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Some of the common symptoms of Gonorrhea in men are discomfort in penis, whitish discharge form penile area, and pain while having sex. Though some symptoms are mentioned above, many men do not show any symptoms at all, making it difficult to detect the disease. Untreated gonorrhea in men may affect the glands, seminal vesicles, the scrotum and even the bladder.
There is every chance for getting infected through gonorrhea by having oral sex or anal sex. Faced with evidence that drug-resistant gonorrhea is spreading in the province, Ontario is recommending a different treatment approach for the sexually transmitted infection.
New treatment guidelines recommend that doctors no longer use the established therapy, a last oral antibiotic that could be used solo against the infection. The Public Health Agency of Canada is in the process of revising the national treatment guidelines for gonorrhea and is expected to release its new recommendations sometime this year.
The interim guidance also suggested that because recent drug-resistant cases have mainly been reported in men who have sex with men, the injected drug should be used in this population. Allen said the Ontario guidance marks the first time the province has come up with its own treatment recommendations for clinicians treating gonorrhea. The committee that worked on the guidelines has been openly discussing the proposed new advice with caregivers for awhile, seeking input from doctors and clinics.
The decision to go to combination therapy anchored by injectable ceftriaxone was based on a study Allen and colleagues published earlier this year in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The facility in the study, the Hassle Free Clinic, is unusual in that it asks people who test positive for the infection to come back for testing to see if the treatment actually cured their gonorrhea. She said the combination therapy is a bit more of a burden on care providers, but it makes sense.
Allen said there have also been concerns that people may not seek care if they know they are going to be given an injection rather than just a pill.
But the way things play out in an inner city clinic that focuses solely on the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases may not reflect the way things will play out in the offices of family doctors around the province.
Some men will also get greenish yellow discharge with foul smell which is due to the infection of yeast. To be safe, just stay away from sex, if you have any one of the above signs and consult your family doctor. It can create further complications like swollen testicles, urethral abscesses, and discomfort in urinating. Many people believe that having oral sex is completely safe but it is not true and men, in particular is likely to get infected while having oral sex. Instead, Public Health Ontario is recommending that people who test positive for gonorrhea should be treated with a combination of an injectable antibiotic plus a second antibiotic, which comes in pill form.
Vanessa Allen of the provincial public health agency co-chaired the committee that developed the new treatment guidelines.
Centers for Disease Control, Public Health England and the European Centre for Disease Control, all of which recommend this regimen as the first-line treatment for gonorrhea.

Currently the first-line therapy for gonorrhea in the rest of the country remains a single dose of the oral drug cefixime. They were concerned there would be pushback, that people who treat gonorrhea cases would argue against dropping the easy-to-use cefixime regimen.
They reported that cefixime failed to cure about seven per cent of gonorrhea cases seen at a Toronto clinic.
She said Hassle Free has been using the new treatment regime since last summer because of the evidence cefixime can no longer cure all gonorrhea infections. Ensuring they have easy access to the injectable ceftriaxone may be a challenge, she said, noting the provincial ministry of health is working on that issue. In case if the doctor confirms the infection of Gonorrhea ensure that you are taking your sexual partner for treatment and checkup for sure.
Those recommendations were made in the face of the spread of a resistant clone of gonorrhea which has been making its way around the globe. By the end of 2012 the drug-resistant clone had been found in 18 of 36 health units in Ontario, Allen noted.

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