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The main focus of the Functional Medicine practitioner is to utilize an organized approach to assess the nine major systems of the body (nervous, gastrointestinal, endocrinological, immune, etc) and treat the underlying causes of the many chronic diseases that our patients suffer from.
The typical Functional Medicine patient comes to the office after years of pain and frustration having been told that everything looks normal based on “standard” tests routinely run by their primary and specialist doctors and have been told that there’s no cure or at least no known reason for their symptoms.
Functional Medicine practitioners understand that most of our patients who arrive in their offices are by no means “normal” even by standard diagnostic models. The Functional Medicine doctor understands there are cutting edge, unique, specialized, interpretive, and diagnostic methods for the chronic pain patient that are not used in the standard “acute pain” approach and that can help assess a wide range of problems that are more suggestive of sub-clinical or functional problems causing and leading to disease.
Functional Medicine’s ultimate protocols are designed to address the underlying cause uncovered by the standard and specialized testing results.
Functional Medicine patients should experience improved quality of healthcare because the Functional Medicine doctor is focused on them and not their disease.
As a retired medical professional, I have been impressed with the thoroughness of my work up.
Four Functional Medicine doctors appeared on the Dr Oz show and explained functional medicine.
Functional medicine is poised to revolutionize all medical care because it is based on far more rigorous standards of scientific method and a far greater volume of amassed scientific data.
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DisclaimerDisclaimer Note: The information within this website is intended for educational and informational purposes only.
Functional Medicine is an approach to healthcare and is not considered a separate medical profession. The functional medicine practitioners listed in this database have completed 200 hours of training in functional medicine, and passed a comprehensive assessment to confirm their competency in the learning criteria.
In order to access this database of Functional Medicine Practitioners, you must click below to indicate that you have read, understood, and accepted these terms of use. For instance you are not treating the patient’s rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, etc., you are instead assessing the above mentioned nine systems for weaknesses and imbalances in the patient’s biochemistry and physiology to try and understand why the patient has RA. This is because the standard model in this country today is designed to assess acute disease and pain pathology (ie trauma, infection, cancer, cardiac arrest, etc) and not the chronic cousins of these conditions. Functional Medicine is about utilizing the best of all diagnostic procedures to become the ultimate medical detective to help this chronic pain population.
Functional Medicine should reduce long term costs as chronic pain management costs are substantial and are the primary drain on the current medical system. It is all about getting to the bottom of what is causing a health symptom and being a real detective. We strongly recommend that you consult with a licensed integrative medical practitioner before acting upon any opinion or recommendation that may be expressed within this website.

This database contains practitioners from many different backgrounds and healthcare disciplines. The Functional Medicine doctor is like the Sherlock Holmes of the brain and body, discovering and correcting the underlying cause of a disease process or dysfunction so the body can in turn return to a state of health and wellness and the patient can achieve the desired reduction or elimination of symptoms. There are 116 million chronic pain sufferers in the US and the Functional Medicine practitioner understands that these patients are a long way from being in a state of “normal” — no less optimum health. Functional Medicine patients should also experience reduced suffering and increase the likelihood of a resolution of pain without medications, and lastly reduce the incidence of premature aging, mortality, and morbidity. Dr Rutherford’s explanation of my diagnosis and potential treatment made sense to me.
The care I have received from all the staff has been phenomenal and certainly has changed my health for the better. The Functional Medicine practitioner also understands the average chronic pain sufferer is not doomed to a life of uncontrolled pain or medication mediated controlled relief.

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