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Over the last couple of decades, more and more people have become concerned about their health and are seeking ways to supplement their diets. When you split off the vitamin from its complex it must be re-combined with the other members of its complex before it can perform its function. Many in their quest for longevity and better health are taking thousands on milligrams per day of Ascorbic Acid. The next time you read an article or hear an advertisement about the wonders of a particular vitamin or mineral, remember that each vitamin and mineral requires co-factors of other vitamins and minerals to permit proper functioning. Anderson traces the beginnings of the mishandling of our top-soil to a German chemist named Justice Von Liebig. The German chemical dyeing industry took over production of this a€?artificial manurea€? and started selling it to farmers. Once you start growing plants in this artificial environment they become so weak they lose their resistance and their immunity. Consequently, we end up eating plants which are vitamin and mineral deficient and are unable to properly dispose of the poisons used on the chemically treated plants. Plants absorb their mineral content from the soil and use the suna€™s energy to manufacture their vitamin and protein content. As if it were not enough that many of our farms are growing produce on demineralized soil, food manufacturers then proceed to take that produce and refine out most of the remaining nutrients. In a study done at Rutgers University, a research team compared the mineral content of commercial produce purchased at a supermarket with organically grown produce bought at a health food store. For you and I as consumers, we need to vote with our dollars by buying certified organically produced foods, whether they be fruit, vegetables, or meat and dairy products. In addition to making the switch to eating organically grown food, ita€™s also a very good idea to supplement your diet with a high quality, whole food based supplement. The best whole food concentrates start with certified organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouts grown on mineral-rich soil.
A famous potato chip advertisement used to challenge us with the slogan, a€?Bet you cana€™t eat just one!a€? According to Paul Stitt, author of the book, a€?Beating the Food Giants,a€? there may be more to this statement than you might think. For example, Paul claims that one of the more popular cookies on the market (hint: ita€™s got two black cookies on the outside with a creamy white center), at one time contained 23 different appetite stimulants specifically designed to get you to eat more of their cookies.
One would think the company would have been thrilled because they now had a solution to world hunger.
Working for a big name cereal manufacturer Paul helped create a nutritional concentrate that when added to the companya€™s cereal products cause people to fill up much faster.

Our brains have a mechanism for telling us when we have eaten enough based on the nutritional content of what we are eating. After Paul left the cereal company, he decided to start a health food store selling wholesome, nutritional food. To read about Paul Stitta€™s story in more detail and learn many more facts about what the big food companies are up to order his book, a€?Beating the Food Giants.a€? To listen to Dr Watkinsona€™s interview with Paul on the Health Detective radio show, click here. The German chemical dyeing industry took over production of this a€?artificial manurea€? and started selling it to farmers.A  That was the start of the chemical fertilization industry and the beginning of the ruination of top-soil.
President Obama Is Scheduled To Give A “Jobs” Speech On Thursday Night….BUT If OUR “Elected Leaders” Really Want To Create More Jobs and Get the American Economy Moving Again Then They Must Understand That the Number ONE Problem Is the High Cost of Energy Stupid! The US Government and the Obama Administration’s inability to recognize that ONE of the primary things that made the American Republic one of the greatest powers in the history of Man and Woman on Earth was the access to relatively low-priced energy which the ambitious and expeditious American People turned into the greatest economy the world has ever seen….that is until now as the American economy is rolling to a complete stop.
The US Economy CANNOT recover from the current downturn without much lower oil and energy prices across the board and the Absolute Fantasy dreams of the Wacko Environmental Nuts that America will be able to turn to any kind of other energy source, renewable or not, to replace fossil fuels anytime in the next decade is not only Complete Folly it is nothing less than playing craps with the future of the Country and its People. It has been reported that President Obama is going to propose another $300 Billion Dollars in stimulus which will include a payroll tax cut, some infrastructure projects and various other government programs….BUT…if President Obama and OUR “Elected Leaders” really wanted to get the US Economy growing again there is only ONE WAY to do that and that is to find ways to directly impact the price of oil and thus the cost of gasoline because no amount of spending, borrowing or bullshit financial manipulation by the Morons at the Federal Reserve will have any REAL impact until the price of oil is brought down….
Several of us here at Mad As Hell And… have purchased and have been using Honda’s Civic Compressed Natural Gas car which retails around $27,000 with a MPG of 24 City – 26 Hwy. Guess what we are paying for the Compressed Natural Gas as compared to an equivalent gallon of gasoline to run these CNG Honda Civics? That is almost $2 Dollars a gallon less than the cost of gasoline right now and if gasoline was selling for $1.70 a gallon right now and had been for the past year the US economy would be on the way to a strong recovery right now. To make the Sorry Bastards on Wall Street as rich as possible and if the American People are crushed in the process there is NO ONE at the Fed that gives two rips about anyone beyond the southern tip of Manhattan because propping up the Welfare Queens and Kings on Wall Street is paramount and their ONLY mission on this planet. The softness of housing prices continues to artificially suppress the growth of the CPI inflation rate. Does President Obama REALLY want to create REAL jobs in America (not the Bogus “green” jobs which do nothing more than artificially jack-up the cost of energy on the American People)? These Sorry Excuses for OUR “Elected Leaders” will be directly responsible for taking down the American Republic.
The Institute for Energy Research is a not-for-profit organization that conducts intensive research and analysis on the functions, operations, and government regulation of global energy markets. The NPC is an advisory group of industy, academic, government and other officials that are tasked by the Secretary of Energy to provide advice on oil and natural gas issues. The United States is the world’s third largest oil producer, after Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Together the United States and Canada produce 4 percent more oil than Russia, the world’s largest oil producer.
The Trans Alaskan Pipeline System will be threatened by decommissioning unless new oil resources are developed in the Arctic to keep the pipeline’s volumes from reaching below minimum operating levels.
GE's Gas Engines business has its headquarters, main production facilities and more than 1,400 of its 2,600 worldwide employees located in Jenbach, Austria. Cavenaugh, MD of Cornell University, a€?There is only one major disease a€“ malnutrition.a€? Our Creator put everything on this planet we need to keep our bodies running at an optimum level.
Bernard Jenson of the book, a€?Empty Harvest,a€? is one of the nationa€™s leading authorities on soil depletion and its effects on health.
All the rest of it, food, energy, clothing, recreation, education, transportation, toys, cosmetics, etc.
But not many people outside the economics community know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics also publishes a long list of alternate permutations of CPI calculations, including or excluding various components. America could have enough oil resources to meet today’s oil demand levels in the future for decades without importing from unfriendly foreign countries.
In 2009, DOE Sectretary Steven Chu requested the NPC to evaluate oil and natural gas resources based on the following four concepts: economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, energy security, and prudent development. Development of these resources will require assistance from the federal government through their inclusion in the 2012-2017 leasing program.
That is the conclusion of a new report from the National Petroleum Council (NPC).[i] The report also finds that America has huge volumes of natural gas that can meet decades of demand.
Their development will also require sustained investment, advanced technology, and new pipelines and other infrastructure. When we exclude the contribution of the housing price data, we can see that the inflation rate for everything else is already up to 4.68%. That statement should come as no surprise since hydraulic fracturing has opened up vast shale gas deposits. But it might be a surprise to some that NPC also finds that hydraulic fracturing will open up vast oil resources to development as well.

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