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Please read carefully our American Functional Medicine Association (AFMA) Policies Agreement as referred to as "Agreement or Terms and Policies". CME certificates will be emailed to our attendees once all CME documents have been received. Association Executive Director is not proper or in keeping with the character of the exhibition. Sometimes an inspirational quote is a great way to start or end your day, so affixed colorful cards with some of my favorites.
Your cabinet is SO fantastic – those strips really make it extra pretty and functional, but what I love most is the quotes. Starting a functional medicine practice can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared and organized.
Most of the doctors I talk to are doing all the wrong things and ultimately wasting a bunch of money on dead end marketing. We have been a big fan of Andrea‘s work for a year now, one of the major reasons being that she has created a completely scalable education program to help an unlimited number of health professionals reach mastery in the field of Functional Nutrition.
Get the Simple Prescription for a Thriving Practice to cure the root cause of private practice dysfunction.
If there is one conference that has charted the rise of the Functional Forum and the Evolution of Medicine it is the Integrative Health Symposium, the biggest integrative and functional medicine conference on the East Coast, held each February in New York.
To empower 100,000 integrative micropractices focused on root-cause resolution of symptoms and community health. Stay up to date with all of our latest news, content, tools and strategies on our with our newsletter. By the end of 2014, Trina Mills, of Parker, Arizona, had given up on conventional medicine. Weighing a skeletal 82 pounds, the 54-year-old mother of three finally wrote out a living will and braced the inevitable. Intrigued, Mills caught a flight to Ohio and soon was offering up 30 tubes of blood, stool and saliva samples, as well as an exhaustive life history.
For most of the 20th century, conventional medicine centered on a singular objective: Arrive at a diagnosis and treat it with drugs or surgery. Because one chronic disease such as diabetes can have dozens of underlying causes, or one culprit such as a genetic predisposition or exposure to toxins can lead to multiple chronic conditions, functional medicine focuses on systems, rather than organs, and origins, rather than diseases.
Key to discovering the underlying origins of a health issue are a host of new gene, blood and gut health tests. If a patient displays intractable gut problems, rather than simply look for blood or pathogens in the stool, Fitzgerald also looks at the DNA of their gut microbiome, mapping out which strains of good bacteria are present or absent and prescribing prebiotics, probiotics or whole foods to promote a healthful balance.

For another patient with thinning hair and aching joints, she might use specialized blood tests to look for micronutrient deficiencies, signs of allergies or certain autoantibodies—proteins produced by the immune system that mistakenly attack one’s own tissues—that might herald a brewing autoimmune disorder. In a typical exam, Fitzgerald thoroughly inspects often neglected body parts, including the tongue and fingernails, which can hold important clues to underlying health.
Functional medicine doctors don’t shy away from prescription drugs when necessary, but they do lean decidedly toward the lower-tech modalities, using dietary supplements, allergen-free diets, exercise, mind-body practices and toxin avoidance as their primary tools.
Maintaining good health is priceless, but without conventional insurance coverage, it can be expensive. Some people worry that, like most conventional physicians, some functional medicine practitioners place too much emphasis on expensive tests and too little on the most crucial and affordable remedy—self-care.
Bland and Hyman concede that some practitioners over-test, but say that will fade over time as they learn to better discriminate which ones are useful for specific patients.
Viewing the big picture, Bland believes that functional medicine is just what the country needs to save on exploding healthcare costs.
To only treat the symptom is to miss the mark.  Functional Naturopathic Medicine looks deeper, to the roots of disease. The attendance of any AFMA event, attendee(s) in itself signifies full consent and agreement to this Agreement. So when the folks at Three by Three asked if wanted to test one of their organizing products, I jumped at the chance. It seemed to elicit a great response from the audience and so we asked her back in the studio to expand on her thoughts. It is one thing to be able to deliver great care, but to reverse engineer the process so others can follow in her footsteps consistently. For our May episode we bring you the best content from the conference Find out on the next Functional Forum on May 2, 2016. For technology, training, tools, and resources that get the EvoMed stamp of approval- - Click here to upgrade your practice! She’d been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder 17 years earlier and taken medication ever since without feeling her symptoms of fatigue, muscle aches and stomach problems ever fully subside.
At another, her doctor suspected she had bleeding in the brain and sent her for a computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan. Then she heard of a new Center for Functional Medicine opening at the prestigious, century-old Cleveland Clinic.
One year later, thanks to a series of personalized diet and lifestyle changes, she’s 10 pounds heavier and feels better than she has in decades.
More than 100,000 physicians —60 percent of them medical doctors —have trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine he founded in Washington and New Mexico, and numerous medical schools have added its tenets to their curricula.

Then alternative medicine movement proffered a toolbox of more natural therapies, including acupuncture, herbs and massage to address these same diagnoses. Depending on which variant a patient has, based on a genetic test, they might be guided toward a higher- or lower-fat diet. She asks about past emotional trauma which might trigger chronic disease, and inquires about what environmental toxins and harmful chemicals both the patient and their birth parents may have been exposed to. While Mills’ doctor visits were covered by insurance (which is rare), she spends roughly $1,000 a month on supplements to address her diagnosed leaky gut syndrome, nutrient deficiencies and mercury poisoning. Several efforts also are underway to get more functional medicine providers and the acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutritionists they work with covered under the Affordable Care Act, which expressly emphasizes a need for more preventive medicine. Rather than spending dollars on extraordinary measures to save heart attack victims or diabetics in emergencies, we can prevent such dire situations by identifying underlying problems sooner and halting their progression. By identifying the imbalances in the roots, and treating them with non-toxic therapies, we make symptoms unnecessary.  Be well! If you do not consent to or agree any portion of our Terms and Polices do not attend an AFMA event.
I  knew that a trio of the Mini Magnetic Strips  add visual appeal while making the cabinet more efficient. She’d visited endocrinologists, gastroenterologists and a half-dozen other specialists, each of which offered a different diagnosis and prescribed a different drug. As the first clinic of its kind to open at an academic medical center, it promised to look at the underlying causes of disease, while focusing on the whole person, rather than isolated symptoms.
More naturopaths and chiropractors are also distinguishing themselves with a functional medicine emphasis. Those genetically prone to difficulty in metabolizing the amino acid homocysteine (an excess of which can raise the risk of heart disease) might be advised to take folic acid supplements. One example might be a patient exposed to cigarette smoking in utero having a bias toward an allergic disease. They come in a rainbow of colors, but selected the hot blue because it worked best with our bathroom’s look. If their parents grew up in a period of famine, they might have inherited a genetic disposition for rapid weight gain.

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