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In order to see what is really possible with the Quake engine and 3D technology, you really need a 3D video card. While there are many different video cards out on the market, most of them (such as Matrox Millenium or S3 ViRGE cards) have little or nothing to provide for Quake. Currently, video cards based on this chipset provide probably the best native support for Quake and other games. Many companies are releasing patches to directly support 3Dfx, and many are planning to do so in their upcoming titles. There are currently several video cards based on 3Dfx chipset - most of them come as an add-on to your current video card.
Download GLQuake from here - please note that GLQuake, as all Quake add-ons, requires registered version of Quake. If you have any installation problems - refer to this GLQuake FAQ from 3Dfx - it should answer any questions you might have.
I also recommend getting this file - it's a small program that will help you increase 3Dfx perfomance. There are other less-significant commands: gl_flashblend 0, gl_ztrick 1, gl_affinemodels 1, gl_reportjunctions 1, gl_keeptjunctions 0, gl_polyblend 0, gl_earlyswap 0, gl_keepjunctions 1, gl_smoothmodels 1, gl_nobind 1, gl_cull 1.
This texture set supports CTF in the way it has red and blue versions of many of the textures. I came here hoping for a new Quake SP map but I didn't really expect to find one so short after the last release by Vondur.
AWESOME TITLE jesus christ! too bad my computer totally crashed and is in for service (still on warranty), so reviews for this and elements will only happen later this month (I can't run quake on my shitty alternate computer).
Nice map, I'm still out to lunch on the Doom3 theme in Quake, but it was fun to play. I used DirectQ so I didn't get any FPS drop. I don't mean to give an impression of negativity over the Doom 3 texturing by the way; I actually *am* quite fond of the style. Jumping around, avoiding enemy fire one of my favorite tactics when fighting hknights is jumping over their fire spread.
I did play this map the day it was released, but I've just been lazy in leaving my comment, my fault on that :) Considering that I really enjoyed 5 rivers land, I knew I was going to be in for a treat. If you really want to release a Quake map, don't be a cow by passing this stage. Not for the sake of worse, but there still are people without a giant computer to play Quake, and then it's possible your map will suffer from fallouts. You can think of VIS as an algorithm that defines which parts of the map you can see from any given spot on the map. I got 8 year old computers (1 gig athlons) and poured boiling water all over the computers while playing this level.
I am always very happy when legendary mappers like you enjoyed my humble work ;) No mention of me?
Hey JPL, I was wondering if you can release a version that links CDA, gateway to hell, and 5 rivers together? Whatever you edit (in this case, the map name between quotes), you have to keep the exact same number of digits.
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it.
I got some recommendations from the guys over at the ZDoom fourms and I fixed some misaligned textures and an area were the player can jump onto the crates and over the fence to get the blue key.
In this case I'd agree that a bit more alignment might be good, and wouldn't distract from the ID1 stylization going on. It's simply because if you don't play a game, you're not familiar with the nuances of its custom content. I am making this entirely on my own and I don't really want to spend any time going through the minutiae of each mappers style. Its more detailed and clean than previous maps, maybe even to nice, compared to the others. First of all, thanks for supporting TB, and a tutorial video is certainly quite welcome. That said, I agree with everything ijed said. I actually created a bunch of tutorial vids with a friend about a year ago and they were much better than this. Sock, you've made look that even more fucked up and cool than what Neggers does with space maps.

I can see the similarities to Lower Forecourt but the inspiration of this map is from playing MFX's latest map Klein's Bottle. New in this version: increased map and protocol limits (can load all known limit-breaking maps,) model interpolation, per-entity alpha support, new network protocol, more external texture support, hardware compatability improvements, many bug fixes, and a cleaner source release to make it easier to install and compile. Go!
I mean, something like "max_edicts is currently set to 1024, try setting it higher, eg. Testing in common engines is one thing, but darkplaces compatibility shouldn't be expected. The burning can I made with the zdoom model had the same strange line along the sprite. It seemed as if the used pictures needed an extra line surrounding them. I was wondering if you looked into LordHavoc's dynaimc lights speed up option and the possibility of putting it in Fitzquake? I had the same problem that was solved as soon as the japanese text input overlay appeared. Later in the game the engine only draws the parts you can see from your location as drawing the rest makes no sense anyway.
Enjoyed the gameplay until after the GK, then it got silly and far too Quothy, godmoded the rest and glad I did as I wouldn't have enjoyed the final arena. For some reason I hadn't played your other medieval maps when they came out, so I just played 5rivers and CDA this summer and enjoyed them a lot as well. The atmosphere was really great - the skybox, sounds, floating teleport platforms, etc.
I found the beginnings of this map and 5 rivers a little hard, but I think it would be easier if I had the weapons from the previous maps, would like to try that. Alignment is something I usually stick on top of as the map progresses, though I will be looking to get the next couple of maps tested before I do a second pass. Provide both versions, if someone doesn't want the colour, he has it easy just by removing the .lit file In the coloured version i like the violet coloured glass at the left. I personally like Risen3D and some of the maps made for it, especially the Egyptian themed one. Generally speaking most of the maps in Quake could have been made by any of the other maps, *except* Sandy who had an almost doom-like style to his maps. Not that they aren't pretty in their own way, but this is different, obviously, and might stand out as such. He helped me do all the structuring and scripting (he makes films), but he's also very slow at making stuff and terribly unreliable at releasing things. I'd give the tiebreaking point to glquake, only because winquake alias rendering has a bunch of artifacts when it renders far away models and large polygons - the distortion is very high. I know that r_flatlightstyles can be used to fix this, but then the flicker lights are gone also.
I used the old DP to run your maps because I think that dynamic lights adds to the atomsphere of a base map. It's ATI's fault for a long history of shitty Opengl support, but that doesn't change the fact that when Dark Places crashes it REALLY crashes.
DP is from my experience just too far removed from a regular quake engine for people to negotiate around it.
If you want your stuff to be played by newbies then you should test it. Careful here. It has a couple useful extensions (like nonsolid, but shootable corpses), it runs TWIG, and it supports CSQC, which allows you to do lots of otherwise impossible stuff like moving sound sources, inventory, keyboard input - ever tried to getchar() in qc? This means I can't type characters like quotation marks, for example, which is annoying in some situations. A teleporter for recaching would be fine, but I am a much too bad player to get to the first key. The layout made me think of Rune, and Alice.
The atmosphere is super thick, and the jump from a classic id1 affair (CDA) into a primarily Quoth map (this) is perfectly justified by the theme.
Maybe its me, but I think the Doom 3 textures look really good in Quake, the hellish ones anyway. Theres really nothing to complain about here.
Computing VIS data takes time but has to be done only once, the data is then stored in the bsp. If you don't do it the engine doesn't know what you can see and thus assumes you can see everything. I think if you plan ahead a bit more, you can make a much better video. Also, I noticed that you don't use orbit at all (Alt + RMB drag on an object). I'm basically throwing myself into the fire by trying to make videos (I spent 3 hours trying to figure out why I was getting lots of noise and feedback on my mic). The reason I posted my test video here was to get feedback on what I need to work on. I have never been a fan of black void maps, it just seems a waste of a good skybox opportunity to me. Didn’t Sock say he was retiring from Quake maps? Technically I said I will not be doing anymore vanilla Quake maps.

It's like where you have horses and donkeys: they can interbreed, but the offspring is sterile. It seemed a shame to require an extra entity to be the invisible hull if you want to block shots as well as players. And since ProQuake already contains this functionality, it seems like it would be easiest to just copy the ProQuake stuff.
With good brushwork and lighting, and (in my opinion) fair and balanced gameplay, Gateway to Hell is another gem from JPL that you don't want to miss :) For your viewing pleasure, my first run demo, died only once and found no secrets.
Then, in GTH, you might skip the final teleport back to the start arena (GTH has plenty of good backtracking value anyway) and jump straight at the beginning of 5Rivers! Technically, i don't know if CDA as a non-Quoth map is easy to mix with the other ones. Basically the main issue is about monster spawning method that is not the same in CDA and Quoth-based maps. Non-coloured shot feels a bit dull, maybe it is just a feeling i have after seeing the coloured version, maybe it is because it is mostly black and white textures, maybe it needs stronger contrast in shadows or some spot that calls you to look at. The third shot is perfect.
I am still working on my ITS mod (very slowly) and I have always wanted to play with a tech themed AI set which Quoth is a good fit for. that's the problem I find, it's more fun to build stuff This is exactly where this map came from, a desire to play with abstract architectural shapes surrounded by a cool skybox.
It reports roughly sqrt(2) times the largest dimension in each coordinate, effectively giving a bounding box for the sprite at any rotation.
People that might complain about this will never try easy skill, they like challenge, they will try hard or at least normal. I spent a while hacking l4d2 maps with a hex editor though, and there are tricks to making this work.
I didn't actually know it did this until someone reported that the quoth basetest wasn't completable. And if you're considering changing some of the monsters, be sure to also fix potential difficulty imbalances and other item placement error that might have been in the original map. Needless to say, combinding those four (five) maps would also require making a proper start map. In quake at least you have a safer option of just extracting the entities (either copy-paste from your text editor, or use adquedit) then running an onlyents compilation.
It seems there are still people running Quake on old pc hardware and this map will be a slide show for them. And make it enjoyable on normal, not too hard, not too easy. But DAMN IT - make the map EASY on easy.
No offense, but if anyone complains about that he deserve to be called a idiot, a moron. It's too easy ? If it was solid space mapping that back culled the outside faces then it would probably feel far more valuable to me.
So even if I had known ahead of time, I probably would have said it was something for DP to fix.
Seven его хвалит, но у меня создалось впечатление, что он вообще не использует карты нормалей (я на старом компьютере тоже их удалил, чтоб не занимали место, т.к.
I played a lot on map on easy and there was times like this : I enter in a room with nothing more than a shotgun and no armor. Golden_boy вон сделал почти полный пак дополнительных текстур для e1m6rq, и вместе с Инкубусом - пак для e1m2rq, e1m3rq. FPS в упомянутом тобой KooHoo на моей машине не будет падать ниже 40, среднее значение - 110, не поленился, только что проверил.>эта 3д графика уже намозолила глазаНу а что ж ты тогда здесь делаешь?
DirectX в его сегодняшнем виде выглядит несколько более "изящно" в плане API и удобства его использования, однако это дело привычки - для меня более удобными и родными вяглядят традиционные stdcall и cdecl вызовы, без всяких там I-шаманств из мира COM. I want to play through the map, not jump like crazy, back off, run in circles to avoid monsters, etc. But (based on what I read on a lot of forums) hard should be indead hard. And I guess the same goes for people that complains that hard is too hard :P Conclusion ? But for some reasons I think that very few people play on normal :) Some like challenges and play on hard, some like it easy and play on easy.
Well - people who start on easy and find it very easy and people who play on hard and find it very hard. So make the map on normal skill first - normal should be what you think it's very easy for you.
Remove some monsters. For hard add more monsters, replace red armor with green, remove health packs, etc.

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