlast is a new drug-free medical device that helps relieve lower back pain by addressing the root cause of most ‘mechanical’ back problems, bad posture.
The NHS claims that one in five people will visit their GP at some point this year suffering from a bad back.
Designed by Osteopath Adam Dallison, PosturePlast is a unique X-shaped adhesive support for the lower back that contains an innovative flexible strut.

PosturePlast is drug-free meaning it can be used in conjunction with other treatments, worn when pregnant, when driving or even when operating machinery. Diagnose word in red 3d letters with magnifying glass to illusrate finding a cause to a medical problem and information on treatment in health care or problem solving. Based on the proven principle of taping, PosturePlast controls the range of movement and corrects posture, which in turn reduces pain and helps prevent re-injury.

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