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Comparison of reporting data between current year and ANY previous year, say current year 2004 compared with 2003 or 2002 as per our requirement is possible. On activation of the option for Advanced GL Account Determination the existing GL account mappings will be migrated to the new centralized structure for determination rules. Multiple account determination on transactions can be conflicting sometimes, so priorities are there to avoid determination conflicts, and in SAP Business One 9.0 we’ll able to customized the determination priorities too. If we need to segregate some accounts (like Revenue Account) as per various dimensions (like Customer Group) of our business then this Advanced GL Account Determination will be useful for us, or else we can simply keep ourselves limited to the basic account determination. Rapidly collect, validate and integrate SAP data without compromising security or governance. Winshuttle technologies enable users to perform multiple, simultaneous on-demand lookups of SAP GL Account Data balances and then share the data with reporting groups or publish it as a web service to a wider non-SAP audience.
With Winshuttle technologies, users do not need to remember account codes or interact with the SAP GUI. Transaction requires no ABAP components and does not require any changes in SAP system configuration.

This happens when for any reason year 2003 is an exception and does not provide a comparable data and we want to compare with 2002 which is of more comparable results.
Previously we could set the determination rules per “Warehouse”, “Item Group”, and “Item”, and it had to be done through the corresponding interfaces.
So the old account determinations in item master data, item groups, and warehouse will be completely removed.
There are two types of priorities in the new GL account determination structure –primary and secondary. The control parameters defined in the directly postable commitments item (in particular the financial transaction) are used to pass on the values to Funds Management. In accordance with the settings entered in Customizing, this recommendation value can be transferred or overwritten with another commitment item if necessary. To do this you must define your account assignment derivation in such a way that the commitment items are derived from their assignments to cost elements. Account controllers and managers can quickly access timely and accurate SAP GL data through familiar interfaces, such as Excel and web forms.

Winshuttle Transaction works with XML, Excel, and Access data sources to help users share SAP GL data with the business community more efficiently. Streamlines Complex Manual Processes with Winshuttle ?Workflow Solution"With Winshuttle, we can accomplish the same task much more rapidly.
Transaction works with any standard SAP transaction code including FS10N, as well as customers’ own Z transactions. Transaction requires all users to have SAP credentials and they can only execute or record Transaction scripts against the transactions that they are authorized to use in SAP. In order to fully explore this question, this white paper highlights five valuable ways to leverage Microsoft Excel to reduce Finance & Controller operational costs while making your SAP FICO systems implementation, management and maintenance life easier. Apart from GL Account mapping extensibility to more dimensions, now the determination rules can be setup through a central interface instead of different interfaces.

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