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Reiki Healing Energy has the sweet flute along with the sounds of the sea birds and rolling tides lead to the mystical depths allowing an exquisite experience.
Reiki comes from a Japanese word meaning “universal life force energy.” This form of healing is believed to have begun in Tibet several thousand years ago and was then rediscovered by Dr. Terry Oldfield is a world-renowned artist whose profoundly inspiring music has touched the hearts of many.
Long known for his prolific work, flavored by different cultures, Terry is a master at composing music for every canvas of life. The flute is a versatile instrument that has come to help define the parameters of New Age music with its gentleness, range, and emotional breath. Hoisting sail on lovely arcs of light, Oldfield charts a Far East course for the tantalizing arabesque “Secret Cove,” creating windswept coasts and the mental image of a wise shaman–goatherd at the lip of his cave, serenading the setting sun. For Reiki healers or those in need of healing, and especially if they like classical music, Oldfield’s album is a perfect solution to a lot of problems, being diverse enough in its scope (even including female operatic singing on “Troy”) to be consistently engaging, even after many plays. The production on the album is first-rate and I liked his choice of synth pads, though I sometimes felt that he could have benefited from more instruments to give the compositions more depth. If you are a fan of enchanting flute music mixed with orchestral pads that trigger the imagination, you will enjoy these compositions. The therapies contained here will help to get the bioenergy in your body flowing smoothly again. We have a comprehensive collection of information about the best treatments that use Energy Healing. Earth energy healing is the belief that, by subtle manipulations of the human body’s energy and the energy of the Earth, illnesses and injuries can be healed. Practitioners believe that, since all life is energy, by using the innate energy of the Earth individuals can be healed of their afflictions.
There are a large variety of specific practices included under the umbrella of Earth energy healing. Your first session includes a consultation about what you need, treatment planning and expected outcomes, followed by an analysis of your auric field, measurements of your chakras, hara and core star levels, and your first healing treatment. Energy healing can help significantly with chronic pain, body detoxification and helping with recovery after any surgical procedure. Energy healing for depression can include working specifically with the physical heart and with the energy center (chakra) associated with the heart. Energy healing can be performed in person with touch, or at a distance (without touch), or by phone. Anna Ferraraccio is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) - a four year, college-level program to train professional healers. In a sense, we are all transmitting, or broadcasting energy all of the time via our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, as everything is energy and has frequency. It is the ability to transmit spiritual, healing, and intuitive awakenings through look, touch, voice, or even mere presence.
After I met my first spiritual teacher, I decided to take a Reiki workshop even though I had never experienced it myself. In Reiki Level 1 there are 4 initiatory attunements, which I couldn’t possibly comprehend at that time. Yet I now come to realize that the Reiki Master is passing down the ability to awaken or open the healing channels that lie dormant within us all, through these specific attunements. I have taught students, who have supposedly already taken Reiki classes with another teacher, and they were very surprised that they felt such tangible energy flow, or experienced such deep meditation states, expansion, and 3rd eye intuitive openings. Thanks for sharing your attunement experience, and for claiming your healing connection in spite of it!
The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM, is a church and a 501(c)(3) organization, supported by charitable dontions from the community. Healing, energy healing, holistic healing and spiritual healing are all titles to enable you to find your way to my door!
My name is Suzanne Evans and I am an intuitive energy healer and spiritual teacher and live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have been carrying out healing sessions (by Skype or phone) all around the world for 25 plus years now. All healing sessions incorporate energy healing with intuitive insights to provide you with an understanding as to the cause of what you are experiencing together with relevant wisdom and life skills to help you move on.
Short healing or mentoring sessions by phone or in person (15-20 mins) are also available to help you deal "on the spot" with problems or situations as they occur!

These are carried out in conjunction with Christine Williams, a Body Talk Practitioner giving you the benefit of 45 plus years experience in the healing arts. As healing is a holistic process, all aspects are covered including house clearing and energetic space clearing sprays to keep the energy of the home uplifted and clear from discordant or negative energy that can drain or influence the occupants. A two-time Emmy nominee, he has composed music for film and television, as well as music to accompany yoga, meditation and the healing arts. He currently lives in Australia with his wife and partner in music, Soraya Saraswati. It can cry like a hawk in the desert or sparkle like an animated flourish of color in a tropical forest, alive with delight, even whimsy, while at the same time being ultimately serious, deep, and healing. Add extra dimensions to an outdoor excursion by playing Reiki Healing Energy outside, so the crickets and birds in your backyard are woken by the recorded voices of their brothers and sisters from far-off lands.
Oldfield is a critically acclaimed master artist who generates the sounds of nature and blends it with his skills on flutes and pan pipes that blow right into the spirit where the dreaming is restorative.This album consists of twelve pieces featuring magical flute solos by Oldfield with the accompaniment of light pads and tasteful sounds that promote regenerative healing. Although it has been practiced for centuries in some cultures, with the boom of New Age trends, it has risen in prominence. Practitioners believe that the human body is made of not only a physical body, but an energy body as well. These tools often consist of crystals, herbs, or other items that supposedly have certain vibrational aspects that affect the energy of the human body in a beneficial way.
Some more well known methods are feng shui, meditation, reflexology, yoga, and aromatherapy.
At its most basic level, energy healing describes the transfer of energy from one person to another.
When people have physical pain in their hearts, or have suffered heart damage requiring medical procedures, there is often a problem with this energy center. An energy healing for mental issues may include "Brain Balancing" or clearing out the accumulated debris that can be experienced as "brain fog".
It has nothing to do with "prayer" or "voodoo" or "hypnosis." Energy healing is the concentrated use of specific frequencies to help open and repair damaged chakras or auric patterns, relational or familial cords, and repair and restructure physical tissues, such as bone, ligaments or organs. Yet I wanted to go deeper here and share with you what I know to be possible, which I am referring to as the “sacred art of transmission” as it is a much more powerful, precise and rare spiritual and healing gift. It has been over twenty years, but I will never forget my earliest memories of energy transmissions.
I was just so curious and my colleague had told me of her experience awhile back, but at that time I was not open, as I had no mental “box” to put it in and kind of shelved the whole concept. Because I noticed that while there were many great and wise people I knew who were meditating also with the same Master, and most for much longer than me, it was not common for anyone but the energy healers to expect to be able to transmit this potent energy and spiritual space.
Reiki attunements are initiations or transmissions of energy that open the healing channels or energy pathways within everyone. In this instance, everyone else in class was tingling, but I feared I was a Reiki “dud” when we began to practice on each other, and everyone else’s hands were tingling, and I got nada, bupkis. I felt deep compassion for her and wanted to help in some way, but it felt too early in the conversation to suggest a Reiki session.
Now, with very little effort on my part I can align and focus my eyes, my feet, my heart, my thoughts and healing happens, calm serene stillness descends, light radiates. He began an extensive twenty-one year study of the healing phenomena of history’s greatest spiritual leaders. Terry’s unique ability to bring the spirit of nature into his compositions enhances the soulful and meditative journeys his music explores.
A longtime master of an array of flutes, Terry Oldfield is one of the key figures behind this association, creating and producing a bevy of wonderful albums over the years and improving and perfecting with each one, even as he soars bravely off into ever-new directions.
Oldfield’s blessed flute will play for them all as well as for you, and unite all the life within hearing distance under his Pied Piper spell.
The CD opens with “Olympus” which sounds like a mythological calling of soul from the footsteps of Athens while also channeling the bird calls from a rainforest.
These layers of energy, called chakras, originate from several different key areas of the human body. Others do not use any tools and believe that, by intent and willpower alone, they can heal afflictions. What these all share is the belief that Earth energy can be manipulated to be beneficial to the human body. A trained healer can restructure the chakra, help connect the energy vortices with your physical heart, and begin to remove and repair damaged relational cords that can go back to childhood or infancy.

You are fully clothed and may either sit comfortably in a chair, or recline on a sofa or healing table. Occasionally, we will use hara and core star frequencies that can help with opening your awareness to understanding what your life purpose is and how to work with universal energies to manifest and create whatever it is your soul needs for healing.
Anna has worked as both a master's level and doctoral level clinical psychologist in Florida, Montana, Maryland, Washington DC, and North Carolina.
While some happened through my spiritual teachers, many of them occurred during Reiki healing sessions, and then in teaching and attuning others to this awesome healing art. I actually heard and felt a spirit man initiating me, in addition to the woman teaching the class.
It pains me, but there seem to be many people now teaching a much diluted version of what I received.
I now have two decades of validation that direct transmission is happening through me, and not just in Reiki attunements or private sessions. He also discovered ancient sounds and symbols that are linked to the human nervous system and activate the universal life-energy for healing. From the birds of the rainforest to the whales in the ocean, he artfully weaves together nature’s music with his own. With a backdrop of gentle fountains and supporting instruments, Oldfield effortlessly conjures the feeling of a tropical spa, creating a protective, soothing space ideal for acupuncture, Reiki, or massage. Earth energy healing states that, by positively influencing these energy centers, healing can be attained. This process takes time, and will often release deeply held emotions and memories that may be painful. It is not hard to clear out, but if the debris is from a chemical addiction, such as from smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, these issues need to be addressed at the same time.
It is a structured process designed to heal whatever is blocking you from total health, happiness and fulfillment.
She has specialized training in working with chronic mental illness and with children with special needs. And it had to do with owning the ability to transmit energy, not just to sit in the energy.
But now I know I must tell you all what is possible for you, just as it became possible for me. As the energy is released and re-integrated into your total energy system, You may experience pathways to feeling more joy, pleasure and the natural process of giving and receiving love and compassion.
Having a "clear head" can definitely help with the addiction therapy, but having plans in place for relapse and addressing cravings are an important component. Energy healing can be effective with only a few sessions to address a specific issue, or it can take months or even years as you work on underlying issues, such as familial or ancestral patterns. One Reiki student was walking with me and we stopped at a small waterfall flowing into a pond. I see my students stepping into this mind-blowing reality that they, too can transmit healing energy. You may hear it, play it, or know it from your healing sessions, but keeping a copy of Reiki Healing Energy at home is a good way to see just how much of your blissed-out post-bodywork state is due to Oldfield and your own openness to music’s healing power. Choosing to work with a healer can be a big decision, and occasionally, there will be chaos or change that has to happen to help resolve or heal the pattern before something new comes into your life. Ten years ago, Anna decided to "follow her heart" and gave up these professions and began working primarily as a healer. She gasped, and said that something was coming out of my eyes; a light, and it felt just like a healing session. These changes can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental or even geographical, and can affect all aspects of your life, such as your personal and professional relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

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