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In modern medicine, new uses for Herbs are being discovered every day to aid in the cure of many diseases including cancer. Some Herbs are used more often than others, and it would take an entire book to list them all. VERVAIN-- can be used with almost every spell for Creativity, inspiration, protection, divination, love, and protection.
The Wiccan herbs list below includes some of the more common magical herbs used in the Wiccan craft. This herb can be used in spells and charms to stop gossip and slander or to promote healing. Allspice is a wonderful spice that is used for business success, and to relieve mental tension. Used for making candles, natural polish, protective finish for things such as wooden wands, and used in herbal salves to thicken. Used in spells and charms involving money, prosperity, protection, stopping outside interference, and promoting restful sleep.
Caraway seeks used in spells will ensure faithfulness and used in cooking will invoke lust for the eater. Cinnamon is known as a male aphrodisiac, so it is no wonder that it is used for lust and love spells. Damiana leaves are used to draw a new lover, to intensify sexual passion, or to bring back a straying lover. Used to warding off evil and bring good luck in money matters and love affairs and to get others to do favors for you.
Garlic has always been seen as a vampire ward, but it can be used in other protection spells as well. Used in spells and rituals for hex-breaking, attracting love, promotion of fidelity and to bind.
Lavender flowers are used to promote passion, romance, harmony, friendship, and cooperation with a lover.
Lemongrass is an excellent natural mosquito repellent when planted in the garden or outdoor sitting area. Lemongrass tea is also wonderful in treating cold and flu symptoms, aches, pains and reducing fever.
Lemongrass tea can be made with fresh or dried stalks and can be taken up to 3 times daily. Used as an aphrodisiac and for magic involving love, healing, happiness, lust and strength. Wood Betony was used within old Saxon lore and tradition within amulets to ward off evil, spirits and ill humors. For relaxation or for use as a general tonic, a tea can be made by covering 1 teaspoon dried betony leaves with 1 cup of boiling water, then steeping for about 5 minutes. Used in magic and charms to remove anger, inhibit violent acts, and for protection from curses. Disclaimer: It is very important to know exactly what each magical herb is and what effect it could have on humans and animals. Our GoalMoonAria is an American-based business operating out of Largo, Florida, however, we currently only have an online store. Some Wiccans get initiated into Reiki in order to supplement their magical powers They might use Reiki for healing or to energy charge their spells.
Some witches learn the Rikki symbols and traditions, and try to assimilate the Reiki benefits without a formal attunement into Reiki. Wicca witchcraft, goddesses, natural beauty secrets, love spells to attract men, fountain of youth myths, essential oils, aroma therapy, organic beauty recipes, earth's natural elements and minerals to enhance beauty, and letting your inner goddess shine through! Since long ago, Asian Doctors have accepted the fundamental connection of mind, body and spirit.
Among other things, healing emotional wounds, settling problems of the stomach, giving energy, providing blood-sugar balance, strengthening the heart, better concentration, as an aphrodisiac, and the list goes on ! They are used throughout the craft for smudging in cleansing rituals, healing the sick, charm bags and in spell work.
Also included is information about how the magical herb is used and what it is typically used for. It has also been referred to as Serpent’s Tongue and is often considered sacred to those gods associated with snakes.
It can be hung in the home as a charm to attract luck and protection for those who live there.

It is traditional to leave two apples in the woods when you are finished hunting as an offering to the Horned God. Used obviously in animal spells for increasing the bond with the animal and for healing uses. Use in spells and charms or burn as herbal incense for protection, banishing negative spirits or energy and to stop gossip.
It also will aid in cooking recipes, by freshening breath, helping in weight loss and digestion, and add to flavor.
Hang an ivy plant by the front door to protect from negative influence and to discourage unwanted guests. Use in dream pillows for restful sleep or burn as an herbal incense in the bedroom to bring prophetic dreams. Squeeze a lemon in water to make a washing mixture to remove negative energy from ritual tools and altar. Taken internally in tea form, lemongrass can help with insomnia, indigestion, nausea, in removing excess fat and chemicals from food ingested, relieves constipation, and is a powerful antioxidant for the liver, pancreas, bladder and kidneys.
If you suffer from anxiety or nervousness, lemongrass can help in relaxing you and can even work as a mild sedative, without the side effects of many drug store remedies. It can be burned as herbal incense for protection and to enhance and stimulate psychic abilities.
Can be used to create good luck charms which can be carried to bring good luck in games of chance. Use as an aspergillum to dispense salt water for purification of the circle or removing negativity from a place. Bundle dry leaves or loose leaves to banish negativity and negative spirits from an area or home.
Burn as an herbal incense or use in charms and hang in the home for banishing and purification of the home. Used in magic for protection, divination, inspiration, healing, fertility, love, grief and death. Healers and herbalists use betony infusions (tea) and tinctures to treat head-related afflictions (including migraines, toothaches, anxiety and sleeping troubles). To make a poultice, boil the chopped fresh or dried leaves in a small amount of water for 2 to 5 minutes. Many magical herbs are toxic and should never be ingested or applied to the skin of humans or animals.
Someone who is trained in Reiki can channel what is known as a pure life force to a recipient. Some witches resent that you need to attune with a Reiki master to learn the various symbols and receive energy, and prefer to be self-starting with their own witchcraft. Be careful however that you do not harm anyone by transferring too much energy without the proper initiation into Reiki. This is only a small selection, so please don't limit yourself on the reading selections for the use and enjoyment of herbs! If you have any updates, additions or corrections to this content you’d like to submit, please feel free to send me a message.
It can also be used in “sleep” sachets that you place under your pillow to allow you a restful sleep.
A whistle made from the branch of an Alder tree is associate with the old superstition of whistling up the wind. It can also be grown in pots and placed around the home to provide protection from accidents within the home.
Apple wood is also used in the making of wands to be used when doing rituals dealing with the underworld. This herb is used for protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength and divination. It will help the immune system and is a good treatment for migraines by reducing light and nausea sensitivity and restricting blood flow. Practitioners make a dressing oil from chips of the root, and incorporate it into sachet powders, incense, and crystals for bath or floor wash.
Steep in water to use for the physical cleaning of altar, ritual tools, temple room and ritual bath. New research is also showing citral, a molecule found in lemongrass, may be effective in killing cancer cells without destroying normal cells.
It is said to be one of the most powerful additions, to a gamblers mogo bag or to anyone who wants to raise personal power.

It is burned and inhaled for psychic abilities and also made into tea to wash amulets and crystals. This wonderful herb is widely used to bring good dreams, keep marriage faithful and the home peaceful, and for brewing up cleansing and beautifying baths.
Betony is also used for diarrhea, menstrual problems, mouth and throat irritations, and skin conditions. Strain off the excess liquid, then apply the warm herb to the skin, using a cloth to hold it in place. Some magical herbs can cause rashes or allergic reactions if ingested or applied to the skin.
This illustrates the beauty of Wicca as nothing stops you from learning Wicca and casting spells to enhance your life. If you believe in the power of energy healing, you can look into taking a class with a certified Reiki teacher to become formally attuned to the practice.
So there really is nothing surprising about herbs being used in Wicca to conjure good things and create happiness and well being! They can be burned as herbal incense, embedded in homemade candles or applied to the surface of oiled candles for use in candle magic.
Best to place in all directions of the home (north, south, east, and west) to ensure full protection.
It can give the gift of convincing speech to lawyers and witnesses who carry it on their person in court. Mostly used in food or sachets, but may also be used for protection, exorcism and purification and to guard against negative energy, harmful magic, spirits and jealousy of others. Can be made into charms to clear negativity and evil spirits from a home and to remove a jinxes and break a hexes. Can be made into wands that are used for intuition, dreams, visions and inspired writing or images.
A Russian study found that betony contains glycosides, which may lower blood pressure—one possible explanation for the herb’s reputed ability to relieve headaches and anxiety. To make a compress, discard the herb and apply the extracted water to the affected area with a clean cloth or cotton ball and secure the compress with athletic tape. If you believe in transferring of positive energy, then Reiki can add to your spiritual power but is definitely required to perform witchcraft. While Reiki is not required for magick, some witches are open to integrating these Japanese traditions of harnessing energy into their Wiccan rituals. It is used for strength, obtaining success, victory in any situation, gambling, luck, money, health, love and protection.
Also used for gaining and keeping a job, to aid against evil spirits and to protect the holder from all types of ills and bad events. According to Tyler’s Honest Herbal (Routledge, 1999) by Steven Foster and Varro Tyler, betony contains about 15 percent tannins, which supports its use as an astringent to treat diarrhea, mouth and throat irritations, and skin problems.
Once the recipient receives this life force they can channel the positive energies to heal themselves. As you become more experienced you can design your own rituals and spells and make them effective.
When using a new magical herb for the first time, use sparingly to see if you have any kind of reaction. If you believe in the power of magic, you have the ability to create your rituals and speak your desires through magic with very little training. MoonAria, its owner and its employees cannot be held responsible for any condition that you may experience after using any of the herbs described in this herbs list. Believers feel that Reiki can remove obstacles to recovery and help restore health in recipients by increasing this positive flow of life to negatively affected areas of need. In contrast, with Reiki you do have to be initiated into the tradition by a Reiki Master with an attunement.
The attunement enables you to practice Reiki and of course involves connecting with a Reiki master.
Bay leaves are also known as Baie, Bay Laurel, Bay Tree, Daphne, Greecian Laurel, Sweet Bay, and Laurier d’Apollon.
Rosemary is also known as Compass Weed, Dew of the Sea, Elf Leaf, Guardrobe, Incensier, Polar Plant, and Sea Dew.

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