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Rounding the corner, stalking down a school hallway with ankle-snapping heels, designer handbags and the ultimate fashion accessory are the GBF, or Gay Best Friend groupies. At first you would be forgiven for writing GBF off as yet another sometimes-funny-but-mostly-bland, high school tween drama, and there are elements of this sub-genre in GBF.
Director Darren Stein does seem to be addicted to the traditional-yet-slightly-different high school teen drama and there are more than just a few similarities between GBF and his 1999 film, Jawbreaker, and yet I can’t help getting caught up with the plot.
Ultimately, GBF is a witty coming of age story about friendship and accepting yourself for who you are. Abbreviations, half-words (‘whatev’ instead of whatever and ‘perf’ instead of perfect), and hilarious insults abound. Adelaide's first positive news website, focusing on the best of South Australian events, news, businesses and more. Contact us to find out how your business can become a member to be listed in our directory and receive great exposure to our vast online community. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates on what’s happening around the State. Personally, I think this is one of the funniest films out there and encourage everyone to go and see it when it comes out in theaters ( hopefully soon!). It is important that we stand up for who we are.
I had the opportunity to catch up with them at the Babyliss Pro Arts & Cinema Studio that happened on the day of their premiere. Babyliss Pro was on-site handling all the styling for the cast to get them ready for all their press photos and interviews with their new WHITE HOT collection. Csak es kizarolag a szineszek miatt biztos meg fogom nezni ezt a filmet, de persze ez jo sokara lesz, es azt hiszem a tinifilmek kozertheto nyelvezete miatt beprobalom majd felirat nelkul is.
Az is jo megkozelites, amit te mondasz, csak a trailer milyensege miatt nem gondoltam meg erre komolyabban. Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. For those who don’t know, NFOTD was started by my Twitter homie and director of photography extraordinaire, Cybel Martin. To celebrate half a year of #NFOTD, I decided to highlight some of my favorite films, so far. The 411: It takes guts and true talent to go head to head with the biggest comedian in Hollywood. The 411: Belle tells the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, a mixed race aristocrat in 18th century Britain.

The 411: Vanishing Pearls tells the story of a group of black fishermen in Louisiana who suffer devastating consequences after the BP oil spill. The 411:  Wadjda is a delightful film, the first shot entirely in Saudi Arabia, that follows a 10-year old girl in her quest to raise the money to buy a bike. The 411: I have heard about Paris Is Burning for YEARS but only recently watched it for myself. The 411:  Cesar Chavez focuses on the several years that the title character worked as an activist for the migrant grape farmers.
This may not be everyone’s goal in life, but it sure is for Fawcett, (Sasha Pieterse), ‘Shley, (Andrea Bowden), and Caprice, (Xosha Roquemore).
Willett), is outed by the school’s LGBT support group, he is picked up by the cool girls and he begins to surpass still-closeted best friend Brent, (Paul Iacono) in popularity. The obligatory ‘gay him up’ montage where the poor nerdy, painfully un-hip and, on this occasion, uniquely homosexual guy gets a makeover from the fabulously manicured and blow-dried beauties is tired and cliched, but still, it’s what you expect from a high school drama.
GBF breaks the mould by reinventing characters, diversifying character motivations, and letting everyone (themselves included) just have a laugh. The film takes the entertaining path to self-discovery and glams it up along the way with more than enough drama and exceptional outfits. Willett rocked a BALLIN Paris shirt … super cute and a great shrunken jacket and cool pants ! GBF – azaz Gay Best Friend, ami a meno tinilanyok legfobb tartozeka, a film szerint legalabbis mindenkepp. Mindenesetre a produkcionak nehez dolga volt a forgatashoz szukseges penz megteremtesehez, a szineszek is szinte ingyen vallaltak, sot, egyikuk ki is twittelte, hogy a sajat ruhait hordta a jelenetek alatt. Persze, a legtobb embernek ezek a nevek semmit sem mondanak, de az olyan megrogzott sorozatrajongoknak, mint en, o, ez maga a mennyei manna! Mindenesetre azt mar az alabbi behind the scenes video, a trailer, es maga az alaptortenet is egyertelmuve teszi, hogy sok jot ne varjak ettol az alkotastol. Ugyhogy szerintem itt a film nem egy altalanos felfogasra epul, hanem inkabb egyes lanyok heppjere, ami egyre tobb helyen fellelheto. Nemreg mutattak be a fesztivalon, szoval szerintem mahoz egy evre mar lesz valahol release. Every day #NFOTD participants watch a film that they’ve never seen before and tweet (and sometimes instagram) about it. The three high school clique queens do battle for supremacy and best friend status with the schools only openly gay attendant.

Along with this, the parallel sub plot about the three fashionistas campaigning against each other for prom queen brings back memories from horrible ‘90s flicks with bad hair and worse acting. Paul Iacono is incredible as Brent Van Camp, and while he plays up to the stereotype as the fashion obsessed, overly-queeny gay, he does so in a way that makes you fall in love with him and want to take him as your own GBF.
We cover everything from what's new, lifestyle news, events, launches, music, food & wine, fashion and more. Brent longs for the spotlight and has a plan that will make him the most popular kid in school. This film is a feel good film that makes you laugh and if you love fashion – the styling is awesome! A producer, Darren Stein, aki mar tobb tinifilmet elkeszitett, vegul online adomanygyujtesbe fogott, ahol a film befejezesere gyujtottek. Oke, alairom, rengeteget javult a melegek helyzete az utobbi evek soran, de azert az alapotletnek, hogy a melegsegtol valaki meno legyen… anyam, borogass.
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been going pretty hard core on my #NFOTD (New Film of the Day) goals for 2014. In About Last Night she excels as a comedic actress and steals the spotlight on more than one occasion. His mum, played by the always fabulous Megan Mullally is the poster child for the excepting and supportive mother who embraces her son’s sexuality wholeheartedly (maybe even a little too much). Vegul osszejott bo 11 ezer dollar, es ennyi elvileg eleg volt ahhoz, hogy a Triberica Filmfesztivalon bemutathassak.
Tanner on the other hand, would rather fly under the radar and graduate from high school without ever being noticed.
Bar imadom hagyomanyos love storykat is, amikor a jopasiert kuzdenek, de nem art egy kis valtozatossag.
Meanwhile, Tanner must choose between skyrocketing popularity and the friends he is leaving behind.
I believe our whole world will one day get with the program and understand we are all created equally and we all have our right to our sexuality, our bodies, our minds and our hearts.

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