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CausesJust like any type of virus, this condition can be transmitted from one patient to a healthy host through direct or indirect contact.Both the herpes simplex and varicellazoster viruses are very common among adults.
Stromal Keratis - A rare ocular herpes that has resulted from late response of the immune system.
As there is no cure for herpes, surgical option might not be out of hand in this situation.Herpes in the Eye SymptomsAs there are different types of viruses that cause herpes in the eye and their symptoms differ with each other, there are also cases when their symptoms are the same. Cat hemorrhoids - causes, symptoms, treatments and, If you suspect your cat of having hemorrhoids, you should take it to the vet as soon as possible. Therapy cat - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A therapy cat is a cat trained to help ailing humans in a medically beneficial way to take advantage of the human-animal interaction for purposes of relaxation and. Uses and benefits of cat's claw - all-natural, In referring to cat's claw, newsweek reported that this rain forest herb has been long used to treat asthma, ulcers, and cancer.. How to know if a dog has internal or external hemorrhoids, How to know if a dog has internal or external hemorrhoids.
What Causes Internal Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids (piles): causes, home remedies, and cures, Hemorrhoids (piles) are commonly caused by straining while having a bowel movement, pregnancy, colon cancer, constipation, or chronic diarrhea.
External Hemorrhoids Treatment Home Remedy External hemorrhoids treatment – 5 effective home treatments, External hemorrhoids are the type that is so painful and uncomfortable. What To Use For Hemorrhoids Pain Hemorrhoid pain relief made easy – how to treat hemorrhoids, Echinacea extract applied with the use of cotton balls helps relieve pain and same result with the use of laser. Hemorrhoids Cure And Treatment Hemorrhoids treatment, Hemmorhoids and how to cure them permanently hemorrhoids symptoms.
How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast Naturally At Home How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast naturally – 10 home, Hemorrhoids, also known as piles are swollen veins around the anal opening or the anal canal. Forty-five million people in the United States are infected with the herpes simplex virus (HSV). HSV-2 may cause recurrent painful genital ulcers and can be severe in people with suppressed immune systems. If the first episode of herpes occurs during pregnancy she can pass the virus to her unborn baby and she may be at higher risk of premature delivery.
People infected with herpes may be more susceptible to HIV infection, and HIV-infected individuals may be more infectious. Impurity of pitta along with that of blood is the main causative factor for the pathology to appear. Various factors like poor digestion,very wrong eating habits,eating lots of spicy or bitter food,etc. The skin,blood and lymph are purified through herbal preparations which metabolize the toxin AMA accumulated in blood and lymph formed due to imbalance doshas. According to ayurveda a disease not only affects a particular organ but affects the whole body. If you keep your immune system healthy, you can significantly reduce your chances of future outbreaks. Along with the process of balancing doshas and rejuvenation of body, the treatment to the particular organ which is mainly affected by the disease should be treated. Attitude - One of the best ways for managing stress is keeping your sense of humor and perspective. Obesity, high cholesterol, excessive alcohol and excessive sugar consumption are the factors involved in reducing or impairing immunity ,so these should be avoided at any cost. Herbal Supplements - helpful supplements include Triphala, Neem, Gandhakarasayan,Abhrak bhasma etc. To read interesting articles every month and to keep yourself upto date in the field of Ayurveda, Subscribe to "Ayurveda For You- IAA Newsletter"It's Free!! The Exotic Shorthair was developed to be a short haired version of the Persian, with the flat face of the Persian but a short plush teddy-bear look.(1)(3) They are very  responsive to humans and human emotions, and inherited their personality and gentle ways from their Persian ancestry. In the late 1950’s, Persians were used secretly by some American Shorthair (ASH) breeders  to “improve” the American Shorthair breed, to improve body type and to introduce the “silver” color of the Persian into the breed . The first crosses of the Persian and the American Shorthair resulted in a heavy boned, densely furred cat.
The Exotic is a medium to large cat with short, thick, strong legs.(2) The Exotic must meet Persian standards with regard to nose, eye, ear, chin, and build. The personality of the Exotic is a combination of the placid, affectionate nature of the Persian with the playful inquisitiveness of the American Shorthair. While their shorter hair is less obvious than a Persian’s coat, they do shed heavily leading up to summer. Pricing on Exotics usually depends on type, applicable markings and bloodlines distinguished by Grand Champion,  National or Regional winning parentage or of Distinguished Merit parentage.

Because of the regular use of Persians as out-crosses, some Exotics may carry a copy of the recessive longhair gene. The Exotic Shorthair is similar to the Persian in many ways, including temperament and conformation, with the exception of the short dense coat.
They live between 12 and 14 years.  (6) The squashed face of the exotic Shorthair cat can lead to some eye problems. The National Eye Institute reported that more than 400,000 Americans suffered herpes in the eye at least once in their life and almost 100% of adults beyond 60 years of age are suffering from it - whether healthy or not.Once the virus infected the patient, it burrows itself in the nerve fibers of the person and will remain inactive for a long while.
This infection happens when the herpes virus reached the iris and infected the surrounding eye tissues - causing severe eye inflammation, blurry vision, extreme sensitivity to light, swelling and reddening of the eye, and pain. He might check the pressure of your eye sockets and drop some fluorescein- a special dye that reacts to certain viruses- in your eye. HSV-1 (facial herpes) most commonly occurs on the lips in the form of fever blisters and cold sores. This is achieved by dietary changes and adding certain dietary supplements and herbs which balance the vitiated doshas of the disease . The herbal preparations detoxify blood and lymph and expel the toxins and vitiated doshas from blood and lymph.
These preparations also reduce local inflammation of the skin and skin gets a very good resistance to subsequent attacks.
Most often, it\92s mental stress, but physical stress \96 exposure to strong sunlight or exercising hard\97can be a factor as well.
An ideal Exotic should present an impression of a heavily boned, well balanced cat with a sweet expression and soft, round lines (3)An average exotic breed weighs around 6-14 pounds. Exotics mature later than most other breeds, and since all pets should be neutered and spayed at an early age, problems related to spraying and other adult urges aren’t a concern.
Blocked tear ducts and discharge from the eyes is common so keep the eyes clean with a tissue or wet washer. The flat nose can sometimes be bred in such a way that the nostrils are too small to allow enough air in when breathing and these cats wheeze a lot and if under stress, especially in hot climates can go blue (cyanotic). Because feline Herpes affects the airways, many kittens infected before the first vaccine tend to become chronic carriers of Herpes and sneeze all the time, often with mucky discharge that has to be cleaned from their noses. The clearness in your post is simply spectacular and i can take for granted you are an expert on this field.
While it is not really a dangerous health problem, one must still watch out for the red flags that might lead to unwanted results.
If the host managed to maintain a good health, then it is not uncommon for the condition to remain dormant and never wake up at all.It is rare for herpes in the eye to cause an outbreak all by itself. Although only a few cases were recorded, the NEI warned that if left unattended, stromal keratis can cause permanent damage to your vision.
A shocking 80 percent of people infected with HSV are never aware that they are infected because either they never develop symptoms or they fail to recognize the symptoms when they do occur. By rejuvenation using Rasayanas the body immunity gets boosted to fight any recurrent attacks of diseases. In genital herpes this is achieved through local application of herbal paste prepared from powders of sandle wood, rose, amalki,Neem etc. The tenderness of the skin vanishes and skin discoloration fades to get back the natural color. Deep sleep causes our bodies to release potent immune-enhancing hormones into the bloodstream. Studies have shown that just 30 minutes of regular aerobic exercise such as walking boosts immunity.Yoga - has found to be most effective in supporting the immune system and calming the nervous system.
Persians are a very popular indoor cat, but require daily grooming to maintain their beautiful coat, so busy people who like Persians but don’t have time for daily grooming, can choose the Exotic. In 1966, Jane Martinke, a CGA judge and ASH breeder managed to get the Cat Fanciers’ Association to recognize them as a new breed, under the name Exotic Shorthair.(1) The first name suggested for them was Sterling because of its silver color. Adult Exotics enjoy simple pleasures, like watching water drip from a faucet or chasing paper balls around the house. After twelve weeks, kittens have had their basic inoculations and developed the physical and social stability needed for a new environment. Ironically, longhaired Exotics are not considered Persians by CFA, although The International Cat Association accepts them as Persians.
It is important to get your vet to check your cat’s airways as there is an operation to correct this problem. Unfortunately, kittens from catteries where they are intensively bred and housed often come with Herpes.

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So far there is no proper cure for herpes but treatments can be done that can help alleviate the pain, decrease the virus lifespan, and prevent further outbreaks.Although it carries a similar name, ocular herpes is not the same as the genital herpes. It can only be activated when the immune system of the patient is negatively affected by a health problem such as surgical or dental trauma, fever, sunburn and too much stress.After activation, the virus will multiply and spread throughout the body. It is largely responsible for most cases of corneal scarring in the US-which will ultimately lead to blindness. Hemorrhoids treatment, hemorrhoid relief,, Hemorrhoids treatment – instant pain relief and long term hemorrhoid treatment.
Once a person is infected with HSV it remains for life and people can experience periodic episodes of active herpes. In general the foods that are beneficial to people with herpes are fresh vegetables, fruits,beans ,chicken, fish and eggs. However, they settled on the on Exotic Shorthair as a name, reasoning that by the introduction of new silver color in the American Shorthair, the breeders had made the breed exotic. Keeping such a rare treasure indoors, neutering or spaying and providing acceptable surfaces (e.g. It is a long-term virus that has a 40-50% chance of appearing again after the first outbreak. TreatmentDue to the fact that herpes is a virus, it cannot be treated using conventional antibiotics like penicillin. Exotics stay playful as adults and bring pleasure for many years.  (4) Exotics love to sleep and live a luxurious life style.
Once this virus infected the cornea, it results into an ocular herpes that doctors refer to as "herpes simplex keratis"Varicellazoster virus is the virus responsible for chicken pox and shingles - a disease in the nervous system. Many cats with feline Herpes end up at eye specialists because of ulcers on the eyes that won’t heal and have to have lysine supplements and eyedrops to control the infections all their life.  The kitten vaccines protect them from Herpes, but only if they come into contact with it for the first time at least 2 weeks AFTER the first vaccination. Ocular herpes caused by this virus is called "herpes zoster ophthalmicus".Effectiveness of the treatment depends on the patient's health and proper identification of the virus. The strength of ocular herpes can go from minor irritation, to leeching your health, and endangering your sense of sight.
But bear in mind that due to its potency, one must be careful not to abuse it or else it can worsen the infection and damage your health.The main factor to consider before buying any medicine is to identify the location of the infected area, whether be it the corneal stroma, retina, iris, or corneal epithelium. In 1987 CFA completely banned Exotic to shorthair out-crosses, allowing Persian out-crosses only.
They quietly beg for your attention by just sitting in front of you with an irresistible look focused on your eyes. Exotics are great companion pets for the elderly as well as being suitable for a family.(6) They tend to be generally livelier and more inquisitive than Persians, (3) although as the Exotic’s line of Persian ancestors is becoming longer and longer, their temperament is becoming more Persian like.
It is important to know as it will judge how serious the infection is.If the infection was limited only on the outer layer of the cornea, then doctors can prescribe simple ointments, or antiviral pills and eye drops to take care of the problem. They will jump in your lap to curl up for a nap or push their wet nose right into your face. Some like to sit on your shoulder and hug you when you pet them.  An Exotic is very comfortable to have in your home. Also, even if the pain has subsided, do not stop the medication unless your doctor said so or else it can return as a stronger virus.If the problem persisted in the cornea, doctors can do other methods. Corticosteroids are powerful drugs that have the side effect of causing pressure in the eye.
Regular check-ups have to be done to make sure the drug will not affect the patient's overall health.Another method that doctors can use is the steroid drops. They will jump until exhausted trying to catch a toy on a stick, or they will sit and carefully study how to get the toy down from the top of the bookcase where it was placed when you stopped playing with them. When used inappropriately, steroids can damage the patient's immune system- making the patient more vulnerable to other health problems.Steroid drops were also reported to promote further infection of the ocular herpes. But if the problem has became so serious to the point that it rendered the eyes useless, a corneal transplant from a healthy donor would be the only method that can restore the patient's sight.

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