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Painting that Mean Girls picture of school kids with such an extensive wardrobe that they don’t need to wear the same underwear twice, let alone a dress or jeans. To most people this film will be exactly what it is – a teen comedy romp that tails off into chaotic plot in the second half – but to others it is a political statement, promoting the frankly non-issue of sexuality for this generation. The wardrobe sets the bar for the rest of the film, which while based in a high school and dealing with some relevant issues (whether they should be relevant or not, I’ll get onto that), is somewhat out of this world.

That’s mostly a good thing and makes for an enjoyable teen movie I want to watch again for the jokes I missed while I was laughing at other jokes or discussing the heels in the gym scenario. Cue friendship groups collapsing, frappachino aided makeover montages and teenage soul searching. The clique elite make up the rest of the ensemble leads – mean girl Fawcett, drama queen Caprice and Mormon goodie-two-shoes ‘Shley, (great names right?) and they all have a little chick flick journey all their own – Fawcett reveals she’s not actually that much of a bitch, ‘Shley tries not being so good and quite likes it and Caprice learns she’s totally okay with being mistaken for a transvestite by Brent’s liberal Mum (a sweet and charming performance from Will & Grace’s Megan Mullally).

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