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We employ a variety of established and cutting-edge techniques that have scientifically proven benefits for our patients. Chiropractic care is most commonly used to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headache, extremity pain and mobility issues.
Research indicates this type of conservative manual therapy reduces pain and disability, increases body function and may reduce reliance on medications. Our functional medicine providers consult individuals with various health conditions and encourage them to take an active role in their health and wellness care. Most physicians practice in a way that is oriented toward acute care – the diagnosis and treatment of trauma or illness that is short in duration and centered around one organ or body part. Functional medicine practitioners look “upstream” to consider the complex web of interactions in the patient’s history, physiology and lifestyle that can lead to illness – even before symptoms begin. Massage therapy is recognized as one of the oldest methods of healing, dating back nearly 4,000 years.
Our sports medicine clinic offers athletic health management, physical assessments and injury treatment provided by certified chiropractic physicians and athletic trainers.
The Imaging Center of UWS utilizes state-of-the-art digital imaging combined with expert interpretation by a board certified chiropractic radiologist. Musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnostic ultrasound is an injury assessment modality that uses sound waves to create images of painful or injured areas in the body. It is accurate: There are certain anatomic regions like the shoulder where this technique has proven to be equal or superior to MRI. It is affordable: The cost of MSK ultrasound is lower than the insurance deductible for an MRI. It is efficient: The ultrasound is easily portable and allows the examiner to immediately screen for injuries at any location. Functional medicine, also referred to as integrative medicine, is a personalized approach to health and wellness that uses the body’s own biochemical processes to promote well-being. Instead of focusing on treating the symptoms, functional medicine aims to treat the underlying causes of chronic disease. Integrative medicine aims to balance internal and external factors that are at work in your body. This methodology uses an integrative approach, combining and integrating the medical knowledge from a variety of disciplines to provide the most relevant treatment for your personal health needs.
Our Functional Medicine philosophy recognizes that each patient is a unique individual with a unique biochemistry, genetic profile, and emotional foundation. Functional Medicine uses natural therapies and investigative approaches to restore the body to health. Anyone looking for a better way to deal with symptoms and disease will be well suited for our functional medicine program. We have only one financial policy at The Center of Integrated Medicine and that is to never allow finances to get in the way of you getting the care you deserve.
We interviewed him to find out more about what Functional Medicine is and why it is becoming more and more popular. Born and raised in Rome, studied in London and Paris, worked in Kuala Lumpur and Mexico City. Best known for manipulation or adjustment of the joints and soft tissues-particularly the spine, chiropractic care also incorporates a large spectrum of other treatments to improve function and optimize overall health, including physical therapeutics, stretching and exercise-based rehabilitation, and nutritional, ergonomic and lifestyle recommendations. However, many patients utilize chiropractic care for the successful treatment of their non-musculoskeletal conditions, such as allergies, high blood pressure, digestive disorders and otitis media (ear infections).
Being aware of your health risks and taking actions to enhance healthy behaviors can improve overall wellness and quality of life. Functional medicine doctors do not simply diagnose and treat disease – they seek to understand why the disorder occurred and then correct the root cause. Unfortunately, chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer are the number one killers of American adults. The unique physical makeup of each person is considered, along with internal (mind, body and spirit) and external (environmental) factors that affect total functioning. Today, massage therapy refers to the application of various touch and tool techniques to treat the muscular structure and soft tissues of the body. The injury treatment techniques used include IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation), chiropractic manipulation, movement-supportive and corrective taping, mobilization of joints with movement, massage and physical therapy, and myofascial release techniques. Our radiologic technologist is highly experienced and committed to providing a comfortable and friendly environment for your patients. As opposed to MRI, MSK ultrasound does not only provide static visualization but it adds a dynamic component. Please refer to the Information Sheet for Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for a detailed list of indicators that your patient might need a MSK-ultrasound.

The Imaging Center of UWS utilizes the Achilles InSight Ultrasonometer to measure ultrasound variables of the calcaneus to provide a clinical measure called the Stiffness Index.
This is done through holistic, patient-centered care, where the primary focus is on treating the whole patient and restoring well-being. This allows us to check any personal variations in metabolic function that develop due to genetic or environmental causes.
This common sense approach seeks to understand the origins of symptoms so that meaningful treatment and then preventative methods can be developed and implemented. Therefore, two people could have the same common condition but with a completely different set of causes.
It looks at all things that affect our health; environment, emotions, toxins, nutrition, past ailments, trauma, experiences, digestion, metabolism, hormones and even our belief system.
The way we achieve this is by understanding a person’s individual genetics, environment, and physiology.
We have partnered with Advance Care and Discover to offer 14 months Interest-Free Financing for those who qualify! Oyie Balburias is one of three pioneering doctors for Functional Medicine in the Philippines. Oyie: Functional Medicine is a new approach to traditional medicine, which helps people manage their general health and wellbeing rather than solely treating their diseases based on symptoms. Oyie: Functional medicine is not a treatment or a sub-specialization, but rather an approach. And this is not something that your body will automatically take care of; it is something that people have to start working on from a young age. This investigation includes gathering extensive information about current lifestyle practices, medical and family history and often laboratory testing. These diseases are insidious and individuals often do not know they’re “sick” until significant symptoms occur. Massage therapy not only heals aching muscles, but also creates healthier circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. Musculoskeletal ultrasound is known to be effective in improving the care of patients with a variety of musculoskeletal injuries.
There is no radiation involved and can therefore be used repeatedly if clinically necessary.
The Stiffness Index results are expressed as T-scores to assist physicians in the diagnosis of osteoporosis the same way as the T-scores are obtained by x-ray absorptiometry. Instead, functional medicine focuses on providing whole-body wellness that encourages your entire body to act in unison.
Using a root cause system-orientated approach, a therapeutic partnership is forged between patient and practitioner. To that end, the approach of functional medicine relies less on drugs and more on a thorough investigation of the individual patient. The result of this information coming together allows the practitioner to chart a course of action that initiates changes of one’s physiological and metabolic imbalances using natural therapies and fundamental approaches to restore harmony to the body. A great deal of time will be spent with each patient to understand their personal situation and formulate a plan specific to them. Depending on your circumstances, your plan could be as simple as starting you on the path of understanding what your body needs for proper nutrition and exercise. Choose The Center of Integrated Medicine in Lakewood Ranch and break the cycle of suffering.
As a general internist, specializing in the diagnosis and (nonsurgical) treatment of adults, he started practicing Functional Medicine about 4 years ago. Imagine a tree and think of its branches as diseases, these are what conventional doctors would look at and base their prescription on. The way we are when we get older will be affected by the way we lived when we were younger. Our treatment plans start with preventive measures, nutritional counseling and lifestyle-modification recommendations specific to each individual’s unique history and wellness goals.
Functional medicine physicians identify and address health risks in order to promote wellness, and prevent development and progression of disease. We are dedicated to providing you with immediate information through phone consultation and rapid turnaround of reports.
Although MRI dominated as an imaging procedure for many years in North America, musculoskeletal ultrasound is now emerging as an affordable alternative to MRI. This allows testing the integrity of soft tissue structures and helps to evaluate pain with motion. We understand that health cannot be measured through the absence of disease, but instead, the evaluation of your health through your overall well-being.

Call us today for a wellness assessment at (561) 641-9490 or visit us in Lake Worth or Palm Beach Gardens, FL. The goal of this partnership is to bring the patient back to health as well as to teach the patient about the core principles of health maintenance as well as the mechanisms of illness and disease.
At The Center of Integrated Medicine we spend a great deal of time with our patients, listening to their histories and looking at interactions of environment and lifestyle factors on their genetic make-up. We want you to understand how you got to where you are and then what you can do about it to turn it around. By keeping their immune system strong, they will be able to fight off pathogens that they come in contact with through other children. But despite all the drugs and all the expertise, chronic diseases like diabetes are still very prominent today.
A lot of doctors from different fields of specialization are showing interest, wanting to learn how they can apply it to their own practices. A lot of chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle-related and environmental factors that are commonly overlooked and disregarded.
The next step may include the use of professional grade nutritional supplements or prescription medications. Historically this technique was developed in the German-speaking countries, mainly Germany and Switzerland, and is now being utilized throughout Europe.
Our functional and integrative medicine doctor will holistically restore your health and well-being.
The current approach of “Crisis Medicine” in America, that of drugs and surgery puts the patient in the role of victim. Thru this process we support the unique health and vitality of each individual patient and are able to then uncover the root cause of their suffering. Understanding your unique physiological fingerprint is necessary to developing a tailor made program just for you and what your body needs. Functional Medicine looks at the roots of the “tree” to understand the real causes of such diseases.
This is because everything at the bottom of the “tree”, the root causes, were never taken care of.
Our body has a lot of inherent ability to heal itself, and most of the time, it is why we have persistent symptoms. When necessary, our providers coordinate care with other health care professionals to ensure optimal care for each individual patient. This is a holistic perspective towards health, one that acknowledges the orchestrated connection of a body as one singular unit. Long-term imbalances, left untreated, become chronic diseases; often times created from poor nutrition, lifestyle and emotional habits, which ultimately diminish the quality of your life. If traditional medicine tells you “what” condition you have based on your symptoms, functional medicine tells you “why” you have them. A diabetic, despite being given all the effective and expensive drugs, may still develop organ complications accompanying chronic diseases like diabetes if the person’s unhealthy nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and other contributing lifestyle factors like sleep deprivation and chronic stress remain unaddressed. These symptoms are a warning to us by our body, telling us that these imbalances need to be corrected.
When you approach your health holistically, it becomes possible to weigh the connection between our fundamental physiological processes and environmental factors. Just as there is a path to disease, there is also a path to health and it involves retracing the steps of the disease pattern to find the root cause. Drug therapies commonly used to treat diseases become long-term band-aid approaches that eventually lead to other disease mechanisms and other drug therapies, creating an endless loop of sickness without addressing the root cause of imbalance. The goal of functional and integrative medicine is to offer an alternative treatment route for most chronic diseases.
The Center of Integrated Medicine is dedicated to uncovering the source of your symptoms rather than succumbing to drug therapy. I would rather establish a therapeutic partnership with them to help them reach optimal health conditions. Functional medicine addresses internal and external factors that influence our well-being to find and treat the underlying cause of chronic disease.

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