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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — On stage, Prince was still captivating audiences at recent performances in Australia and California. He hosted a pop-up party at his Paisley Park studio, and there were few outward signs in his final months that anything was wrong.But off stage, something was different.
Prince began wanting meals that were easier to digest and was fighting off waves of sore throats and frequent upset stomachs, the musician's personal chef told The Associated Press.A law enforcement official has told the AP that investigators are looking into whether Prince, who was found dead at his home on April 21, died from an overdose and whether a doctor was prescribing him drugs in the weeks beforehand. The official has been briefed on the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.Ray Roberts, who cooked for Prince nearly every day for almost three years, said in an interview that wasn't the man he saw nearly every night, "not even a hint.

Many who saw his final public appearance at Paisley Park only days before he died said he may have seemed more tired — one person who was at one of his last shows in Atlanta said his speaking voice was weak at times — but overall he was not changed."He seemed fine. He looked normal and he had this kind of energetic glow that he always had," said Lars Larson, a Minneapolis man who often worked at Paisley Park for Prince's parties.Even in private, Roberts said, Prince would soldier through and work. Combined with the four Peoples Organic restaurants he and he wife run in the Twin Cities, Roberts said he was working about 100 hours a week, with his schedule tightly tethered to Prince's.
The musician would even bring Roberts and his wife on tour around the country at times to cook for him.Still, Roberts said it was a dream job and he relished the opportunity to listen to Prince practice and jam with other famous musicians, never knowing who he would be cooking for next.

He said Prince had a "higher purpose" and that while he could be a joker or even cocky, most of the time he was a "caring, thoughtful person" who apologized if he was running late and considered his employees family."I wish he was still here," he said, wiping away a tear. When he returned to the musician's studio home for his memorial service a few days later, Roberts found it in the refrigerator — just as he'd left it.

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