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I have it myself but in my opinion i dont think its very game breaking, i use it because most of the time im facing an army of horde so a massive amount of nameplates, and it helps to see who is doing what.
OT: What's game breaking is that healers are so influential in a battleground that we have to target them and no one else.
Anyways, there have been tooltip addons forever that show the spec of the person you are hovering over, and this addon is no different as it does the same thing with the nameplates. Actually from what i've read about it, it sounds like it could potentially be considered a very minor botting addon..
I've never heard of this addon but concurring with others, this doesn't sound game-breaking to me.
As Direknyte says, most semi-regular PvPers don't need an addon to spot the healers, even in a sea of red.
Wow, I'm totally gonna get that one, I'm so tired of watching fail attempts of killing that warrior when drood and priest are healing him. Well, it can be game-breaking for healer in mass brawls like TB, IoC or AV are, but in the arena or other BGs it's really easy to spot them. Unless this thing can mark them with skull or something, then yes - it's gonna be broken, as you simply can't mark enemy players.
The existence of this addon kind of explains something I've been noticing happening recently.
Leave this addon the way it is, healers stop the QQ and if it's a rated BG, tell the people you're wtih to learn to peel or if it's just a random BG, whisper someone at the begining and tell them they have a perma-healer, not sure what the fuss is about all this it's just common sense imo. If I run as prot pally in a BG, people pretty much ignore me until I WoG, then suddenly multiple people start hitting me. I had thought I was just imagining that this was always happening, but from the looks of it, due to the existence of this addon, it might be true. Although to be fair, if someone is running as prot and this addon marks you as a heal target, that's one of the best possible things that could happen for your team!
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