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Garlic has been used for centuries in many different cultures to treat a variety of health issues, including the common cold. There are plenty of commercial cold medicines available, but their effects are minimal and short-lived, and they come with unwanted side effects. Garlic has antiseptic properties that help the immune system protect against the cold virus. It also contains vitamin C, sulfur, selenium, and various other enzymes and minerals that help the body fight the common cold.
It contains antimicrobial, antiviral and antibiotic properties which help to treat the cold and its symptoms. For best results, consume raw, crushed garlic on a daily basis, and regularly use garlic to season your cooking.
Stir in 1 A? tablespoons olive oil, 1 whole head of peeled and chopped garlic cloves, 1 bay leaf, A? teaspoon dried thyme, and a pinch of dried sage.
When taken in excessive amounts, garlic causes bad breath, body odor, indigestion, and mouth irritation.
Garlic lowers glucose levels and increases the release of insulin, so it should not be used by those taking drugs that lower blood sugar.
Because garlic increases the risk of bleeding, pregnant women should not use it as a cold remedy. Over-cooking garlic may destroy its medicinal properties, so whenever possible, crush or mince it and eat it raw. Garlic tea might not sound that tasty but I assure you it’s not that bad and it is definitely worth it.
Diffusing lavender essential oil helps to kill off germs in the nasal passage, trachea, bronchial tubes, as you inhale the vapors. The essential oil vapors are also able to destroy germs floating through the air from coughing or sneezing. Elderberry boosts the immune system, heals coughs, colds, flu, viral and bacterial infections. Raw unprocessed honey has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that help cold sufferers recover faster.
Eucalyptus essential oil is another great oil to diffuse to kill germs and open up congestion.
The virus spreads through direct contact with an infected individual or through saliva, even when the person does not have blisters.
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Cold sores or fever blisters or oral herpes is a viral infection that appears as tiny, painful, fluid filled blisters that generally occur on and around lips, nose, chin and mouth. This cold sores are contagious virus and can be easily spread from one person to another through close personal contact like kissing, oral sex, etc. However to get rid of cold sores soon and to reduce its frequency of recurrence, then you have to follow an amazing and very effective home remedy called Garlic. Garlic which is available in every kitchen that not only used to enhance the taste of your cooking but also helps a lot in protecting your health. Here is the list of its properties that explains you in detail on how this garlic used to cure cold sores without any doubts like is garlic good for cold sores (or) does it treats cold sores in your mind.
Garlic has anti-bacterial property that helps to kill the bacteria to disinfect and speed up the healing process. It contains a compound called Indole a€“ 3 a€“ carbinol (I3C) that helps to boost up the immune system that in turn helps a lot in fighting against the bacteria or virus causing these cold sores. It has strong anti-microbial and anti-septic properties that make a miracle in curing the cold sores.
It has a chemical compound called allicin that helps to reduce the swelling and thereby speed up the healing process. It contains a compound known as kyolic which is well known for its anti-viral properties to speed up the healing process of cold sores. Enzymes in this garlic herb contain anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties that definitely help you to speed up the healing or recovery time of active lesions for treating cold sores. It has anti-inflammatory property that helps to reduce the swelling, pain and the inflammation caused by cold sores.
It has rich amount of vitamin B6 which is mainly responsible for producing antibiotics that in turn fights against the infections and the diseases.
Regular application of this garlic (in any form) on the cold sore affected areas of the skin will definitely help you cure the sore by reducing the intensity and pain. The below mentioned are some effective garlic methods which explains you on how to use garlic for treating cold sores. Or you can rub it directly on the cold sore for about 2 a€“ 3 times daily to speed up the healing process. Regular follow up of this process will definitely help you to clear the cold sores on the skin. Or you can add these garlic cloves in the cooking like soups, salads, gravies, sauces, bread, etc. For more effective and quick heal from cold sore, you have to eat this garlic cloves daily to boost the immune system and thereby to get rid of the cold sores completely on the skin. Stir it well and apply this on the cold sore affected areas of the skin either with the help of cotton ball or your fingers. Mixing garlic oil with olive oil helps to reduce the irritation or the stinging sensation that caused on the skin.
Or you can leave it like that for overnight by applying this on the sores before going to bed. Or you can use pure coconut oil in the place of olive oil to get relief from the cold sores.
Continue applying this garlic a€“ olive oil on the cold sores regularly to get complete relief from the sores.
First of all, prepare a garlic paste by mixing few garlic cloves with a little of water in it. Then take a small amount of this garlic paste and apply this on and around the cold sores like a thin layer. This process is one of the easiest ways to apply the garlic on the cold sore for preventing it. Leave it like that, for more effective results, apply this at night time before going to bed.
Do this same process of applying garlic lip balm regularly until you cleared the cold sore on the skin. Reapply the fresh garlic slice on the cold sores for about 2 a€“ 3 times daily until you get rid of it. Take a small bowl and pour garlic juice (you can prefer garlic valley farms cold pressed garlic pours or spray or homemade one) in it. Regularize the application of this garlic juice on the cold sores to clear it completely on the skin. Both of these ingredients have vitamin E and garlic also has anti-viral property that helps to boost up the nutritional level and thereby immune system to fight against the herpes virus. Continue drinking this garlic water regularly to get complete relief from not only cold sores but also from many other inbuilt health problems. However there is no specification in its quantities on exact milligrams but most of the garlic supplements will come in either 500 mg or 1000 mg pills. However following these tips and precautions will give the best, safe and quick results without any side effects. Regular chewing of garlic for more than 2 cloves will cause some gastrointestinal effects due to its chemicals. It might interact with certain medications like blood thinners, so always consult your doctor before taking this garlic as a remedy for cold sores, especially if youa€™re using any blood thinning medications. Take care while using garlic (fresh) juice on the skin, you have to keep it away from the eyes or else the garlic juice causes irritation to the eyes. Avoid direct application of garlic without mixing it in water, if you have sensitive skin why because it causes some stinging or burning sensation along with discomfort on the skin.

However applying garlic (which is slightly acidic) on the cold sores will be painful but the regular application will reduce the pain caused by it and the infection caused by cold sores.
You can also take garlic supplements for twice a day by beginning it with 1000 mg per day and then gradually increase the quantity.
Make sure to wash your hands after applying this garlic on the cold sore to avoid the spread of infection to other parts or to others. If youa€™re pregnant or nursing women, then you should consult the doctor before taking this garlic for treating any health ailment to prevent the side effects caused by it.
Not only using these garlic remedies but you have to consume foods which strengthens the immune system, have hygiene, try to lead a stress-less life by doing yoga and meditation, avoid the triggers that causing cold sores to get complete cure from the cold sores. If you find any problem like heartburn or acid reflux while consuming this garlic (more than normal quantity) for treating cold sores then you can simply take a garlic clove and rub it on the soles of feet.
Be sure to brush your mouth or else use mouth wash to rinse your mouth, especially if you ate raw garlic cloves for treating the cold sores to get rid of bad breath caused by garlic.
Caused by viral infection, the common cold is characterized by runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, and inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose and throat. Why use those when you can prevent and treat the common cold with something as safe, simple, and effective as garlic? It fights the germs that cause the common cold while providing your body with anti-oxidants it needs to function properly. A study from University of Maryland Medical Center found that people who regularly took garlic supplements during cold and flu season were less likely to suffer from colds, and if they did, their symptoms subsided faster than those who were not taking garlic. Use it in very small amounts at first, and if you see signs of allergic reaction, stop right away. While it is true that it can’t always be prevented, there are cures for the symptoms that come with a cold.A cold is a kind of infection that can be caused by different types of viruses. GarlicGarlic’s antibacterial and antiviral properties can be very helpful in getting rid of cold symptoms. Garlic has been found to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal activity which is very helpful when trying to fight something off.
The neti pot will help to clear out congestion and also flushes germs out of the nasal passage to help speed up healing. One of the most noteworthy benefits of elderberry is its efficacy in treating flu symptoms.
Food like sauerkraut have billions of active cultures that far outweigh the amount in any probiotic pill. Raw honey is preferred as a remedy over pasteurized honey because it retains its antibacterial properties. There is truth to this home remedy and it’s a great thing to feed children when they are ill. The condition is quite common as well as contagious.The problem is caused by the herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) and is highly contagious, especially when the blisters are oozing fluid. It is believed that as much as 90% of the adult population worldwide is infected with this virus.Cold sore outbreaks are characterized by small, painful blisters around the lips or the edge of the mouth.
It is intended for general information purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV a€“ 1) which in turn is closely related to HSV a€“ 2 (causes genital herpes). This is an easy available home ingredient that has many wonderful natural properties for healing cold sores. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of skin and clears the root cause to prevent cold sores completely from the skin. This vitamin is also used widely to fortify the nervous and the immune systems, thus fight against the cold sores from inside out to get complete cure from the herpes virus.
It not only kills the herpes virus during eruption but also helps to strengthen the immune system to clear the future outbreaks. However the usage of garlic is very effective for treating cold sores due to its medicinal properties that helps to kill the virus and thus heals the cold sores quickly.
But be sure to follow these methods regularly until you got complete relief from the cold sore but not for a one time use. It helps to reduce the risk of re-infection why because the left over paste in it will be discarded after all these blisters got completely healed.
If youa€™re unable to consume or use these garlic cloves on cold sore affected areas of skin due to its smell or stinging sensation on the skin, then you can simply go with this garlic supplements like capsules. Especially if youa€™re taking garlic pills which is warned by University of Maryland Medical Center. Or ask the doctor if youa€™re using this garlic for the child who are less than 8 years to know proper dosage and other information related to garlic for cold sores on children. Within 20 minutes, the garlic effect will enter into the bloodstream and thereby you will experience a relief from cold sores.
But remember to consult your doctor if youa€™re cold sore is not cured within a week or two, as it might be an indication of any other health problem or if you have a weakened immune system.
Hope you liked the article and will definitely give a trial to these garlic remedies for treating cold sores. Some of the common symptoms of a cold are headache, runny nose, cough, high fever, itchy eyes, sore throat, body aches and so on.It is important to treat a cold before it leads to other infections like strep throat, bronchitis and pneumonia. Garlic is good for the immune system and helps open up respiratory passages, and also helps flush toxins out of your body.Mix together one crushed garlic clove, two teaspoons lemon juice, one teaspoon honey, and half a teaspoon cayenne pepper or red chilli powder. There are a lot of different remedies that include essential oils, herbs, foods, and other techniques that can help shorten the life span of a cold and make the symptoms less severe. Taking an Epsom salt bath can help ease aches, calming the body as it fights the symptoms of a cold or flu. Elderberries contain bioflavonoids and other proteins in the juice that have strong antioxidant properties.  These flavonoids inhibit  the ability of cold and flu viruses to infect a cell. I always use lavender essential oil to set a relaxing mood in the room, but I think I will try to incorporate it into my healing by using specific oils for a client’s needs. However, the virus does not always cause sores and may even stay dormant permanently.Factors like emotional stress, fatigue, hormonal changes (especially during menstruation), fever, trauma to the skin, and exposure to strong sunlight tend to reactivate the virus and contribute to outbreaks. It has an active ingredient called glycyrrhizin with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.Mix one tablespoon of licorice root powder and one-half teaspoon of water. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.
This inflamed blisters burst before oozing a liquid from it and gets cleared by itself with a week or two. Even though the cold sore is treated but the virus (causing this cold sore) remains dormant in your system. Coming to cold sores, garlic is very effective remedy for its treatment than any other natural home remedy. Taking two supplements of garlic per day will give the same result like applying the raw garlic clove on the affected skin area.
But make sure to consult the doctor before using these garlic supplements for cold sores, as these might interact with certain medications. Consult a doctor before starting your garlic regimen in order to determine proper dosage for your individual health needs.
Consume it daily until the symptoms subside.Boil four to five chopped garlic cloves in a cup of water and add one teaspoon of honey.
To make the syrup, you will need red onions and honey or brown sugar.Slice two to three red onions horizontally. Taking elderberry syrup helps to reduce the severity of symptoms, and shorten the lifespan of the illness. If your levels of friendly bacteria get too low they will get out numbered by the bad guys which can cause illness or digestive problems. This is a natural alternative to vapo rubs that you see in the pharmacy and it works very well. You are likely to experience a tingling or burning sensation around the lips or nose a day or two before the blisters erupt.

Apply it on your cold sore using a cotton swab or your fingertip (make sure your hands are clean), and leave it on for a few hours. Although some antiviral drugs can prevent and shorten the duration of the flu, most medication only offers temporary relief from symptoms. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the BootsWebMD Site.
Whenever you feel ill, stress or your immune system gets down, then it appears again in the body. Garlic tea offers the same benefits and the warming effect of the tea helps to soothe sore throats and help clear mucus. Some doctors say it will even speed healing by detoxifying your body and increasing your white blood cell count. It can be taken alone or mixed with tea – just make sure not to put it in tea that is too hot. Stock contains minerals in a form the body can absorb easily—not just calcium but also magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and trace minerals.
They eventually burst, ooze fluid, and crust over.These sores usually go away on their own within a week or so.
Don’t eat other hot, spicy food, not to be confused with food that is heated on a stove with kitchen spices! Remember that it might sting a little but clears the cold sore very quickly than any other remedy. HoneyHoney can be of great help in soothing an irritated throat as well as shortening the lifespan of a cold. Another reason to eat sauerkraut in particular is because it is packed full of vitamins such as vitamin C and B (including B12).
I hope you can find some inspiration for your blog as to another natural and holistic treatment!
If you have high blood pressure, avoid taking licorice root as it raises blood pressure and leads to low levels of potassium.6.
The high amount of nutrients and enzymes in honey help kill bacteria and viruses that cause colds.The simplest home remedy is to consume a mixture of one teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of honey. When you open the bowl, there will be thick liquid like syrup.Drink a spoonful of the syrup several times a day to get relief from sore throats and other symptoms of a cold. Sauerkraut is very inexpensive to make yourself and it has more cultures since there is no pasteurization in homemade versions. LysineStudies have found that taking lysine on a regular basis can help prevent cold sores due to its antiviral effects. It is registered for sale in the UK as a traditional product used for the relief of cold and flu symptoms, but it's unclear whether it helps fight off colds or flu.
GarlicGarlic has enzymes that work as antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents that help treat cold sores. Lysine is an essential amino acid that blocks the activity of another amino acid called arginine, which promotes replication of the herpes simplex virus.Take 1,000 to 1,500 mg L-Lysine supplements daily to help keep the herpes virus dormant.
The regulator MHRA says Echinacea products should not be used for children under 12 as the risk of allergic reactions outweighs any possible benefits.
GingerGinger can be helpful in treating common cold and its symptoms due to its antiviral, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory properties.Eat raw ginger or drink ginger tea several times a day. Acetone Nail Polish RemoverBelieve it or not, many people have actually tried this remedy and even found it effective.
You can also use creams, but oral lysine is considered more effective.Include meat, milk, yogurt, cheese, soybeans, and other protein-rich foods in your diet as they are good sources of lysine. ZincSome studies suggest that zinc may have antiviral properties, and may prevent the formation of certain proteins that cold viruses use to reproduce themselves. The NHS says taking zinc syrup, tablets or lozenges may be an effective treatment for the common cold. A 2011 Cochrane review suggests that taking zinc supplements within a day of the symptoms starting will speed up recovery and lessen the severity of symptoms. Chicken SoupChicken soup has many essential nutrients and vitamins that help treat common cold symptoms. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. One major review of evidence in 2007 found no evidence to support routine high-dose vitamin C supplements for most people. Inhaling the steam can ease nasal congestion and sipping spoonfuls of fluid can help avoid dehydration. Mohammad Shamsudduha December 18, 2013 at 5:38 am ReplyI have just got this site and read them carefully.
Laboratory research has found chicken soup has some anti-inflammatory properties, though it's unclear whether this effect translates to colds in the real world. Georgina May 21, 2014 at 2:51 pm ReplyEvery year, myself and my son would catch colds in the late winter and early spring, then move straight into allergies and get sinus infections. Inhaling the steam may help relieve congestion, while swallowing the fluid can soothe the throat and keeps you hydrated.
I use to hate onions unless they were cooked into something, but over the last couple of years we started eating raw red onions on salads and sandwiches. Make a cup of hot herbal tea, add a teaspoon of honey, a small measure of whisky, and a squeeze of lemon. While there is not enough research to recommend it as a cold remedy, garlic is very nutritious.
In addition, it can help spice up your meals when a stuffy nose makes everything taste bland. Keep up the good work ?? tommy February 23, 2015 at 10:32 am ReplyYes, Really the above is very useful and it worked fine for me.
Saline dropsDripping saltwater into the nose can remove virus and bacteria particles, and reduce congestion. Use a bulb syringe to squirt the mixture into one nostril while holding the other one closed.
Neti potThis small ceramic pot is used to flush out the nasal passages with a saltwater solution. Remember that rinsing your nasal passages with plain water will cause a severe burning sensation.
To avoid infection risks, follow the instructions and always use distilled water or cooled boiled water. Menthol ointmentDays of wiping and blowing your nose during a cold or flu can leave the skin around your nostrils sore and irritated. Thanks guys:-) jack March 10, 2016 at 3:40 am Replyi was sniffling and my nose was running for about 4 hours this morning! Dabbing a menthol-infused ointment under the nose brings the benefit of menthol’s mild numbing agents to relieve the pain, plus the menthol aroma can help open clogged passages.
Always read the label before using this product and for babies and children, make sure it is suitable for their age.
Gargling warm water with a teaspoon of salt four times daily may help keep a scratchy throat moist. Let your fever workHigher temperatures make your body inhospitable for germs, fighting colds and flu.
Seek urgent medical advice if an infant under 3 months old has a temperature of 38C or above, or if between 3 to 6 months old and has a temperature over 39C.
Bed restWith our busy lives, most of us find it difficult to spend a day or two under the covers, but getting plenty of rest lets your body direct more energy to fighting off germs. Keeping hydrated is also important, so drink plenty of liquid and give your immune cells a boost in their battle against your bugs.

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