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Cold sores, fever blisters or herpes simplex whatever you call the disease, is best kept under control by clean personal habits. After medication and treatment of fever, the next step will be to make sure that the pus formation in the blisters is cleared off. Salty and spicy oily foods are a strict no-no since they need stretching of mouth while eating and such stretching can cause the blisters to be disturbed. 1 Gram of lysine with one gram of vitamin C and one gram of flavonoids taken 5 times a day until the disease is cured, is a good home remedy too.
About cold sores There are two types of HSV – HSV-1 and HSV-2. The patient needs to be given warm tea, popsicles and needs to have enough sleep for quick recovery.
To cater for viral infection, it is necessary to take medicines like Penciclovir, Famciclovir, and acyclovir.
Used for 10 minutes three or four times a day followed by ice packs and lemon balm to cure the sores. The ice pack needs to be applied over the blisters and move around quickly to other blisters. The tree oil is mixed with water in the ratio of one volume of tea tree oil to two or three volumes of water.
The diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, whole grain fiber, legumes, and protein-rich food should be taken daily.
Most cold sores are caused by HSV-1, whereas most genital sores (genital herpes) are caused by HSV-2. Since these symptoms do appear in many diseases, hence it is difficult to predict the onset of herpes.
These medicines are not meant to prevent the outbreak of fever nor are they meant for cure, but can speedup recovery. The saturated solution is dabbed over the blisters and allowed to remain in that condition for about an hour or so.
On many occasions the disease lies dormant for a long time before the fever blisters appear.
Chocolates are also to be avoided since amino acids in chocolate known to fuel reproduction of herpes simplex virus. Since they are in the region of front portion of face, they have visibility and are quite embarrassing to the person. However it is necessary that the anti-viral medicines need to be started as soon as the symptoms show up.

The drying action give by the combined treatment is effective in preventing spread of blisters.
Like other parts of the body, the tongue can show signs of illness or trauma to let us know that something isn’t quite right.
Over the counter (OTC) pain killers like aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen can also be used for alleviating pain of the patient. The children are not to be administered doses of aspirin since a potentially fatal risk through Reye's syndrome can occur when aspirin is given. If you notice a fissure that is accompanied by unexplained facial or lip swelling, make an appointment with your doctor. Application of zinc oxide to the areas prone to fever blisters also helps in preventing cold blisters. It appears most commonly in infants and young children, but it can also occur in those who wear dentures, have a weakened immune system or are taking antibiotics.
If You Have Sores on Your Tongue…WikipediaBiting your tongue can cause a sore to develop, or sores that appear on your tongue may be canker sores. The exact cause of most canker sores are unknown, but stress and acidic foods can trigger them and make them worse.
If Your Tongue Has Wavy Edges…FlickrIf the edges of your tongue are scalloped or wavy, it could mean that your tongue is swollen. It usually occurs as a result of something else going on in your body, such as allergies, a thyroid problem, fever or dehydration. Oral herpes can spread to genitals while doing so and can certainly make way for other sexually transmitted diseases. However, if they get worse, don’t improve within seven days, or you have recurrent outbreaks, see your GP for advice. They grip your food to make it easier to eat, and they contain your taste buds, which control your like and dislike of certain foods. If Your Tongue Has White Patches…WikipediaWhite patches that appear on the side or bottom of the tongue may be a sign of leukoplakia, a reaction to a long-standing irritation of the tongue. Constant irritation causes the cells in the affected area to multiply more than usual, resulting in a white patch being formed. It’s not always a health concern on its own, but it could be a starting point for cancer to develop later on.
It may be a sign of scarlet fever — strep throat with a rash — or Kawasaki disease, which affects the blood vessels. Kawasaki disease is a non-contagious autoimmune disease that is seen in children under eight years old.

This is a condition that can develop if the sores become infected with bacteria, causing them to become crusty and yellow. LindseyShafferApril 18, 201610 Easy Ways to Detox Your Lymphatic System and Balance Your Hormones!
HSV can spread into broken skin (for example, eczema or dermatitis) and cause a serious skin infection. LindseyShafferApril 25, 20166 Honest Things Women in Their 40s Want Women in Their 20s to Know! LindseyShafferApril 29, 2016 If You Are Stuck in a Sinking Car, You Must Do THIS to Survive!220902 Views THIS Specific Vitamin is Proven to Reduce Anxiety!146595 Views Are You Annoyed By The Sound Of Chewing? Apparently THIS Is The Reason Why!134897 Views She Rubs Aloe Vera on Her Face for 7 Days, and the Results are Amazing!106873 Views This Is Proof You Should Never Believe Your Own Eyes!105530 Views There is Only 1 Mistake in this Picture! Can You Find it in 5 Seconds?105077 Views Bitter People Have THESE 5 Habits.
Avoid Them!92542 Views These Illegal Cancer-Causing Chemicals Were Found in THESE Shampoo Brands!88362 Views 5 Simple Ways to Keep Ticks and Lyme Disease Out of Your Yard!82646 Views Chinese Face Map Reveals Internal Body Issues From Pimples And Rashes79565 Views Man Eats 2 Tbs of Coconut Oil Twice a Day for 60 Days and This Happens to His Brain!69415 Views SearchAbout MeThis site is not intended to provide, and does not constitute, medical, health, legal, financial or other professional advice. The infection is passed on through skin-to-skin contact, for example by kissing someone who has the virus or by sharing objects that have been in contact with the virus, such as a razor or a lipstick. If you have any pain or discomfort, you can take over-the-counter painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.
Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine and if you have any questions, ask your pharmacist for advice.
If you wear contact lenses, it’s particularly important to wash your hands before you touch them.
If possible, you should also try to discourage your child from sharing anything that may have come into contact with the cold sores, such as cutlery. If, and when HSV becomes active again, your son is unlikely to have severe blistering in his mouth and on his gums again.
Young children can develop herpetic whitlow from sucking their thumbs or fingers when they have a cold sore.
If your child has a cold sore, it’s good to try and encourage him or her not to touch it, or if they do, to wash their hands with soap and water straightaway.

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